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How to make Kids engage in yoga -

How to make Kids engage in yoga -

How to make Kids engage in yoga -

Hello welcome to a very special yoga class by alla yoga my name is ELISA parents if you're tuning in know that this is a class designed specifically for your kids so go ahead and roll out a map for them let them get calm and work out some wiggles you go do what you need to do now little Yogi's this class is for you have you seen your parents or other people practicing yoga and you want to do it this is for you so my name is ELISA and I'm really glad you're here for yoga today we're going to have a lot of fun let's start 

So come on your mat and bring your hands down to your mat and bring your knees down to your mat we are going to do lots of different poses and many yoga poses our animals and plants and other things in our world so this first set of poses is to and there are two animals so our first one we drop our belly down we look up and we take a deep breath in this is called cow pose got it try it oh that looks great yeah really good now round your spine look at your belly this is called cat pose no it's like a cat when they're like you know they're arching their back yeah that looks right that looks really good okay so let's come back to 

Cow pose drop your belly look up now what noise does a cow say I know you all noticed do it loud good let's round our belly now and come back to the cat let me hear you say what a cat says yeah that's right no no let's keep doing the poses but make the animal sounds it's way more fun this way drop your belly look up ooh and really round your spine yeah oh good no doubt and back up so good one more time for both mu and Oh cutest little purring kitties very good come back make your spine really strong yeah this is a top secret yoga pose I bet you maybe even your mommy and your dad they don't even know this one 

If they do yoga so get ready to teach them okay top secret see if you can guess which animal it is it's a very majestic animal very regal let's start moving into it and see if you can guess it we're gonna pick up one hand bring all the fingers down put our pointer finger yeah and then bring your pointer finger right here have you guessed it have you guessed it do I look it's unicorn pose unicorn pose good now we're gonna do something really special here's our unicorn horn we're going to on the count of three send our good vibe magic sparkles into the universe okay so we'll go one two three in the sparkle Freddie this is 

Gonna be fun get your horn ready you're a really magical unicorn one two three good vibes love and kindness happiness good job unicorns that was really really good I loved it tuck your toes lift your hips up now you're going to wiggle your tail this is down dog do any of you have dogs at your houses I don't right now but I used to and my doggy used to wiggle his tail and wag his tail what do dogs say yes that's good now you're gonna run up to your hand run run run run run run run run run-run lemon and we're gonna do a Sun Salutation so first say hi to the earth hi earth hi rocks hi grass hi maybe even flowers and dirt now 

Inhale lift your arms up and look up say hi to the sky hi sky high Sun high clouds hi Birds good now come back down higher how are you look forward lengthen your spine and plant your hands step your feet back and put your hips down this is up dog good and it's back down dog now most dogs have tails right so lift one of your tails it's lift it up high yes good now look to your hands step that foot between your hands we're going to lift up strong and this is a warrior now when we think of war warriors we might think of fighting or anything like that right but in yoga warriors are a little bit different they're a little bit special and they're really awesome so open your arms up sit a little lower this is another warrior our Warriors are for 

Things like kindness did you know it takes strength to be really kind it does now reach up and back and when you're kind it is magical it can change how people feel I can change how you feel it can make you happy when you're kind did you know that so great now bring both hands down we're going to go back to that down dog right step the foot back wiggle your tail wiggle your tail and then lift one of your tails leg up yes another one good that was it now look forward step that foot up and rise up warrior reach up now what other types of warriors do we have in yoga sometimes we have warriors for what about courage 

Have you ever had to do something that was a little bit scary open your arms reach wide when I was a kid I was really afraid of water so scared but I had a lot of courage reach up and back and I kept trying to be around it and be brave and then one day it wasn't scary anymore that's courage that's what a yoga warrior has good I'm glad lots of you there's so many of you out there that are so brave let's come back down bring the hands down to your mat and step your foot back and shake your tail shake your tail shake that little toe did you woof - let me hear you with really good that was nice now walk your hands back to 

Your feet walk your hands back to your feet we are going to do gorilla pose have any of you seen a gorilla in the zoo they're big and strong we have so many muscles so strong and big like a gorilla yeah strong and big now we're gonna try a trick bring your hands down step on your hands just a little bit reach up stretch breathe good and release your hands nice and walk back out down dog and then look at your hands and run up to your hands right no no no no no no no good you made it now raise your hand if you have ever been on an airplane I've been on the airplane but I didn't always want airplanes raise your 

Hand if you want to go on an airplane yes now raise your hand or maybe even both if maybe you've been on an airplane maybe you haven't but you just really want to fly like a bird or a plane you just meet all of us right it's so cool to fight so bring one foot down we're gonna bring our arms up and out airplane wings caught him okay make sure they're really strong so you can fly one foot down now lift your other foot up point your toes and maybe your body leans down good you're really strong here now what two planes do when they fly yes your airplane wings are working they're flying what about a crash oh just come back up 

You can fly again it's okay if you crash down yes so good now come back up reach tall arms out like airplane wings now step forward with your other foot make sure it's the other one and lift your other toes up and bring your body down and breathe and fly you're like a bird a plane maybe superwoman Superman is that you now fly through the clouds Oh dodge not playing dodge Leopard no crashes on this side you're getting better oh but I crashed come back and down now we've done animal poses pleating poses tree we're gonna do a tree pose so this is special because you're gonna bring one foot up and 

You're gonna bring that foot either here or here but not on your knee cuz you don't want to hurt your knee so these two places or bring your foot to the ground so this is our tree you feel a little balanced trees have things that grow out of their trunks they might grow fast or slow what are they called yep that's right those are branches now trees live in sunny places rainy places snowy places yeah yeah what does it trade you when there's wind yep it moves side to side but see it doesn't break still balance I'm breathing okay preacher I'm saw there's no wind anymore it's a sunny day it's peaceful a little ladybug or maybe a butterfly lands on one of your leaf Street yes still other foot dune other foot up maybe you bring it to the 

Same place and maybe a little different now let's grow our branches again they can go fast or slow I want mine to grow slow this time but you might choose fast it's just whatever you want okay so go and grow and grow and grow it's hard work to grow yeah all the way out this tree lives where there's a snowstorm so the branches are going wild show me your wild snowy branches yeah wow that's a really wild one now be still there's a butterfly coming again or maybe a bird yeah I think it's a bird maybe it's a momma she has a nest in your tree a mama bird is feeding her little birds in the nest be really still oh they're chirping 

Can you hear them chirp yeah good job okay come out of your tree pose you all are very strong because we held those tree poses for a long time and none of you gave up let's go to the back of our mats and we're gonna come down low now this next pose is fun and it's a little bit hoppy and it might even say ribbit can you tell me which M I am in this pose that's right I'm a frog so we're gonna put our hands out in front of us and we're going to jump up and say ribbit ready with it you're so good at that let's rim it all the way to the top of our mat ready ribbit ribbit ribbit let's do it all the way back this is fun okay ribbit ribbit ribbit 

One more time one more time it's just too much fun so when we do one time back and forth ribbit ribbit one more time turn around ribbit ribbit ribbit that was a blast come down sit down put your feet together hold on to your ankles this is butterfly pose remember that butterfly that landed on our first tree this is the pose for it what do butterflies do they fly flap your wings flying butterflies good they're a little bit quiet yeah now bring your head down to your toes maybe kiss your toes nice so bring your feet together cross your ankles bring your hands to your knees close your eyes take a deep breath inhale and exhale that felt 

Nice let's do that breath one more time just once inhale and exhale now this isn't a pose but it's a breath and this breath sounds like a bee what does a bee make what sound good we're gonna bring our fingers and put them on this little flap that's on our ears not in our ears but on this little flap and we're gonna do a breath like a bee it really fun and a little bit silly I think you'll like it bring your fingers to those little flaps and press down you might close your eyes or leave them open whichever one you want to do and take a deep breath did you buzz like a bee let's do it one more time okay deep breaths get ready

So good this has been the funnest day and the funnest day practicing yoga with you bring your hands to the center of your chest we're gonna say a special yoga word namaste this word means the good and the love in my heart boughs too and loves the good and the love in your heart and you're awesome and I'm awesome and we can all just be awesome together that's what namaste means so namaste little Yogi's I've had a lot of fun you.

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