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TOP biceps curl on the cross device cable, Stronger Arms weapons -

TOP biceps curl on the cross device cable, Stronger Arms weapons -

I want you to be in my army you never know what you're gonna get here at the critical bench hey I'm coach Brian thanks for watching strength coach E with critical bench comm an armed day everybody loves training your arms well it may be not I don't know it's up to you but I personally don't train my arms that often just because I'm spending my time doing all this other stuff however I do use the

Cable cross machine to train my arms when I do train my arms five exercises to use for those biceps in another article I'm going to share with you the top five exercises for the triceps using this machine so biceps only buys for the guys triceps for the guys I guess as well because yeah you figured that one out very simple straight up straight bar arm curl nothing new about this one straight bar the shoulder blades back keep those elbows slightly in front of this the shoulders curl right there upright

Body I'm not doing this not doing that full extension full contraction right there nothing new about that exercise flip your hands over reverse curl a little harder a little more challenging on those forearms and grip but reverse go right there if you're not doing any type of reverse curl you've got to be doing something it gets this muscle right here the brachioradialis it gets that nice complete thick arm looking thing if you're going for that if you want to make your arms actually look good you got

To throw in some reverse girls next one you're gonna go to a low straight bar curl so take all the steps out squat down position I'm pinning my elbows to my knees right here still in a tall spine position right here more of a concentration curl and your elbows are slightly supported by your knees which almost this turns it into a preacher curl I like this one to get a good full extension but you actually feel like you can get a good compete contraction at the last part of the range of motion right there good

Squeeze alright so the next two exercises you're going to the single hand attachment it's a crab one of these bad boys lighten the weight now we are going to go into more of a concentration curl or no curl bend over right here lean forward a little bit get that elbow pin right there I notice the attachment or the the arm is still in the low position you can do this from a seated position on a bench this one really focuses on the peak contraction not so much down here the right when you get up there that's

When the arm squeezes obviously the same thing on the other side all right last one not least move that arm up this one wants to be about shoulder height yeah that's good right there yeah a little higher bring it out to the side now you can do this one or one of two ways you can go both attachments at the same time or you just do one at a time I personally go for one at a time so you can focus all your mental energy towards this muscle right here elbow up squeeze right out to the side now this one's

Especially beneficial if you have a mirror in front of you you can actually see what you're doing you're like yeah I really look really good doing this right now but if there is no mirror in front of you well too bad you still can do it same thing on the other arm obviously you got you got the idea so five exercises for those biceps using cable cross machine so if you're stuck only with this machine don't lose hope because you can still get an incredible arm pump using these five exercises I just shared
with you.

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