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Exercises to test how fast your mind is - anaducha.com

Exercises to test how fast your mind is - anaducha.com

Exercises to test how fast your mind is - anaducha.com

For exercises to test how fast your brain is regular exercise helps you stay in good shape and push back the appearance of changes associated with old age this fact applies to all the organs in your body including your brain that's why today we're going to tell you about four simple exercises that can help preserve your memory also you have a unique chance to check how fast your brain is let's begin 

Exercise number one multi-coloured text we're going to show you words written in different colors proceed to say aloud the name of the color in which each of the words on the list is written ready go I guess it isn't that easy to do that it might seem now let's name each color again in reverse order ready go did you manage to do it expect the going to be difficult at first since the sections responsible for Tex perception and color perception are located in different 

Hemispheres of the brain why is this exercise beneficial to your brain it helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease by establishing new connections between the hemispheres and improves concentration and attention switching abilities exercise to schulte table here's a simple table focus on the number 19 in the center of the square your goal is to find the number 1 and then all the remaining numbers in ascending order fixing your gaze on each in turn let's give it a try I'll give you 30 seconds for a start are you doing there did you manage to find the remaining numbers keep going on only 10 seconds 

Left well done this exercise increases the reception and processing of information speed and develops peripheral vision later on you can draw your own table don't forget to arrange the numbers in the cells randomly alternatively you can search for schulte tables on the internet exercise number three finger gestures arrange the fingers of the right hand so as to make the peace sign well simultaneously making the okay sign with your left hand got it then change the arrangement of the fingers so that your left hand shows peace and your right hand shows okay you should repeat this exercise several 

Times let's do it five times for a start one two three four five was it easy for you then perform the exercise with both hands at once here are your ten seconds to try ready go it wasn't that easy right yes this exercise is a tricky one however it is beneficial as it trains attention and develops the ability to switch from one task to another quickly exercise number four by manual synchronous writing for this exercise you'll need two sheets of paper and a pair of easy-to-use writing utensils when everything is ready start drawing different geometric shapes with both hands at once you can 

Also write letters or words provided the number of characters is the same for either hand let's give it a try right now ten seconds are all yours synchronous writing teaches your brain to handle multiple tasks simultaneously thus stimulating the activity of both hemispheres finally here is some additional advice a well-known neuroscientist Lawrence Katz has developed a system of exercises to keep your brain maintaining its functions into a ripe old age here are four tips from his books 1 try to perform mundane everyday rituals such as brushing your teeth or combing your hair using your non-

Dominant hand 2 while taking a shower or performing other routine activities do everything with your eyes closed 3 frequently change the routes you use for commuting to work going to shops or reaching other regular destinations for while reading a movie try turning off the sound and relying on the actor's gestures and movements to guess what they are talking about we hope this article was helpful for you and you're going to start performing these simple exercises on a regular basis they can help 

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