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Skin loss after weight loss 100 pound -

Skin loss after weight loss 100 pound -

Skin loss after weight loss 100 pound -

So I'm about to writer probably the hardest article that I will ever put up on Internet and this article will be about my little skin obviously something really uncomfortable because you know I've never shown this part of me to anyone and I don't know how many kids this articles gonna get but I'm really nervous but I feel like this article might help a lot of people that are not wanting to lose weight because they're scared of the skin or their own secure themselves with a little skill I have lost 100 over 100 pounds and I've maintained it for about seven to eight years the loose skin is something that

I struggle with a lot of people don't realize don't realize it because obviously over-the-clothes you can't tell but I see myself without clothes in like I'm comfortable and we're gonna talk about I'm sure you guys make loose skin in this article so please keep your rude comments to yourself I won't really pay at some point I was 231 pounds right now I'm sitting at about 130 to 135 pounds and I mean it's obvious was really big so it's obvious that I shrunk and the skin hanging that workouts can help but it will never totally go it just be with the workouts it depends with people like some people genetics

They can get less looking than others but this is me this is what happening I have no kids so we're gonna start off with my arms I did have big arms when I was overweight so I have gained some muscle in my arms but if I flex you see there's some skin here I do believe that my work has helped a lot because I feel like it would have been worse but I have a little skin and my arms which I don't like I want to see that something else I'm going to cure about if I flex like this you can see my my loose skin this is the skin guys and I mean I don't like it obviously it doesn't look attractive but I mean

Again I was big at some point another part um it's not too bad is my legs I do have here jiggly my legs were never really big when I was overweight it was mostly like my stomach area in my upper body my legs I mean they are not as bad but I do have a lot of say oh I am in this normal again I don't like to really go out in shorts because the same thing I'm insecure about just little things if you're like because I worked a lot on them it's not as bad but the worst part that I'm about to show you is my stomach obviously this is where I had I carried only weight I'm going to show you guys so this is my

Stomach dice as you can see this is all skin and this always makes me feel like I'm still overweight because I sit down and in my stomach like I know it's a blessing you don't like to do this and you can mix it but this is me guys and it's really I'm really married right now but I'm really proud of myself at the same time because because I accomplished what I did is why I have this and I'm not really happy with it at my back that they go way ahead like babe Lomas here but we'll work out specifically but this is the part that I struggle with the most something really funny and kind of sad I have to wear my

Underwears backwards because obviously the the wider part is for your behind for your but a smaller size to the front so because I have a lot of loose skin and my your stomach like all my loose skin comes out so I have to kind of put the back part to the front so it's wider it covers more in the front to the back and not a lot of people know this but that's like my little hat to hide my little stomach um when I run is really encontrĂ³ because they feel like jumping down when I've been over that's the worst I hate sleeping to myself cuz literally my whole stomach osis and it sucks I mean it sucks that I

Have to be dealing with this for this long but but rather much how this stomach and this can then be Opie's like it was if we diabetic like it was and have high cholesterol I rather much have this stomach and I'm really part of it I'm believing pardon me something that I accomplished that I'm not here track because I believe anyone can change their lifestyle I don't do anything dramatic to get to this point I just changed my lifestyle I a better I learned a lot about nutrition a lot of people also ask me why or fanny packs yes is to carry myself my phone and my headphones everything but the reality is that it

Helps me hi doll or something that I don't like I mean that's the truth you are struggling with this you are not alone you practically lost that much weight if you're thinking Melissa when you're scared of the skin do not fear it it's better to be healthy with your skin than being a beast and so this is me guys this is the truth I'm not perfect and I do ugly workout articles they do a little laser beating and I am NOT like I may not be like those models that you see in Instagram or on Internet this is me and this is reality and I always try to be as honest as a county of I said I appreciate all of you guys that watch

Me am I ever gonna get this loose skin removed I might I might get it I feel like I dealt with that for a while it's been like in like eight years if I do get it I am gonna document everything and I'm gonna let us know by something that I've been thinking about my moves did shrink a lot I did have big boobs when I was overweight but I came it was probably just that and right now they update they are saggy and there's a lot of imperfections in me I'm no I posed as dentistry my porn actresses never Brad ever ever it's just to motivate you and make you realize that you can accomplish anything you want

Anything you're playing your mind accomplish it be stubborn now I'm a totally different person that who I was I never thought that I would ever be a personal trainer a nutrition coach that I will be coaching people that I will be motivating people never in my life I thought I would get to this point so this way say that even though I'm not perfect even though I have so many professions even though my lifestyle is not always perfect I am proud and I'm happy and I am glad I made that change and if you are watching this and you feel hopeless and you feel like you never will lose weight I did it and I

Was one of you at some point I always thought it was too good to be true that I would never ever ever accomplish my goals but here I am and I miss a testimony and I want to push you and I believe in you and really for your soul believe in yourself and it starts today to win t you thought you're totally or diabetic or that your stake your heart disease there's so many people diagnosed with diabetes heart disease with chronic diseases because of being overweight and don't be one of them do something about it help your partner help your kids just do it and don't think about it it's the best decision you

Can ever ever make a promise I want thank you guys so much for watching this article remember I love you guys and remember into what's right now it's easy.

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