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Supplements should you take everyday! -

Supplements should you take everyday! -

All righty guys welcome to another website my name is Leo Venus I am a medical doctor and I'm an engineer on this website we talk about health nutrition lifestyle and pretty much anything we want to talk about if you're new to this website consider clicking the subscribe button and the notification that I said if you wanted to be notified every time I put out a new website for you anyway this you know 

What today's website topic which was due to popular demand from you and is what supplements do I take now there are both sports supplements and health supplements that I'm going to start with the sports supplements that I think as some of you know I am sponsored by do right I do not like to create myself with any company too closely because I really value my ability to be free and my expressions that tell the truth as I see it and I will continue to do exactly that that is actually why I feel completely 

Comfortable being sponsored by do life it is because I have used their products very very long time I've gotten to know the owners are going to know the tea that Yoda the values of this company are aligned with mine they're completely Deakin company they use whole food organic ingredients they get third-party testing for contaminants and heavy metals in their products they generally put in a lot of effort to include as many superfood ingredients in their products as possible and that they are 

Actually planning on making all of their packaging biodegradable and teacher which i think is super cool so without any further ado let's get on with which supplements i first may take so my favorite ones other people like to perform that's what i used to make them vegan games now instead it a million times before and I'll say it again it is not necessary to take protein supplements to build a muscle on a vegan diet or on any type however it is quite difficult to optimally build muscle 

Advantage evolved to be a bodybuilder or to gain as much muscle as possible it is quite difficult to do that beautiful and that is why you see a lot of bodybuilders stuffing their face with you planning their meals to get high in protein as possible and I certainly underestimated this aspect levels when I was younger and it definitely did stunts my progress for a while because I underestimated like I said the importance of protein if you are not interested in the bodybuilder look and I said this is well being a 

Bodybuilder it's nothing to do with health having big muscles does not mean that somebody is healthy so if you're not interested in building a big busy taking protein powders is probably a waste of your money how does it really only you are really serious about building muscle booth you're serious about making new vegans for 40 eggs or if you're not vegan and you just want to make games on their open of a healthier method a healthier supplement that your traditional way or animal-based 

Proteins which are not so good for you then I definitely definitely do recommend checking out the vitalife perform protein now apart from these we also have a few different things so we have in lockup powder this is a healthy read and that can be used on smoothies you can use either protein shakes and hot drinks you're gonna have them to your breakfast or you can also use them for baking for example moving on that this is the sustain so the idea here is that the branched chain amino acids 

Are at the essential amino acids but seem to have the most central role in the signaling for muscle protein synthesis but if you are doing a very heavy of burns big cuts and you're under eating calories then the idea is that this will help to minimize the loss protein or if you're doing a lot of fast work out to Sarah I personally don't use this one as much as these but a lot of people really really like this product well moving on then we will go to some of the other products which is the other cool thing 

About what they do not only sell sports products for example this is the people like thrive it is a multivitamin now the cool thing about this one is that it uses a lot of whole food ingredients most of the vitamins in here are below 100% so you can still always get more of them from your food and that is the aqua oil and that is what I always recommend is try to get as many of your vitamins and minerals from food as possible this is a great option they also have actually some two food 

Ingredients in there and some probiotics weight a lot of people can benefit from especially if their gut flora is losing out of balance okay so last but not least the ones I have here these guys right here and have nothing to do with building muscle they have nothing to it cutting down or being shredded or vitamins they are just generally healthy products that still taste great so here we have the magic golden turmeric ladders I have tried and I love the pace of it perfect in the morning while you're 

Working or any other time really you're feeling for a hot drink right now I am currently not drinking too much of it because it's so hot here in Spain well as soon as it cools down I'm gonna be having a lot of it cyclamen is the matcha coconut Lottie I have to also try this one and I was never a really big fan of matcha before but this one I really love and I know there are a ton of people out there who love much as well these are organic grade matcha very good stuff and in the last one I have actually not try 

This is the raw hot chocolate I cannot give you guys an honest opinion on whether or not this tastes great but if I were to make an educated guess from trying all the other products from people like I would say probably tastes very good as well now the only other thing I will say about Ebola and this is probably the only negative thing I'm going to say about this company is that they currently as of right now only shipped to North America the US and Canada as well as most of Europe so if you are in Australia and South America - in Asia Africa I'm sorry but other than that if you find yourself one 

Of those areas where people like Justin you are interested in any of these products or if you just want to check out what other products they have on their website definitely check out the link that I'm putting in the description below like I said I'm actually sponsored by the Herbalife so this is a very nice way for you to support me if you wish to do that I would HIGHLY appreciate it it would go a long way to help me keep producing this content for you guys so thank you alright so the only other 

Sports supplements I take is creatine creatine again completely unnecessary adjust for people who are doing very explosive very anaerobic sports that are very high in power such as sprinting such as bodybuilding and lifting then creatine has been shown to provide a benefit for those athletes and exactly one of the most researched for supplements out there so you can be quite secure that in mistake okay so quality health supplements then that a lot of people worry about and wonder about 

What who I take for my health now a lot of people would actually assume that as a given you have to take a huge amount of supplements however the supplements I think actually recommend to everyone whether you vegan or a vegetarian or a pescetarian or an omnivore even if you are a carnivore and these supplements do not necessarily mean that your diet is deficient certain versions are actually better absorbed or better gone from the environment rather than food something you tend to forget 

About this back one example is vitamin b12 whether you eat or not a lot of people are getting some optimal amounts of b12 and that is more an issue of our environment our living conditions rather than really a problem of our diets because of this I recommend everybody think people supplement the one I am taking right now is eight thousand micrograms which means I take it usually around twice a week now the other regimen is think of about 100 micrograms per day the most important thing to do would be foeman's that you just get your levels checked so how are stores a big problem I suppose to 

Your lasts around two years so I would say here your levels checked every year or at least every two years you can take years for the deficiency to really do any damage some of the damage done by b12 deficiency is irreversible and it is not worth taking that risk so that is it for the essential really equal is the only thing I would say everybody should be taking regardless of your diet b12 and actually I would add in vitamin d3 for that as long as you're not close to the equator and you're not getting Australia radiation hitting your skin stimuli need to produce that button beep huge is the active form 

Of vitamin D now for myself personally the only other supplements I take and these are again not essential is just depending on your lifestyle depending on your diet and I like to take them just to be on the safe side and these four to that kind of build together our omega-3 long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and iodine and this is because I do not eat a lot of seafood and just to be sure just be safe I take the long-chain omega-3 fatty acid II amount that you are looking for is around two hundred milligrams per day this one is called together I think I only have one capsule left of this one and then 

We also have this liquid one right here they are both algae based Omega threes which I would recommend whether you're vegan or vegetarian or omnivores whatever your diet is definitely an algae based omega-3 is better lower levels of command and metals etc as well as obviously lower levels of Cruelty so I definitely recommend for LG basically supplements over the traditional fish oils now for the iodine I am thinking this one is a health iodine every drop to play is about 150 micrograms of iodine which is the RDI como la novia recommended intake goes up in certain 

Conditions so again depending on your diet depending on your lifestyle if you do not eat a lot of seafood or if you like you do not eat a lot of red especially white bread which is horrible for your health but they tend to add an iodine to most flour so a lot of baked goods would actually be from becoming iodine deficient however because of the overall effects of these foods and all the other components in those foods out obviously not recommend them just to recap that protein and sports supplements completely unnecessary but can be a big help if you are on a busy schedule or if you 

Don't want to plan it every single detail of your last time you want to optimize your gains in the gym in terms of health supplement the only thing I would say is completely missed a button eat well for everyone whoops now in terms of other ones then vitamins week if you are looking for canoe later during the winter months or if you're not getting enough Sun exposure to your skin and vitamin d3 is the active one so remember to get that one and then the other supplements I occasionally make huggy basic pH a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid as well as iodine because they do not be personally a lot of 

Seafood and I'd like to just be on the safe side okay so that is based it it is not a long complicated list of supplements that you have to think it is just a few ones that I personally recommend now like I said this website was actually suggested by you so I hope you enjoyed it now I wasn't really dressed in the most medical doctor like a tired however since I was doing a website on fitness and supplements and according to the code of conduct of website whenever you're making a fitness or 

Someone's in the latest website it is required of website film that's website sure this so I'm just following the rules here anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this website let me know what you think in the comment section below give this website a thumbs up if you enjoy the app other than that like always I would just say stay science-based and go plant-based.

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