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How to train for big and small legs -

How to train for big and small legs -

So a lot of volume a lot of weight started with five cents superset with Mike extension leg curl moved into superset one one up to six plates on the belt squat superset with little hip thrust action so we would have six plates then in a super drops at six five four three two one they moved on to regular squats we did three sets only go to twenty five already pretty exhausted then we rolled up in the leg press superset 

Those for those calf raises then we rolled up into some calf raises high volume heavy weight just the way we like it again you're doing a heavy high volume workout like that you want to put some carbs in your drink so I have carp tendon here machine fuel and natural light refueling post-workout with an outright bar and I'm ready to go hope you enjoyed that just want to give it a try a lot of gyms don't have this equipment I'm at the basement gym st. Charles Illinois and of course they carry our stuff man they own 

The outright bar here come by say hi tell them I sent you that's not a game thinking about these a lot just don't go low nah man you gotta come down and get nice stretch you drop suddenly get five reps for each plate long one good cage take the weight off yourself that will give you enough rest between sets to come but it's still a damn dropship my max right here baby so I'm working up to keyboards puffball building big legs I don't think that how to fucking train everybody who's ever tried hanging at a leg day it's on the floor 

Gives up around three exercise more unless there's a nuclear holocaust I gotta get myself a CT flat set it's still my motherfucker set you're taking the weight off anyway trust me every doubt in your head I know what hurts more my legs my knees my lower back or my feelings I'm pretty sure it's a combination see man people text me all the time email me about this exercise makes my Baedeker makes my knees hurt to get your muscles to curl you're gonna have to push your body beyond its limits they might not feel 

Good so guess what elbow pain knee pain back pain you try to mitigate them and I going on visit my man here Colton helps me out as much as I can but as long as I keep trying to push my physical barriers I'm always gonna have something that doesn't feel right and I'm okay with that because I can do some epic shit I'm gonna keep doing epic shits on like 90 or Six Feet Under squats are fun so I tried to do sometimes I don't feel good - I Lucian opposition's on my entire body at this point my legs are just not 

Really functioning yet well someone go higher that works for hamstring and group when he's a lower set alerts for quadriceps today the quadriceps dominant de Pompadour the lower angle what if I was doing a high a hamstring or posterior chain based in I go here the worst is nice.

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