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How to build muscle with Ronnie Coleman "Body building tips" -

How to build muscle with Ronnie Coleman "Body building tips" -

How to build muscle with Ronnie Coleman "Body building tips" -

Hi I'm Ronnie Coleman a time mr. limpia and my pro tip for you today is how to gain weight okay first of all it's not how you think it is it's a little bit more scientific than that because there's two types

Of weight to gain as good weight and that's bad wait my way is going to be the good way the good weight for the most part like I said before or when I'm in an offseason and I'm getting ready to go into my pre contest what I try to do is put on as much weight as possible and try to come down from that

But I don't want to put on a lot of bad weight because it just extends how long I'm going to have to die to get all of that weight off so I'm trying to put on as much good weight as possible and I do it basically this way I keep my protein real high and I try to get about 600 for me I still go with the

Same formula for every pound of body weight I just do two grams of protein plain and simple I hit here to here's the kicker for I do in order to gain weight instead of me taking in like two 250 grams of carbs a day I can now go up to about 500 600 I'll weigh up to about a thousand grams a day it's real

Easy to thousand gram called the day basically eat a lotta rice a lotta baked potato every every now and then I have just a little bit and not a whole lot because like say you want to stay away from bad way and I have just a little bit of bread when I say bread I might mean maybe two or three slices if

I'm eating a sandwich ah if I'm having again I at a restaurant maybe two or two rolls to no more than
three rolls III was take me to because like I said before the less bad food you need to look that the longer the least amount of time is going to take you to get all that weight off you so I try not to eat too

Much of the bad food but but but way to gain weight basically increase your protein increase your carbs the tray and try not to eat too many bad ones I mean you can have a few my bad ones don't go no further and like I said couple slices of bread if I'm eating the sandwich maybe to one or two dinner

Rolls I try to someplace I can do one some places uh you know I can't do that many but I still eat every three to four hours and I still try to eat six times a day so the only thing I change basically it's my carbohydrate and my cardio cardio I only probably do about two three times a week maybe

Sometimes four but and then the most amount I do is 45 minutes once a day maybe four days a week and then that's about it sometimes three days a week and that's my pro tip to gain weight for you to date I'm running Kovan eight times it's Olympia and I'm out.

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