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Work on a large volume of the lower body -

Work on a large volume of the lower body -

Work on a large volume of the lower body -

Which is just like a I don't know I do it three times a week and I feel like I'm doing the mother making fun music article on this website but that's okay because that's what I'm known for that's something that I want to help you guys learn more about and give you ideas for your entry sorry before we get started what I'm going to do is I'm going to that's a free workout I'm gonna go forward not a whole scoop because that would make you a little bit guilty but I'm gonna go for all the quarters

You've got one scoop I love you why you didn't put your mouth around my lady well I'm gonna give you a bit of extra ideas or exercises to do to burn your legs a little tip today last week I had a wider stance when I did this this week I'm gonna have a place of dance he's gonna put more emphasis on my quadriceps you'll also notice that I am not stopping at the top that I'm keeping constant tension throughout the movement that the bar is going to be online every town and the reason I'm 396 only

Changed the center of mass where I want to feel my muscles so I'm going to keep feeling it in my upper back as well as up on my foot as I'm lunging I'll be pushing through the middle of my foot as well so making sure I'm using all my wings and getting a really good ring on I want to aim for a pyramid type workout yo so I'm gonna use the rep ranges between 20 going up to all going down into 10 as you can see study about some of the canary man's going down because obviously I get

Exhausted and it's going to be [Music] the leg extensions I have like sometimes we've been talking on the area to make myself mentally aware that they're there and I just really slow down the movement and get the blood into the section I'm trying to work so I do one to two sets of a warm-up and they will range between 15 to 20 reps oh and so I can actually feel that VMO switch on and there's a little bit of burning my legs which means the Bloods loved in there which is what you want that's strapped in get ready and let's do it because this is a machine based movement you can actually pump the reps

Up we don't have to go anywhere between 6 to 8 unless it's like really super heavy but then you're not really doing the work that you want to be doing which is really pumping the muscles so when you pump you grow [Music] hamster I really like using this machine because sometimes when I'm lying down I can't really when they weight gets really heavy I have to hold myself down whereas I feel really supported in the mid state and I can kind of overload a little bit more than what I may have on

The actual light down like kill each other a bit because I have a little it's really well suited to me it's like jumping in a car putting my seatbelt on and just going okay I recommend mr. Shane for anyone who has little patience [Music] my hamstrings Emily I actually have solutes from two days ago and it really hurt actually doing them so you know it's wrecking the area's ready to work so I aim for around about ten reps food thief once again going in and whack up and wait as I go and yeah really good

Finisher just to get that heart rate pumping I hope you enjoyed today's session let me know what your thoughts are if you want to know anything else to see anything else I'm gonna stick around for a little bit longer now and show you my tips to grow in what that's what I feel like I'm really confident out and I've really done what I've really put in the work this year to do that myself so stick around in check this out what I'm going to do now I need to show you a brown out on your leg extension

Machine obviously this is a machine that really does one room which is extension so learning how to be creative with that and play around with your reps and your temporary is the tip when it comes to reckoning the blood so let me show you what I like to do I'll put on a date that takes away a bit of a challenge and I'll start out with a breath [Music] now what a win 3 is shipped it down way and what I'm gonna do with you [Music] my here over the temporary flowing desert centric [Music] load it

With more weight to challenge myself again but this time I'm going to do a partial grip so maybe it's not even low at the border [Music] pleasing extension on the box these are three different techniques that you can use you can do these in cycles of like five sets and really cry these clothes out make sure it's at the end of your workout because you don't want to do this up too tight then you can do the rest of your work now that would be pointless but yeah just finishing off strong and getting that blood into

The muscles the point where you might need a wheelchair out of here yes that's the point you want to get at putting in the work and really pumping the blood [Applause] [Music] drop the weight again and then you can go around about ten or it's really wanna challenge yourself you do big data it's really up to you depends how bad you want to be in the session of a courtesan either way you want to keep the bull we've done so far why don't you enjoy the tip it's very important the burnout that I just

Did was hectic you have any questions about that your comments and otherwise thanks for tuning in and out you.

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