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New Route to the Heart -

New Route to the Heart -

Every year thousands of people have cardiac catheterizations or angioplasty s that's when a doctor threads a catheter to your heart arteries to look for blockages and other issues if they do see a blockage they can decide if placing a stent to open it would be beneficial for years doctor have used

The artery near your groin as an access point for this procedure but now some are using the artery in your wrist why because it may be safer and easier on patients you like picking I have the best picking you've ever heard fountain music would - Greg Beamer that combo can't be beat the stuff is

Fantastic when you watch Greg doing his thing in the shop you never know that once a week or so he gets hit by chest pain stable angina I have chest pain heaviness pressure his symptoms are the result of a heart that's kept on beating despite heart attack a bypass there's a certain part of my heart that isn't work and six tends to open narrowed arteries dr. Rajiv Galati says most of those stands were

Placed the traditional way via the femoral artery the downside of that has been that patients will often need to lie flat for a number of hours after the procedure because there is a risk of the femoral artery from bleeding because it's under high pressure and we need to allow the vessel to heal up before we can have the patient to move around but Greg's last stent was placed using a different entry point the

Radial artery in the wrist there been a number of studies now that are compared femoral versus radial access and every single study shows a lower bleeding risk plus there's often less discomfort and patients can go home the same day and get back to normal activities now here's how the two procedures compare for the traditional method doctors placed the catheter into the femoral artery and

Run it up to the heart for the other method doctors start at the radial artery in the wrist and thread the catheter to the heart same access to arteries but fewer risks Craig says if he ever has to have another stent he's going to opt for the wrist procedure I know the difference right now Greg's not thinking about what might happen in the future he's focused on working with wood in his shop you want to

Hear acoustical Pitkin listen to this to the tunes of mountain music how can you get unhappy with something like that going on dr. Gulati says if you need a stent there's no guarantee you can have the radial artery procedure only people who have good blood supply to their wrists and arteries that aren't too small are candidates also some people who have bypasses can't have the procedure because wrist

Arteries are sometimes used in that operation but for the right person this procedure can be very beneficial for medical edge I'm Vivien Williams.

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