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Hard training for CrossFit games - anaducha.com

Hard training for CrossFit games - anaducha.com

Joshua wichtrup has been coaching this sport for seven years now last time titled germany's fit one is rewarded as the first german ever so he rides in august to the cross fit games in the usa costs games was always that the top goal so to speak my whole sporty crossfire that's why I'm here to unbelievably proud and glad to participate in the flensburg commercial area is the cross fit box so the

Training room is called so for anyone who knows cross it is in the end so we have a combination from three different sports that means we do weightlifting we do and we do endurance training and we mix these three things as often as possible 14 years ago in america very fitness trend meanwhile also in germany popular for the former handball player joshua was from the rehearsal training life content through my business partners also m it is the one I put together the box here from schulz and there we

Were recommended to try this simply because in the States that is probably currently huge or just huge and then someone has said here you have a magazine costs workouts in it was very new Just try it out and you will have access as there are 10 minutes of workouts to do, I can not say ten minutes more, I just can not do it anymore and we said that we need it here in Flensburg if we are a small city yes, since we decided to open the whole here to work out of the day old and young big and small

Athletes in the box after warming up it goes to the thing in the high intensity training part yes ok are also the chain görtz swinging so that everyone can stay within the scope of his possibilities there are those with a weight from 2 to 32 kilograms I am through a friend to this sport geko Those who are just telling our father the sisters here is a big hall and the music is loud and then always full throttle so that would have fun first and then I thought again because I have previously

Made triathlon have two small children and then It takes an incredible amount of time and it costs a lot in the shortest amount of time and that was mostly alone though there are cds but you usually have it alone and it's really there to try your inner pig dog overcome one sees the left and right which really also ackern and gas give and there of course then somehow to keep or to be better at the unofficial world championships in madison wisconsin together with joshua the 100 best athletes in the world to

Measure their strength in order to increase his performance, the flensburger trains several hours a day, which is also usually b Earns with a good muscle.

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