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I drank celery juice for a week and that's what happened - anaducha.com

I drank celery juice for a week and that's what happened - anaducha.com

I drank celery juice for a week and that's what happened - anaducha.com

What up solji crew welcome back to another article I did something I have never done before I drank celery juice first thing in the morning every day for seven days and I had to document and tell you what happened now I'm sure you guys are fully aware of how insane this celery juice craze is it is popping up over everywhere people are trying it they're like oh my god my life has completely changed so your girl had to test out the celery juice and see what all the hype is about I also did this without a juicer so if you're like me and you don't have a juicer you don't want to buy one you haven't

Bought one yet keep watching because I will show you step-by-step how to do it it's very very easy so here's what you need to know ideally you want to drink fresh celery juice 2 cups or 16 ounces on an empty stomach every morning that is kind of the protocol of the celery juice craze so every morning after I got up I cut up my organic sorry stock put it in a colander and then I rinsed it under the sink so I could get all the grit and dirt off of it and I put it in my Vitamix with a little bit of water and then I

Just blended it up would you extract the juice I just strained it through a nut milk bag like you would for like almond milk or cashew milk or whatever plant milk you're making and I just strained it through the bag so that is how you make juice without a juicer use a blender and strain it now I was expecting to be more annoyed at this process but honestly I just kind of gotten used to it after doing it everyday I don't really know how much longer it would take if you used a juicer because you do have to like clean the juicer and take it apart and they're kind of big and bulky some

Art but some are so at the end of the day I don't know like how much time you say it is a little bit more effort because you literally have to like squeeze the juice out but I honestly wasn't that bothered by doing it this way I'm not gonna lie the first day that I drink this stuff whoa honey it was not good it's really salty you don't expect it to be that salty and I've had some reduced before so I know what it tastes like but I just haven't had it in a while and it was just like a shock to the taste buds and protip

Drink it through a straw because it'll be a lot easier to drink and you can drink it faster and just get it over with so I managed to make it through the first day and oh man this is a TMI alert so if you're you know sensitive to like poop stuff fast forward a little bit about ten or fifteen minutes after I finished my juice it was like a bomb went off in my toilet it just not knock you and it was that type of poop that was like a 911 emergency you got to get there right now like you run to the toilet that's really the

Only thing that I noticed about the first day I mean it's the first day so you're not gonna notice that much of a difference at least not for me second date was good it was easier to drink the celery juice I didn't taste it as much which was interesting like it wasn't as potent also side note you want to make sure that you get to the grocery store in a good time because everyone is doing the celery stuff I'm telling you like celery is sold out everywhere every time I went to sprouts I had to like go to the

Produce guy be like hey man you got more organic celery in the back so you would go to the back and bring me out like a fresh big box of celery which is amazing so shout out to you sprouts produce guy you are the real MVP of this celery juice challenge third date rolls around and I noticed that I have pimples popping up everywhere like what the heck I normally don't really break out unless I eat something that I'm sensitive to so that was weird for me okay so we're on the third day and I noticed a

Few things number one TMI alert my poops are weird they're like mushy and also explosive a couple of times a week I'll usually get like a really intense craving for something sweet like a donut or chocolate or something like that and with the celery juice I don't have those like it seems like my blood sugar stays pretty steady throughout the day I also started freezing the leftover celery pulp because I felt bad just throwing it out so if you want to do this I just freeze it in an ice cube tray and

Pop them out when they're frozen store them in a plastic bag and you can throw them in smoothies or soups Dave for actually don't mind the taste I mean I don't love it but I tolerate it on the first day it was horrendous but now that I've gotten used to it it's actually not bad but I'm feeling good feeling energized I have a new pimple my digestion is doing really well Dave for Cheers day five feeling good feeling fresh got three more pimples so that's fun I'm looking at these new pimples that are

Coming on my face as a positive thing they're obviously toxins that need to get out that have just been in my body so that's a good thing and I know that because I haven't really changed anything about my diet other than the celery juice so I'll see you again on day six I just filled it day6 overall I really enjoyed my experience doing it and it's day like twelve or fourteen I've been doing this for almost two weeks now and I still love it so I would say try it out if you're curious to see if it will cure your

Disease miraculously or you know whatever issues you're having so I mean I think it's worth a try I mean what's the worst thing that can happen it's so reduced even though this whole celery juice craze started from a very suspect person and answer at the try and if you do suffer from acne I think it's a great way to really purge out the stuff that's going on under your skin and get all those toxins out because I'm someone who doesn't even break out that much and I was getting all of these pit bulls

Which was crazy to me so if you're someone who gets acnes frequently I would give this a go and just see how your skin reacts you might end up finding out that at the end of the challenge seven day challenge 14 day challenge however long you do it that your skin is a lot clearer I have really good digestion I have less cravings for sweets and junky food it just it was a nice way to start my day and it was cool to like incorporate something like that into my warrior routine and now it just feels normal

So I would definitely recommend trying it out if you're interested I'm not a doctor I'm not the medical medium so I don't know what's gonna happen to you if you feel horrible on it and you just want to quit right away then don't do it so that's pretty much the end of the article before you go make sure that you follow me on instagram stop this article right now go to my Instagram I'll leave it right here

And follow me because your girl is trying to get to 10k so I can get that swipe feature a a like this article if you liked it subscribe down below if you haven't already turn on your post notifications and don't forget to take care of yourself eat good food and I will see you in the next one bye.

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