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Things you should do on a successful fitness trip -

Things you should do on a successful fitness trip -

Carolyn welcome back to my website if you recognize the article it's because it belongs to my good friend Rachel da I'll link her website in the description box but I'm not in Brisbane at the moment so she said I can come around and film which was awesome in today's article I'm gonna be talking about six things which drastically improved my results on my fitness journey just things that I found

Personally helped and things that you can do as well hit subscribe if you're new and I will jump into my six point my first one which I'm sure a lot of you probably don't want to hear even though you know it's the truth is to either cut out or drastically reduce alcohol so after a night out of drinking alcohol will actually disrupt a whole bunch of your hormones including your human growth hormone which is what you need to help grow and retain muscle mass a night out drinking can actually reduce

Your human growth hormone by about 73 percent for the next three days after you do have those drinks so I would either recommend cutting down to a very small amount or cutting it out completely I hadn't had anything to drink for about 11 months and then I had one drink on my birthday and I just figured hey you know what like one drink every now and again is gonna be okay your binge drinking not drinking every weekend or every night just cutting it down to the absolute minimum will have a

Very big impact on your results on top of the human growth hormone factor alcohol itself is not great calorie wise particularly when it does have mixes added in that have a lot of sugar in them and not to mention you probably won't eat as well the next day my second point is putting on active voya at least once everyday whether that means you get up earlier and you put on the active wear or you finish work and then you get changed into your active wire before you go home when you do put on

That active wear at least once a day you are more likely to want to go out and exercise whether it means going to the gym or just going for a walk it's a good little trigger to make sure that you are actually exercising because it's a task that you do and then follow that straight up with some exercise and you'll build a great little habit for yourself my third point is always learning new information I used to like reading a lot of books and things like that but then I started running running out of time

And I was like you know how can I get the information that I need something that I started doing is listening to audiobooks so what I did was download audible and then I started searching for titles which had information in it that I wanted to learn to help me along my fitness journey so one that I just finished is gut by Julia Enders and the current one that I am listening to is high-performance habits by Brendon Burchard I'm just finding audiobooks it's so much more convenient because I can

Listen to them when I go for a walk or on my way to somewhere just plug in it's already on my phone it's ready to go and audible are offering a free 30-day membership as well so if you go to this URL which is ford slash rachel also RAC haiti la you st or if you're in the US you can text rachel us to 500 at 500 you'll be able to download your first title for free and start listening the first few that I would recommend which I have listened to or M currently are the mindful athlete audio

Companion by George Mumford high-performance habits by Brendon Burchard peak performance elevate your game by Steve Magnus and Brad Stolberg and gut by Julia Enders so since I downloaded this it means that I have more time for learning new information which is something really important when you are on a fitness journey or trying to find out what works for you is just to learn as much as possible and see what's going to fit your lifestyle so listening to these books has made it much easier to fit in as part of my day and again if you want to try out that free 30-day

Membership just go to for slash Rachel asked my fourth point which I know people are gonna hate me for again is cutting out sugar for this I mean your refined sugars so things like lovelies and soft drinks or what do you call them like Cola pop I don't know what people call it into the popsicles and soft drinks here so cutting out that sort of refined sugar sugar in fruit can still be good because it's got that fiber there and you do need the micronutrients from fruit anyway but we're talking refined snacks that you know you probably shouldn't be having so like bags of lollies or chips

Or biscuits or any of that sort of thing cutting out sugar it's going to make a huge difference mentally you will feel much clearer you will also be able to get better performance throughout your day because you won't be spiking and crashing from your blood sugar levels being all over the place so if you work off foods are a lower GI then spike your blood sugar as much and you're gonna have a nice steady energy throughout the day carbohydrates are an important energy source provided you're not on something like a ketogenic diet but to utilize those carbohydrates effectively you don't want to be

Having foods that are high in those refined sugars so stick to foods that have sugars as part of them naturally if you are having that such as fruit my next point is to actually learn moderation and this might take years like you might have to be really really strict with yourself for you know even a year or two before you can figure out that you can have you know something here or there like for example like me having a drink on my birthday or things like that you can have one thing every now and again it's not going to totally undo your progress so if you want to have a cheat meal or a treat

Male or whatever you prefer to call it call it like one or two times a week you can do that you don't have to completely cut yourself off everything unless you were doing something for a medical reason and me to 100% stick to some kind of program but that motivation shouldn't be about letting yourself have foods aren't beneficial every single day like you know that's no good either and that's kind of lying to yourself it should be about feeding your body through that it's going to nourish it and adequately adequately provide you with the fuel that you need and if every now and again you're in

The situation where you can't eat 100% perfectly then you can't eat 100% perfectly once you remove that pressure you'll find that things become a whole lot easier and my sixth point is to find and surround yourself with people who value their health as well it is hard to consistently keep up with training and fitness and eating well if you're around people who love going out and drinking all the time or only ever want to go and order pizza or always nagging you to come and get donuts with them make sure there's at least one person in your life who values health whether that's someone that

You're friends with online or someone that you do actually learn in real life having it friends buddies partners around that are interested in their own health and their own fitness as well will do a great deal for your accountability if you're having a hard day they'll be there to help you out if you're having winds and they'll be there to help celebrate that with you too so those are my six tips for making sure that you are getting the best out of your health and fitness journey and there are six things that I found helped me a with moving forward whether it meant that my gym performance got

Better or I feel like my physique got better or I was able to mentally just stay on track a little bit more I hope you enjoying your day or night or whatever time it is where you are don't forget to hit subscribe if you are new and I will catch you in my next upload bye guys.

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