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Workshop in the resort "YOGA" -

Workshop in the resort "YOGA" -

We constantly look outside for solution that we have inside it's when we look inside that you find solutions I'm going to talk a lot but if there is one thing you need to remember is the following you are the one you've been waiting for as long as you're gonna be looking for outside solutions to inner challenges you're not going to find it and constantly in life what do we do whether it's love money anything we try to get it from the outside in order to feel a void that we have inside what I'm going to 

Share with you tonight is a practical tool to actually hack yourself to actually be able to go within extremely deeply and fix everything sort yourself out and the way to do that is very simple that two pillars breathing and ice exposure now you know why you need swimsuits yeah my practice is not about shocking news and about traumatizing you is about giving you a practical tool that you're gonna bring into your daily life to change your life what I want you to do is do this technique every day you breathe if you have access to a real cold shower you take a cold shower and you're sorted so 

We're gonna do that just now on Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. facing the sunrise we're gonna do a proper ice bath wim HOF was known for 25 years as the Iceman someone who has a superhuman who could do things that no one could do and he broke 26 world record always extreme actions he managed to go almost to the top of the Mount Everest in his underwear yeah he stopped 500 meter from the summit and he went back to base camp you're the Iceman you cannot you cannot go to the top you stop 500 meter and this is what he said 500 meter from the summit I twisted my ankle had I 

Gone to the top I think I would be in trouble for the rest of my life I'm crazy when I'm not stupid first lesson when you face a situation that is not comfortable and says for yourself what am I facing is it fear or is it danger if it's danger don't be stupid don't do it but if your mind can understand what's going on and you know it's safe do it go beyond your fear push through because you will be so proud of yourself if you do what can we learn from his story what defines us is how we face challenges life is hard life is full of challenges what defines you is how you face it how you decide to react or not to the situation you can face the biggest challenge and say alright I need to do something about it I don't 

Have to lose it I know I have to keep myself relaxed go through it so when you're facing a situation whether it's fear or it's danger its pain you have this tool that I'm going to teach you you're able to deal with it the key the absolutely key to all this is daily practice when you're driving a scooter if you drive a scooter you don't think about driving the scooter it's automatic you can listen to a podcast you can do something else you don't have to think about it so when you train the body to do something every day then it becomes automatic so when you face in your everyday life fear when you face in 

Everyday life pain you know what to do you've trained every single day by doing this breathing technique and then going into the ice having a cold shower because if you are at 6:00 in the morning it's 2 degree water and you're facing the cold shower and you're looking at it and every part of your body says that's not a good idea let's let's let's not do it and you're able to just step in and do it you know what this bad phone call I can make it I know what it looks like because this morning I had my cold shower or I had my cold bath that's what it's about it's not about the ice it's a metaphor for 

Embracing discomfort and when you have that mindset you can apply to absolutely everything in your life how to become human how to be really comfortable how to be able to adjust to our environment what a smart animal we are then every time we're hard we turn on the AC you know when you call you put a jumper so what do we do we constantly adapt our environment to ourself when you're able to control your body when you're able to connect with your deep self you can adjust everything with him you can control your vibration you can control your hormones your level of 

Happiness and you can activate every part just within just with the breastwork and most of the things and that's why women off is so popular it's scientifically proven whoo what's going on you can control your autonomous nervous system autonomic nervous system just that word doesn't make any sense anymore pain fear are signals that's all they are it's up to you to take that signal and surrender to it or not you can be facing any situation any level of pain and be okay witnessing it'll be okay and that's what the ice training is about going into something that you really don't want really don't like 

And stay and say okay I don't want to be there and I'm gonna stay what's gonna happen hey I didn't die no one got hurt I could experience it you're okay you're okay your mind doesn't know it yet so what's gonna happen you're gonna experience for yourself going beyond your own limitation in a very practical way and when you do this every morning every morning you feel oh my god I'm gonna die I need to breathe okay I'm not dead you can do more than you think you can and training yourself every day to go beyond your own limitation just by holding your breath is incredible when you hold 

Your breath on the inhale you activate your pineal gland you shoot energy you know could that in your wakening that's what's happening you know and you get visions you can reprogram yourself when you do that in a very profound way very simple you tighten it all you shoot energy up your up your pineal gland and boom when I mean boom you decide what's happening there so when you start the breathing you can set an intention for yourself you do 15 minutes of connection with yourself relaxed breathing when you're set you're gonna release adrenaline and endorphins and a high level 

Time level as if you're about to jump from a bridge I work with people that we're bodybuilders and they cannot exercise and that depressed because they don't have that daily shot of under-filled you get the same level just by breathing and holding your breath what we're doing when we're doing breathing we're activating ourselves on demand without the aggression so when the virus is coming the bacteria or the emotional aggression we're ready the machine is already activated so it's ready before it's too late before it's spread in the system just with this technique just by holding your breath and putting yourself in control stress just for a few minutes every day I mean it's not rocket science 

Yeah it's pretty simple but it's all documented it's scientifically proven so really what I want you to do is bring daily practice to do that daily practice of different breathing techniques I'll be showing you some there so pranayama techniques different breathing techniques that we add to that different techniques to deal with the stress and after that you can apply that to to you to your everyday life what I invite you to do so whoever wants to join will do breathing you have we have some mats lay 

Down behind on the grass and then after that we will do some ice bars I'm here for a while and otherwise I'll see you Tuesday morning our ends Alex thank you very much have a great evening.

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