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A Yoga Class Defining Your Class - anaducha.com

A Yoga Class Defining Your Class - anaducha.com

Welcome to day 3 in this five-part series on creating a specific or go to yoga class for your ideal audience so if you have not watched days 1 & 2 or parce wanting to please go through those first so you've gotta discover your yoga niche or your teaching topic it's more of an encompassing I teach yoga to the specific audience and then you've got to discover the pain points for the audience and for 

The style that you teach so come up with that do that first and then we're gonna create a class name for the class that we're going to create tomorrow so a class name is more specific than your teaching topic edding and includes your taping teaching topic plus something that you're working on that day my example that i've been going with for these three days is yoga for hikers i've already got two of the two of the items here so far so i've got yoga for hikers and i can get more specific with a style if i 

Wanted to if if the class for some reason was a yin yoga class or a power yoga class or a flow yoga class so it can be a little more specific than just yoga because there's many different styles as hopefully we all know so you can get more specific here so i'm going to say this is a yoga flow so a vinyasa yoga so that's up to you if you want to add a little bit more to that or you just say yoga that's it so my audience or my topic is hikers and for a specific class I'm like okay what's the one of the 

Main things that these people have that struggle with or what have I struggle with as a newbie hiker in my as I'm hiking what have I struggled with or what have I asked people about what have they circled with I came up with hips actually so your hips hip mobility and hip flexors don't feel so good so this is the pain point that we're going to talk about hips and the transformation is we want our hips to feel good we want them to go from sore or a mobile to mobile and so to name our class and you don't have to actually name your class on the schedule as this but as you walk into class and you have hey 

This is a yoga for hikers class today we're working on such-and-such but it's just kind of fun to to pick a name or pick a main theme around it so this could be a physical pain point or it can be emotional pain point so you can go you can also say for encouragement or for gratitude or for happiness or for strength for flexibility just in general so you can do a lot of different things for this one I'm gonna just do the physical component of yoga for the hips and hikers and so to name our class you got yoga 

Style your pain point and your audience okay here's a tip don't get too jargony or too creative here because we want your audience to understand this there are two kinds of people that are going to come to your yoga practices if you're doing something like this number one you're going to get Yogi's who are into hiking so that's a little bit easier because they understand yoga so if you do something creative they're like oh that's kind of fun yeah I like hiking that's cool but you'll also get hikers who know that they struggle with this pain point who are like oh you can help me through yoga I'm gonna 

Try that and those are two different audiences so this one isn't is more of a beginner and these ones are less of beginners but tend to also like hiking and they might be new to hiking so maybe it's Yogi's interested in hiking or hikers interested in yoga so you'll have to include in your class different elements that teach to both of those so giving tips for hiking for the Yogi's and giving tips for yoga for the hikers okay back to our little topic so I want our hips to be happy so that's going to be our it's gonna be hard our theme our this is a class title slash theme my title might be something like happy 

Hips yoga for hikers and if you're doing a series you could do things like happy shoulders yoga for hikers or maybe it's yoga for hikers semi-colon hip mobility or something very simple again you want this to be very specific and to what you could do for one class so that people know exactly what they're getting into the more that you specify what your class title is and what you're working on the more likely you're gonna find the people that need what you have to offer and you'll probably fill your classes a little bit easier than if you were to just say you know you teach yoga everryone a into 

Yoga and then when you get there there's gonna be some people who can't even stand up off from the floor and need a chair for chair yoga or there's gonna be those people who are really into power yoga so it's really hard to teach to everybody I know this when you teach a class and open level class it can be quite challenging and eventually people learn your style and what you're all about and so you get the audience that oftentimes is most like you so whatever however you got into yoga so again it's hard to teach yoga to just to everybody everybody is teaching to nobody so let's get specific come up 

With yoga style pain point audience you can get more specific I'm gonna get let's get super more specific here and say it's story of yoga for mountain hikers so you're just adding like adjectives mountains hikers so now these are like well this is probably enough here restorative yoga for mountain hikers but the class then itself you do want to focus on one of the pain points so this might be even your class name and then semicolon hip flexor healing healing your hip flexors okay so come up with that because this title is going to help us tomorrow as you outline your class or in the next 

Article so come up with that this is what I'm working on this is the theme this is the pose this is the specific thing that we're gonna do in class and then that will help you get the rest of your class in order as I give you ten step outline got it okay so do this and make sure it's there and you can leave a 

Comment wherever this article you finding this article and the course on website on Facebook group forever and share with me you can always email me share with me what you have I would love to see you work through this okay join me for day four part for tomorrow.

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