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My Daily Supplement Routine -

My Daily Supplement Routine -

Hey guys dr. axe here I was recently asked what my daily supplement routine is and so I wanted to share with you supplements I personally take and why I think they're really important so for starters the first supplement I always get my diet is a multi collagen protein and the reason I get that is is we don't have near enough collagen in our diet the second one I take is a bone broth protein similar thing

It's got collagen but it also contains compounds known as glucose amino glycans which are hyaluronic acid glucosamine and chondroitin so bone broth protein is really just bone broth and powder form that's one of nature's greatest ancient superfoods and so I consume that regularly and I really noticed a difference and how my joints feel notice a difference in my gut notice the difference in my skin so I'm a huge fan of doing bone broth protein so I do a superfood smoothie every morning

With a scoop of multi collagen a scoop of bone broth protein and then I added my coconut milk I typically do blueberries sometimes I'll add in herbs like cinnamon sometimes I'll throw in a handful of spinach there too but I love doing that superfood smoothie that I call it my super collagen smoothie and I do that almost every single morning the third supplement I take on a regular basis I love matcha green tea matcha green tea has three times the antioxidant levels as other teas especially three times

The levels of regular green tea and it's really potent in it in an antioxidant called EGCG which actually stands for epic lactic catechin and this antioxidant has been shown to just do tremendous things for the body in fact it's one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet if you just look up EGCG studies or green tea studies you'll be blown away at the benefits of matcha those antioxidants in there but I take this supplement it's a blend of matcha the highest some of the highest quality matcha in the

World blended with MCT powder from coconut and it is the ultimate sort of energizer so this is what I do a lot of times before my workouts just my energy is so through the roof it's very you know green tea - it's very green more alkaline in nature so it's just really powerful so you should try a taste amazing another suddent I take on a regular basis are probiotics I specifically take a probiotic that has soil based organisms and it is well I get a lot of food based probiotics I eat lots of sauerkraut and

Fermented foods so I try and get the soil based probiotics that don't get as much soil based probiotics are the same probiotics that we would have gotten our diet by getting a little bit of dirt on our food we don't get that today so I do a lot of probiotic really consistently and have noticed just I consistently notice that probiotics are greatly supportive for for you know healthy gut for healthy skin and even you know probiotics can be important for nutrient absorption we know it's important so again

Probiotics are one of the things I pretty much always take on a regular basis another supplement I take is it a mega supplement you know I try and get now listen if I'm eating wild caught fish that day like salmon I don't always take an Omega supplement but on the days where I know in my diet I'm not getting omega-3s I always get those omegas to support healthy levels of inflammation within the body so again I love Omega threes because of that and then last but not least I love tumeric I do

Tumeric on a regular basis I do lots of herbs so I take tumeric but depending on the season a time of year sometimes I'll do a straggler sometimes I will do you know ashwagandha but I take tumeric very very regularly so if you're wondering hey what do I take a list every day I really listen to my body and I'm trying to listen to what what do I feel like makes a big difference in my body in these are the supplements especially the collagen especially the probiotics and especially the herbs like tumeric

That I notice a big difference with in my body so I hope you've enjoyed this article on the personal supplements I take and hey if you're not subscribed here make sure to subscribe to my website I've got a lot more articles coming out on essential oils herbs vitamins supplements and a whole lot more thanks for reading.

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