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Children's massage extensions, sleep improvement and digestion -

Children's massage extensions, sleep improvement and digestion -

This article is made possible by our loyal anaducha supporters visit slash psyche truth hi i'm kelsey with jnana-yoga and this is Vivian my third and youngest daughter she's about nine weeks old and today we're going to be showing you some baby stretching and massage techniques be sure to subscribe and click the notification belt so you don't miss any of my articles and if you haven't already follow us on social media for tips tutorials giveaways and daily inspiration a lot of it helps 

With circulation also digestion and it helps them to realize that they're no longer in this cramped environment inside your womb your uterus they can stretch their arms out a little bit more now and their legs so let's go ahead and start you want to have a stack of blankets or a pillow that your baby can rest on and also maybe a spit up cloth just in case and another thing you might wish to have is some oil i have jojoba oil but you could use shea butter you could use sesame oil that's used in a lot of ayurveda which is the sister science to yoga and coconut oil is okay too but i've found that by 

Using coconut oil frequently eventually it sorts of dry out your skin is actually a little bit more astringent so i don't like to use it on my baby so let's go ahead and start placed her right in front of you and then you'll put a little of the oil in your hands so you don't shock her with the cold oil you can rub that in your hands first and then when you rub it on your baby's belly you want to make sure to go in a clockwise direction that's because that's the the way the digestive system runs it goes from the stomach to the small intestine to the large intestine which curves up again   next you can move to 

The baby's feet and massage the toes so you would start from the big toe press against the pads of the feet and then work all the way up to the tip of the toe   and then you can rub the feet just move from the heel up to the ball of the foot you maybe see depending on how old your baby is the Pinsky reflex which is when the baby's flex the toes splay out and then curl back in   and then we'll move to the other foot and start at the ball of the foot and work your way up each toe   and then from the heel up to the tip and then next if you your hands become a little dry you can add some more oil because next 

We'll do the limbs and you always move from the distal portion of the leg or towards the foot and then tort-like closer to the heart because we're bringing the circulation back towards the heart so you can do this and that in a somewhat quick motion with your hands or do longer strokes and adding a little bit more pressure where you're actually sort of squeezing the leg and working away all the way up to the thigh so we'll do the same thing on the other leg you can do the quick motion this is more for the circulation and then you can squeeze and run all the way up to the thigh and that's more for the 

Muscles and then you can do the same thing for the arms to start at the hand and work your way down and then we'll take the arms and we'll stretch them out overhead but as soon as you start to feel resistance you can stop just go as far as the baby feels comfortable going and then bring the arms in this helps them to realize they have more space now that they're out of your belly yeah and then you can take the feet and do like a bicycle motion so you take the feet and you move around in a circle it's good to wait a while after they've nursed were have been fed so maybe by an hour just that 

They don't spit up you can also do that happy baby pose so this is a real yoga pose but you take the feet and bring them to the outside of the baby's body and the knees will go to the outside of the belly and you can rock gently back and forth sometimes babies do this naturally when they're a little bit older they'll grab their toes and they just rock from side to side it feels good then we'll do up in asanas you stretch the legs out and you bring the knees together this time and then into the belly and this helps to dispel gas called the wind-relieving pose   yeah and you're probably I'm gonna do it too long 

Your baby will start to get fussy and maybe a little annoyed with yous so that's probably it for our baby stretching and massage this is nice to include as part of a bedtime routine so what I would recommend is maybe give your baby a nice warm bath at a hundred degrees or so and then you can nurse your baby and after you've nursed the baby you can maybe read a book or seeing while that food is digesting and then prop the baby up while you're doing that so that way if they have acid reflux then you're you you're using gravity to your advantage so that the milk is coming down rather 

Than you know having them lay flat on their back and then it's coming back up through that lower esophageal sphincter that's what it's called that gap between the esophagus and the stomach and then after you do that you can do the baby stretching and massage techniques and hopefully by then they'll be nice and soothed and those go to sleep but let's see she's already sleepy she's ready to go so thank you very much for joining and I hope to see you in future articles if you'd like this article then I hope to see you in some baby of me yoga articles we have baby ami yoga for the 4th trimester which that 

Period of time after the baby's born until she's about three months we also have baby Emma Yoga for balance flexibility and strength do a baby me yoga is a great way to not only interact with your baby but it's a good way to get back into your practice for a lot of the poses you're enhancing the the strength based exercises and you can also for balance so use the baby as a counterweight so there are a lot of things that you can do to get back into your yoga practice with the baby and you can also entertain her while doing it I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I'll see you in the next 

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