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Olympia's fitness workout arm - anaducha.com

Olympia's fitness workout arm - anaducha.com

Pizza's fine Eric we've redesigned our overhead better check the end the critic or the tower this is our winning heater air   raising the blade you go ahead a mistletoe they get my chocolate oh honey we welcome to go yo with this ribbon I think about telling somebody go get an echo to throw all their handsome comeback in which the corner and all got anthems and bangle pastors getting a right click

My neighbor foreigner I'm bigger than alive I forget nothing alive one more time   making sure that you don't want this for ever   and there will be no surrender   do try him forever alright guys so we've just finished up another session here at gos fitness on the Eastside brought along Marc Anthony first-ever men's physique mr. Olympia champion it's been a minute since we got the training together but we actually linked up you know we talk every day but you know we've been trying to get together

And get together some training and you know Marc's planning to do something possibly this year right that he'll announce but it's it's good to be able to catch up and train I don't usually train with someone so we decided to do some arms this week and what I wanted to do is this showcase you know kind of you know what what's available in certain gyms and my arm workouts kind of vary depending on where I am but we'll kind of get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about a little bit and

You know we started with some pressed out movements with a straight bar     and we did two sets kind of get the muscle warmed up a little bit fortunately no elbow pain for either of us so it wasn't one of those issues we wanted to for working sets really just trying to get that extension okay normally I start with rope presses rope push downs but we actually did those second so we went over and did some ropes we did four sets they're really making sure on the bottom we'll really get that squeeze to

Really bring out the horseshoe part of the tricep   next moving in to hammer dip switch optional you can do free weights you can do you know selectorized machine we chose the hammer machine which you can it was kind of plate on plate loaded and you know we did that exercise for four sets okay didn't go too crazy heavy but really good pump twelve repetitions on that next exercise we did was skull crushers so with this exercise we pyramid it up we start with one weight went 12 repetitions

Pretty much moved up to about 100 pounds on the EZ bar yeah easy girl bar just easier on the elbows a little bit but I did 12 it think there maybe 15 Rob something like that that was the last exercise we did for triceps okay didn't really change our spot we started with alternate Dumbo curls which is pretty much what I start with all the time eight to twelve repetitions each arm we start with 40 pounds and pretty much stay without gonna weigh   Sina died like a little better because it's less momentum

With the body but obviously we you know you can switch it off and do standing or whatever what we started with that so next we move it over to the creature hammer machine which you know I really like I always mentioned that keeping the elbow stationary is always good for bicep training with this exercise still focusing on 12 repetition didn't go too crazy heavy but really trying to get that yeah super pump and honestly after the first set of bicep curls even after doing triceps I was pretty pumped

Up hence why I always do like bison tries together next exercise was the one-armed hammered elevated machine   which a little more isolation isolation it's just a different angle you know to be to get more of a peek and then about the top part of the bicep contraction and what I did with these is you know I pretty much do one arm at a time for the 10 or 12 reps I was doing it and of course alternating arms but you can do a double standard too and that's kind of what we did it we did it with

Like a double motion but a lot of people do it single arm it's a nice a lateral machine you don't have to be both at the same time so that's a really good machine for that and of course the elbow is elevated so you're not using a lot of the shoulder you guys try to isolate and want to try to get better peak on the bicep that's a good machine for that and then we finish with barbell curls with a cambered bar still sticking to 10 to 12 repetitions but we actually use the fat grips on this other was actually a straight

Bar with this rebar so yeah straight bar with the with the fabrics and you know the factors are just thicker I mean it hits a different portion of the muscle brachialis I mean I incorporate you know factor ups in a little bit you guys have been try to make sure you check it out but it definitely it's an ego herder for a lot of people because we can't do as much weight when the bar is a lot thicker richer so overall I think you know good workout that it knocked out in about 40 minutes you know moved you

Know right through the exercises but I think the main thing is is you know just getting a good pump out of things not going for any weight records you know appreciate you guys following on of course for mark joining us today you know it's just one of the gyms were you late Katrina I mean this is the rule one of the few gems in Vegas has metal weight still left in it and I think you know it's just you guys have a lot of options when you come to Las Vegas and make sure you guys check out the Gold's

Gym on Eastern if you're in town and us cos yeah I always say Gold's Gym I'm stuck on the gold thing what if one of the original gyms that was here for a long time so shout out the eos and of course i'm for time mister oh and of course men's physique classic vengeance classic men's physique busy yes not poppin soon class maybe closet yes.

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