Kevin Smith Speaks Out For The First Time Since His Massive Heart Attack - - AnaDucha

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Kevin Smith Speaks Out For The First Time Since His Massive Heart Attack -

Kevin Smith Speaks Out For The First Time Since His Massive Heart Attack -

Kevin Smith Speaks Out For The First Time Since His Massive Heart Attack -

Kevin Smith is on the mend after a massive heart attack nearly took his life two months ago the filmmaker who shot to fame with his 1994 comedy clerks was in the midst of taping this Showtime special silent but deadly do you wore a Jay and Silent Bob's shirt to your own wedding backstage after finishing the first show Smith knew something was very wrong and then I started feeling pressure on my chest but not like you know there's no elephant on my chest I just couldn't catch my

Breath he was rushed to the hospital I had a heart attack massive heart attack and very nearly died the 47 year old had suffered what's known as a Widowmaker they found the the el-ad was a 100% blocked put a stent in BAM Here I am crazy dude literally saved my life posting hours later from his hospital bed he wrote if I had not canceled the second show to go to the hospital the doc said I would have died tonight since the surgery Smith is making some changes starting with his health and diet I am down 20 pounds he's also a joint family time taking vacation with his wife and daughter alive

After my heart attack grateful to be here Kevin Smith is now getting back to doing what he truly loves I'm alive to stand here and and tell you that I didn't die now on with the show Kevin Smith good morning to you two months ago you're nearly dead this morning you look fantastic I feel great I honestly like the heart attack was the best thing that ever happened to me and it makes sense because I had a hundred percent blockage in the el-ad the big artery the Widowmaker and so once the doctor open it up is this amazing guy who I just met that day right dr. Laden I'm saved my life went up my

Body which sounds dirtier than I meant it but he goes through like you're growing to get your femoral artery to get up to your heart so the dude went in there and they keep you awake while it's going on they don't knock you out so I was talking the whole operation he told me later on he's like you're very chatty like you wanted to know everything because you were singing a song Degrassi and I'm singing the theme song to Degrassi it's very hopeful whatever it takes I know I can make it through so they keep you awake and I was terrified the whole time the other thing I kept talking about was like I was

Afraid of dying that's my biggest fear ever but like it happened almost and I was okay I lived through it my second biggest fear was anyone seeing me naked and in the hospital your chances of dying and being seen naked go up real huge instead so I was terrified of that in the operating room they kept me awake and then the doctor said at one point is I got my open the stent now and you tell me if you feel better and the moment he did I felt like instantly better cuz it made sense none of the blood was going through therefore no who knows how long at 100% blockage years so I wasn't getting proper like

Oxygen stuff so now I feel great man was fantastic did you have any idea that you might have severe but I'll tell you what right now that's because I'm stupid because like in the hospital the doctor goes I'm gonna put a stent in you when he told me so I didn't know until I was in the operating room that I had a heart attack you know he was just like you've had a massive heart attack and I was like nobody told me are you serious and he's like what's your pain threshold I got a zero to ten I was like negative three you know and he was like are you high I said yeah I got blazed before my show maybe that's

Why I feel no pain he goes no you're on fentanyl you know what was going on so he he had I I felt didn't feel like I was having heart attack didn't recognize that it was happening but as they went up inside me open up that vein suddenly I just I breathed and felt a world better doctors told you you had to lose some weight you lost what fifty pounds so far Miette know God that's what I wish they told me to lose that might my GP afterwards like I saw her and she was like spent a long time as I saw you last year for the checkup she was like I was three years ago and I was it go that's why I wound up on

An operating table and so I said she'd told me and I filled her in on what happened she said look you got to lose 50 pounds that'll make all this easier going plant-based would probably make your life easier because get up rid of all your cholesterol so I'm lost 32 pounds since a heart attack so I got 18 ago for what you know she said lose 50 but I think I'm gonna keep like is now this is the weight I was when like I met my wife like this is the soul this is a good way to be at and stuff my way this little I scored big-time what's working for you what works for me instantly after the heart attack was a red

Pen Gillette's book presto where he talked about losing 100 pounds and he had one on this diet with his gyrate cronies which was really great it's called Jess sides and it works for me in the beginning was an all potato diet where you could just all you did was eat potatoes weight falls off but it's a very vegetable based diet and I'm gone plant-based but like I've never been a vegetable person so it's really tough to just embrace vegetables bit by bit so what I did was I joined Weight Watchers and they made me an ambassador so it's me Oprah and DJ Khaled I'm in pretty good company man we're all trying

To lose weight and stuff like that why don't know what they're up to so I got another 18 pounds to go for the doctor goal but I think I'm gonna try to lose like 25 more pounds on the program and so far it's good you seem awesome your spirit is like intact kids I'm awaking Baker so I'm like killing fantastic I've been up since 5:00 a.m. and like I'm ready to embrace the day can I give a shout out real quick I'm here in the city because my kid has a movie she and I'm happy for because the first movie she's done without me and that's like the most important thing in the world he's like I don't want to be in

Another Kevin Smith movie so she was in a movie it's called all these small moments and we get to go see it tomorrow here did Rebecca film test gotta be cool it's kind of dummy my daughter Harley Quinn Smith and in the movie she this is this rock to my world she co-stars with Molly Ringwald so is a big John Hughes kid I was like how did you work with Ringwald before me so I'm gonna go see that tomorrow Congrats on everything oh my god thanks for having me thanks thank you we should mention silent but deadly airs May 11th on Showtime hello today fans thanks for checking out our

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