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What is clean eating with! 5 simple guidelines - anaducha.com

What is clean eating with! 5 simple guidelines - anaducha.com

What is clean eating with! 5 simple guidelines - anaducha.com

Hey guys it's Danny and today I want to chat with you all about eating clean now when I initially decided to stop dieting and start to focus more on nourishment I used clean eating as my guideline and that's where the name clean and delicious came from and I've had a lot of people ask me like what is clean eating what does it really mean so I just want to chat about it a little bit with you guys today now let me start by saying that eating clean means different things to different people so what I

Am sharing with you today is my personal view of clean eating and the view that this website clean and delicious represents right so my definition is this eating real whole unprocessed foods as close to their natural state as possible most of the time easy enough right so eating foods like vegetables fruits high quality carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and grains good quality sources of proteins and healthy fats like nuts and avocados one of the most important parts of this process for me was realizing this wasn't going to be another fad diet that it really was going to be a lifestyle shift right so

It's step by step improving the quality of the foods that you're eating so you can be in charge of your health and your energy and not fall victim to cravings and mood swings that often come with highly processed nutrient void foods that also leave us feeling hungry and out-of-control and this does not have to look the same for everybody you can eat clean and be a vegan you can be a vegetarian you can be a weightlifter you could be a meat-eater a yogi you can eat six meals a day you can eat two meals a day there's really no hard fast rules other than that one stream through the tie in which is

You're eating real whole unprocessed foods as close to their natural state as possible most of the time and that you truly enjoy eating so today I thought I would share with you five guidelines to help transition into eating plate number one cook as often as you can cooking is one of the easiest ways to start eating better because you are in charge of all your ingredients and you know exactly what you're working with and here's the deal that doesn't mean you have to every single meal that you make you just want to try to cook more often than you don't and technically speaking my friends then is only

51% of the time number to learn to read your labels learning to read the labels on your food is a great way to get a sense of what's going into your body good general rule of thumb stick to foods that have 5 ingredients or less and that you can read recognize and pronounce each one of those ingredients number 3 we want to avoid highly processed food now let's just be clear for a second a lot of different healthy foods are slightly processed right so if it's not coming right from the field or right from the farm it's going to start to begin to be processed so oatmeal is slightly processed quinoa is slightly

Processed frozen vegetables are slightly processed these aren't the foods that I'm concerned about we want to be looking out for those super highly highly processed foods so foods that go through lots of lots of processing before they actually make it to your plate these are the foods that are pretty much made in factories an easy way to think about it is you want your body to do most of the processing right so the more food is processed outside of your body the less nutritious is going to be for your body a great indicator of highly processed foods are those ingredient lists if they have long long long

Ingredient lists chances are they are highly processed foods and here's the real problem with highly processed foods other than the fact that they are nutrient void is that they are bombarded with sugars and fats in salt and so that comes in and totally destroys your taste buds it's like overload fat sugar salt wipes on your taste buds and now we no longer appreciate the subtleties and the deliciousness of real natural Whole Foods and I do believe that this is why healthy eating gets a bad rap because if you're used to eating highly processed foods and your taste buds are used to being inundated with all

Of that they literally cannot taste and appreciate the flavors of real Whole Foods which is why it's important to baby step your way out of it and learn how to infuse lots of flavor back in your kitchen by reading lots of clean and delicious articles number four avoid artificial flavors and sweeteners simply put artificial flavors and sweeteners are not real food these are food like products that are made in factories and they are designed to bypass the logical part of your brain and trigger all of the pleasure points so we find ourselves wanting more and more kind of leaves you feeling like you're

Added out of control right like you're just wanting and you don't even know why and because it's not real foods your body doesn't even know what to do with it number one number two there's a little psychological game that goes on like we think we can have more of it because it doesn't count if you are a dieter you know exactly what I'm talking about in fact studies have shown that artificial sweeteners actually trigger the body to desire more sweet right so we're kind of biting our nose off to spite our face and number five your macronutrient balance now macronutrients are your protein carbs

In fact now I'm by no means suggesting that you need to start counting and tracking your macronutrients but I do think you need to pay attention to the carbs proteins and fats that we're eating in the course of a day because what I have found for myself and for a lot of clients that I work with highly processed carbs tend to add up way too fast and we tend to not get enough of the healthy fats right and just making these little shifts with our macronutrients making sure you're getting enough protein making sure you're getting enough of those good heart healthy fats making sure you're getting

Quality carbohydrates these little adjustments can give you more energy and keep you full for a longer period of time so it's definitely worth looking at and finally guys I can't stress enough how important it is to actually enjoy the process of trying to eat better how important it is to enjoy the foods that you're eating and how you're making them or where you're getting them from because at the end of the day if you want something to be a lifestyle change it has got to be sustainable and in order for anything to be sustainable we have to enjoy the process if you're treating the present moment like it's

An obstacle to getting to your goal this creates a ton of stress a ton of pressure and when we get to the goal if you can even get to it under that state it's not enjoyable it's not sustainable and it doesn't you know it's not a bed of roses like we hoped it was basically we need to find that path that feels good so that when we get to the goal it's kind of like the cherry on top of the cake if that makes sense so if you guys have any thoughts or questions about this definitely come on down into the comments below and let's chat if you know anybody else who's trying to eat better who's trying to make changes in

Their diet and their lifestyle please share this article with them so we can all do our part of kind of helping each other live the best lives that we can thanks so much for reading guys I'm Danny speeds and I'll see you back here on clean and delicious next time and learn how to infuse lots of flavor back in your kitchen by reading lots of cleaning delicious articles let's be honest okay.

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