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Tom Holland An unforgettable experience with Jake Gyllenhaal -

Tom Holland An unforgettable experience with Jake Gyllenhaal -

Tom Holland An unforgettable experience with Jake Gyllenhaal -

Ladies and gentlemen, you know your children as a Spider-man. (Cheers and applause) They attack the same formats. Our satellite confirms it. We have one task. Kill him. You are coming with the United States. All this sounds like a great time, you know, kind superheroes of things, I, I just mean Spyder Mangro, sir. Please! I've been in space! I know, but that was an accident. Come on, there's someone else you can use. THOR? Outside the world.

Doctor. a stranger. Not available. Captain Marvel? Do not let her tonight. Stephen: Please welcome, Tom Holland! (Cheers and applause) (play band) (cheers and applause) Thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Stephen: What! Hi! This is great. Stephen: It's wonderful, is not it? Beautiful crowds, lovely night, puppies, my favorite is to do a show on everything that puppies are. Thank you for helping to "save the saved dogs".

I will always help with Save the Rescue Dog at any time. Stephen: You have your own dog. I do. I have a mobile like a small fat hole. Stephen: Should you be fat or have you overcome? It is full, but beautiful, elegant and elegant and miss it. Stephen: Because you're on the road, but I understood that you got footage of some of these recent films in London. Yes. Stephen: It should be nice. What, you live at home? I did not live in the house. I rented a house near the studio with my friends, which I think was the best summer of my life because football was at home, it was the World Cup.

After that he did not come to the house and we were all exhausted. (Laughter) But it was interesting. The first movie was called Spyder Man: Home Coming Thousands of Mothers from Home. This is Spider-Man invited: away from home, I shot 20 minutes from my father's house. Whichever they could decide to prepare, which was not pleasant. Such as the NIP and type of thing. Stephen: NIP and Bob? NIP and BOP, I just go to POP in the store. (Laughter) I'm going to stop.

Stephen: No, I just do not know NIP and BOP. I think it actually pops up. Everyone in England walks by a fool. But no one gives me notes like my mom. STEPHEN: ON SET IT GIVE YOU FEEDBACK? Oh, yes. really? Are you going to do this? (Laughter) Stephen: She'll go with you to check when I was young, were you about to ride? I am everything to my mom. I have done everything for me to grow up when I go to check. She said, you're going to continue working if you want to be in Elliott's bill, and I did not practice the race but I was very lucky to get the job.

Stephen: Physically Stretching? Like touching your toes. Stephen: I thought of her as an actor. In the end, you have to run if you are going to dance. Yes. Stephen: Looks like a good tip. Mom Mom's Lady. (Public feedback) (cheers and applause) Stephen: Sure, I will not be the monsters that do not clap his mother. My poor will go red on some draw in reading this. STEVEN: SHE'LL LOVED IT. what is your mother's name? Nicky. Stephen: Hi, Nicky. I've done a nice job. (Cheers and applause)

Now you and your classmate in this film, JAK GYLLENHAAL JOVE JYLLENHALY are beautiful and talented, is another member of the upcoming Marvel University of Alternative Earth. Something like this? Something like this. Stephen: We were given too far TOO, really? Well, I've got away more than I know. Thank you very much for that information. Stephen: I think it's alternative land, it's in this film. I think that's what it is. Yes. Stephen: I read several electronic press. They do not give me that.

Stephen: Really? Yes. Stephen: Have you seen the movie? It's pretty good. I saw the movie. Stephen: You know the part I liked? When it is detected - I am already British. STEPHEN: Yes, exactly. People are asking for this little ingenuity. It seems that the two of you love the fun on the road. By the way, young people abroad, can I try this again? Young people, discover some of the people who are looking for you in Jokelnhall. We love all others. Stephen: Good! As you should. Do clubs hit? We have been in China recently and Jack asked me if I wanted to go to the gym. (Laughter)

And I have to be honest, I did not want to go. (Laughter) Because JAKE GYLLENHAAL ruptures, right? Stephen: Yes. I am really competitive. Stephen: You're right. I'm not Jack Jilinhal. He is a great man. Stephen: It is. We do exercise and practice and tell me, Tom, do you want to jump on TREADMILL and go up? I said, I roast, I have fish. Happy, we'll make a quick move. I said, Mile? Do we press on time? Come on, let's do. Middle East, I respond to that. We have started operating, there is a law in the gym you can not run slower than a GUY device to you.

So I do not go there, two minutes later, I've got a table and I hope everything is over, but I assure you I will understand Gillinchal in this race. Stephen: Sure. Three or four minutes say, Tom, this is very easy, let's talk about it. I, like, yes, I was thinking the same thing, let's do it! (Laughter) So we updated the built-in. Four or five more kilometers. Go, this is very easy. Let's get to three. Good, fine, Jack. Yes, certainly, absolutely. By the end, we've got KILOMETER left. Happy 3.5. I love, 'TUDE, let's do 4. Why 3.5? Why stop there? Stephen: Yes.

We practice journalism later that day and I can not walk. (Laughter) I'm sitting there and they said what's wrong with you? I said I'm doing my own stunts. (Cheers and applause) than I did, by the way. Stephen: Thank you very much for being here. Thank you! Stephen: Spyder Man: Away From Home, in July 2 Plays. Tom Holland. We will come back with Democratic candidate Wang Yang. Join us! (Cheers and applause).

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