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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Training Program -

Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Training Program -

But every legend is a myth some a flesh-and-blood some legends walk among us but they aren't born they're built legends are made from iron and sweat mind and muscle blood and vision victory legends of Champions the grow they win be conquered as a legend behind every legacy there's a blueprint behind every legend I'm Emma Watson this is my blueprint I always believed in in order to be motivated or to work really hard is you need to have a vision in front of you and somehow after

Having seen the World Championships in weightlifting in Vienna and having seen Tommy counter winning the Mr Universe contest the next day right there in the same event in 1961 and seeing all these muscles and strength and orders it had a profound impact on me with the age of 15 I was now all determined that I'm gonna go into training and that I'm gonna go and take this seriously that I want to be one of those guys I started looking at heroes muscular guys and heroic guys and I picked up this this magazine that had reg Park on it and it had basically him as Hercules undercover and be totally

Coincidence there the whole blueprint of his life of how he became mr. universe the training routine I mean if ever was lost about what to do in life that is gone I now have a direction I realized then that I have a special ability that you cannot really I think trained for it it's an ability of visualizing things very clearly because I'm a visual learner so I saw very clearly in front of me me being up there on that podium in London where rich Park was and seeing the hundreds of bodybuilders around and me elevated with the trophy in the hand and celebrating and thousands of people out there screaming my

Name and that to me that vision was the motivating factor so that drove me to the gym but almost like it was so strong that they actually didn't need discipline it just took me there it just sucked me into that in the train every day because to me it became kind of like every work that I do from now is going to take me one step closer to turning this beautiful vision into reality and so this is what actually was the thing that motivated me and it became all the way down to the bone it became like mr. universe mr. universe mr. universe training training training sculpting your body eating the right

Way and just staying focused and keeping my eye on the ball with the age of 20 I turned my vision into reality and it became the youngest mr. universe ever I felt that I was without any doubt the new hope embodied bullying I didn't feel that I have arrived yet of where I wanted to be I felt like I was in the beginning of that because being mr. universe is like winning the Golden Glove championships in boxing or winning the Olympics in boxing but it is far away from being the best fighter so I realized that very quickly and I said to myself I have to really learn that to get up there and it would take me

Still sometime and that there are bodybuilders in America they were extraordinary like Sergio liver and Dave Draper and people like that and there was a great champions over here they were really extraordinary they were ripped they were had much more quality of muscles than I had they were much more defined and maybe the posing was even more sophisticated and so on but I had not ended out the best potential and I'm very young I'm much younger than all of them so when I came over I was really I appreciated that the day excitement that was in the gym like this is the guy from Austria

Is to Gabby the 21 inch arms this is the guy that the nose is already dead lifting 700 pounds and he's the you know so there was a lot of kind of good positive reaction from be coming over here and it was also some jealousy that they had to overcome but it was really a great feeling and at the other side of it is is that I think it's very important when you come from so far away and you feel lonely and you feel somewhat lost because you're now in a different country don't speak the language I only knew the school English I barely could really communicate I couldn't watch the news year they

Couldn't read the newspaper yet so it was kind of blocked from the outside world in a way and then to have this kind of a love and this kind of inclusion I mean really unbelievable kind of behavior I detected of those body bows that didn't know me all they'd only knew me by the what about the magazines showed you know the pictures in the stories and so on but not knew me in person so it was really extraordinary to come over here the American to have that feeling and being received without moms that would never forget that I would say that when it comes to size or anything like that I did

Never feel like I wanted more but I wanted more of perfection I never felt like that they reached my 100% of potential and I think that everyone feels that way I felt that I wanted to have bigger triceps then I had I felt like I wanted to have one inch bigger thighs than I had I felt that they wanted to get more definition in my ABS than I've ever had I felt that I wanted to build my lats even lower and tied in what are the waist that I've worked on always so there was certain things like that that I felt like that if I could have a clay I could actually show to the world where I wanted to make the

Improvements and then when it comes to the last few months of the competition that you can then take that mask and chisel it down and work on the details we will go and we will see our body fat reduce and reduce and reduce and we will take photographs like fanatics Franco would take pictures of me I would take pictures of him and we just would compare shots and beginning then see the improvement all the time and then you see still now problem areas so then you have to go and says I still need the separation between my abs enter into castles and the cerrados that connects it into the

Lads how do I do that you have to go to Close Grip chin-ups I have to do more pullover exercises I have to do more crunching exercises have to do many pull-ups and my leg raises and all of those things so you can start sculpting with the different exercises that we have available so the great thing is if you train smart you know what is the inventory of different exercises they do have available for every single weak point but the key thing is to set little cores to do the training every day to eat the right way and you're going to go and hit those marks and then you move the bar higher then move the

Bar higher and that is what differentiates the winner from the loser and you feel that with hard work you can achieve the cause and you can become successful this is the great thing about bodybuilding because if you get good in that the company goes you know you can use the same principles for everything else in life.

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