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A Make the World's Best Acai Bowl + Healthy Recipe - anaducha.com

A Make the World's Best Acai Bowl + Healthy Recipe - anaducha.com

I love a great breakfast bowl and I'm gonna show you how to make the world greatest breakfast bowl from the comfort of your own home let's take it to the kitchen it is time to make a breakfast bowl that is going to ramp up your energy my friend you're gonna feel fantastic throughout the day it's gonna give you more mental focus and it's really really simple we're gonna make a meal that our body can utilize right away you see the problem is most people are eating so much that the body has a hard

Time breaking it all down people who eat less live longer it's because the body's utilizing it so without starving yourself silly I want to show you a meal that actually your body can love and it can use and it can boost up that internal energy Reserve let's get into the specifics of this bowl we need a good base and I thought what better way to make a base then to throw a little asahi into it because you can go to these breakfast bowl places and spend upwards of 15 to 20 dollars for a good micronutrient rich breakfast bowl or you can make one from the company or on home one thing I want to caution you

Towards is making sure that the sahi doesn't have any added sugar we're gonna use a little Greek yogurt as well I find that the Greek yogurt that's loaded with prebiotics and probiotics is good for gut digestion in the morning so I'm gonna put about 1/2 a cup in there mm-hmm it's all about that microbiota baby there it is we got some of our organifi complete protein it has about 20 grams of protein in it so 2 scoops of protein right here this is vanilla and we want protein because protein first thing in the morning is gonna say she ate us throughout the day and it also has enzymes a lot of the

Plant-based proteins that are out there are hard for people to digest they get gas this works really well because the enzymes and it has full food value vitamins it's all organic and it's incredible we're gonna add a little almond milk as well so that we can create kind of a concern ice cream consistency for the bottom of our Bowl we're gonna add 1/2 a cup of ice and this is the base so you may be one what the importance of protein is first thing good morning protein is one of those macronutrients that our body loves and it utilizes real effectively a good plant-based protein there's three of them that we use in the

Organic peptide protein we use pumpkin seed quinoa and pea and the proteins gonna say she ate you it's gonna make you feel full that's gonna give your muscles what they need to actually burn calories more effectively let's actually throw a little MCTS from coconut oil that we have here you want to make sure it's not bleached and you want to make sure it's unrefined organic pressed coconut oil as well MCTS are great at giving your body energy it's great for your brain so let's go ahead and kickstart this we have our ice cream consistency here so we are rock and roll and look at this and now we get a whole cadre of other nutrients here that we can kind of pick and choose from we have some

People that are in the nut butters that may want a little almond butter a peanut butter on there a little more fat we have chia seeds for our fiber it's gonna help really the digestion aspect of this as well we got hemp seeds which are another thing that are loaded with omega-3s super powerful we have our blueberries that we got from the garden loaded with omega-3s as well great for the brain low in sugar and it helps with the creation of new stem cells in the body and we have some ketogenic granola actually this stuff is really good it's low in sugar it's got all the seeds and stuff you want a little crunch with your breakfast bowl granola is something that you can add we have cacao nibs which they've

Done a lot of longevity research on now and they're actually showing that this deep rich dark chocolate is really good potentially reversing the hands of time and then we have some goji berries loaded with vitamin C other immune boosting components so one of the questions that I get all the time is people are trying to lose weight so maybe they don't have breakfast and they're fasting and they're thinking that that's gonna help them long term the reason we we want to have something that our body can use first thing in the morning especially if we're working out especially if we're using

Our brains which our brains burn the majority of the calories anyway we want to give our brains fuel so that it can actually perform better which is why we chose a meal that's high in protein low in sugar and also high in a lot of it's gonna say she ate us it's going to put our hunger in check it's gonna put our cravings and check later on so that we're not craving things that are bad for us first I'm gonna start with some granola just like this and we're just gonna sprinkle it all over the place we're a little crunch we've got some chia seeds for fiber we got some cacao definitely need a little cacao with the vanilla

Protein this is gonna give it a nice little taste we're gonna throw a few hemp seeds in here as well and last but not least one of my favorite ingredients fresh from the garden is some blueberries so here is the world's greatest breakfast bowl my friend try this out mix it match it any way that you want it tastes absolutely incredible and it's not gonna fill you up so much to where your body's using all your energy reserves to digest it it's gonna keep you light on your feet light in your mind and you'll still get your hunger cravings in check let's try it out it's not too sweet but you do get sweet notes from the

Monk fruit that's actually in protein that it's sweetened with and a little bit in the asahi and then you get the bitter from the cacao and the crunch from the granola so you're really covering off a whole spectrum of taste profiles which I liked try it out let me know what you think I'm drew Canole remember we're in this together and I'll see you soon.

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