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5 Simple Rules for Getting a Lean Body - anaducha.com

5 Simple Rules for Getting a Lean Body - anaducha.com

5 Simple Rules for Getting a Lean Body - anaducha.com

So you're on the journey to getting a lean body and you're educating yourself you're learning more you wanna dive into it and if that's you you came to the right place because in this article I have five simple rules for getting a lean body that will help you on your journey to be more consistent take more right action simplify things and finally reach your goal and these are rules that I've used in my journey to get the 10% body fan out you maintain that for more than six years now I use these rules

With my clients and they're very very effective but don't mistake simplicity with how easy it is to do consistently because simple doesn't mean easy and even though something simple it is quite hard to be consistent with these things so they will take patience they will take practice it will take time pria tracks your nail because there's really no way around hard work in this process to getting an amazing looking physique and by the way none of this stuff is again a quick fix or something that will just magically change everything overnight there is no such thing there are no random supplements that I

Can tell you that is just gonna fix everything so you will need to put in the work but if you do put in the work it is absolutely 100% worth it and by the way if you're completing you here my name is Maura Thomas you like to learn more about exercise nutrition fat loss how to make it a sustainable healthy lifestyle consider subscribing below make sure it the ball icon to enable notifications to know when new articles are coming out and now let's dive into it so the first simple rule for getting a lean body that I want to introduce to you that's very effective a rule that I use to this day is don't let one

Bad meal turn into a bad day a bad day turned into a bad week and a bad week turn into a bad month because a lot of us we get in these negative spirals and one slip-up can turn into a whole chain reaction that destroys months of progress in some cases and the truth is that success on this journey requires patience as well as learning how to bounce back quickly after slip-ups because life will happen and we're not perfect none of us are floating myself and I'm saying this because I had a lot of issues with this thinking black and white and lay that guilt throw me off guard for weeks and losing

Progress is that bouncing back and learning how to get on track quicker is really the key to success and that's gonna allow you to be more consistent and that one slip-up will usually not affect your results at all if you're doing everything else right and if you kind of improved that over time and those slip-ups don't really mean that much you're gonna be really dialed in and consistent so this rule is awesome and definitely you want to implement it now the second simple rule for getting a lean body that's gonna help you a lot in your journey is always plan for the worst while hoping for the best and

This is something that's gonna really help you a ton building with these challenging situations that life will throw at you and these five minutes spent on planning can sometimes make a world of difference when you're dealing with a situation that's very challenging and a situation that would normally throw you off guard now you have a game plan because you just thought it through and you can imagine what might happen in that situation you really put a plan together even if it's not a perfect plan an imperfect plan for that type of situation is better than no plan because if you're just going into

Situations and you're trying to wing it that's exactly where most people fall of track when they are just trying to be consistent and just going with the flow instead take the time take the five or ten minutes to plan out what you're gonna eat during a vacation or during a weekend or doing a wedding or something like that and that's gonna really help you a lot being prepared for that situation so you can come out on top enjoy your time there but also stay on track with your journey to that clean body now the third rule for getting a lean body that's gonna help you a lot is when in doubt keep things as

Simple as possible and simplicity is so underrated when it comes to fat loss when it comes to building muscle when it comes to achieving a great result with your physique and so many people make things unnecessarily complex and complexity is the enemy of execution and the more complicated things are the more moving parts they are the more it's draining your resources and it's harder for you to actually stay consistent because there's a lot more friction I see a lot of people trying all these complicated recipes they're trying to make their meal plan super complex instead of focusing on

Consistency instead of really dialing things in so they can have that healthy routine that they can stick with and then add complexity later on if you want to but initially keep things simple and even I to this day keep things very very simple for myself because I don't want to spend time on micromanaging which types of recipes I'm doing and making things super-complex and myself alike to be effective and that's where simplicity really helps and will help you a lot now the fourth rule for getting a lean body that makes a lot of difference is surrounding yourself with people and influences who've

Actually done who got me the goal that you want to get to or at least people who are on the journey who share the same core values so you can have those influences in your life because the truth is in our day to day environments not all of us have those types of influences where people are setting a super high standard that we feel like we really to step up that everybody around us is lean in fact for most of us the environments are actually almost pulling us backward in a way that they're showing us examples of what not to do and that's not necessarily that bad because you can learn what not to do

But you also want to expose yourself to communities and they can be online where you're following certain people you're becoming a member of certain communities mentoring programs or whatever you're still really are immersed in this process where you can continuously educate yourself and keep this on top of mind because as you forget really the standard it's easier to normalize yourself and just basically become the average of your environment which is really not that 10% or 12% of a 15% body fat physique that you want to achieve so immersing yourself in a certain environment that also

Share the same core values is really critical especially important if you're just starting out and I've done that as well back in the day when I was starting and that really helped a lot now the rule number five for getting a lean body that will really help you understand in a strategical level what success looks like in this area of life is that success is often quite boring before it becomes very interesting and here's what I mean by that so a lot of us when we start this journey we're very motivated and that motivation actually over time goes down and that excitement that novelty goes down and then

Actually things become quite boring when you realize that you need to keep repeating things it's repetitive habits take repetition and in that case you know the habits are boring and you realize that there's a boring nature to it and only the people that survive that boredom actually then eventually become a little bit more different then indifference eventually turns into enjoying the process and join the process eventually into a passion and you really enjoy this area of your life now most people quit during the boring part because they think this is not for me well if you can just plow through that boredom and when something is boring repetitive but it's the right thing to do that is a signal for you

That you need to keep going that you need to persist that you need to go through that process because eventually you will enjoy that as you get good at it and as you get closer to your goal as you see progress this is something that I've experienced myself this is something I see with my clients as well as they gone through a journey to getting an incredible physique things aren't always this glamorous thing that you're super super excited about immediately but you kind of learn to love it over time because success in any field is difficult if you want to take things to a really really high level and

There is a grind component to and there are repetitions involved to it and that's just the name of the game it takes time it takes patience it's not gonna happen overnight so for you it's also important to kind of understand that so you don't give up too early before this thing becomes super enjoyed because you're gonna become a passion it's gonna become something that you really enjoy that you're looking forward to and that's really what I want for you and that's the key to long-term success is really enjoying that process and really seeing it as a sustainable lifestyle and that's exactly why I want

You to actually check out this article that I'm gonna leave here at the end that goes into more habits more things that will help you get clean and stay lean so check out that article also I'm gonna leave a link in the description below where you can apply to work with me as your mentor and as your coach if you want to do that other than that I will see you in that next article.

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