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Tips for running for beginners -

Tips for running for beginners -

Tips for running for beginners -

Running is one of those exercises that seem at the same time very easy and challenging at the same time especially when you start at the beginning I've been running for a few years now and only in the last couple of months I felt you've finally unlocked the successful activation key in this article I share five tips Running for beginners, also known as what I wish to know when I started jogging first, let's talk about the reality of gear that is gear is personal and may take a bit

Trying to figure out what works for you, including the gear I'm going to talk about, it's said that the two pieces of gear that I wish I had from the start are a good pair of running shoes and B my biceps like feet come in all shapes and sizes that are designed some high arc some Designed for the path some of them designed to mimic the barefoot you name it, and there is variation in running shoes because there are shoes may not work for you and vice

On the contrary, but this is said that there are two things to remember when choosing a shoe if you will run in it, can you fluctuate your toes so that you can be your feet warm? Not very tight Do you protect yourself or your satisfaction when running If you are not sure how your feet actually move when jogging, I strongly suggest going to a specialist shop that works near you to get a shoe that may cost you a bit more but there can stick you on a treadmill

And have already logged on how to play you and then they can attach you in a shoe for you and your feet instead in the description bar in this article, you have linked the test of personal shoes where you can find out the best shoe for you Let's talk about the face belt before I get this thing, Difficult to find a place for all the things I carry when I run, I do not really carry much, but things like Marathi and my phone are things I deal with. I love to stay with me even when I run

The armed bands were often too small for my galaxy s7 edge style, and usually you do not have a place for my workout clothes. My keys often do not come with the pockets of the WTF sportswear so I know well what foreign things are stuffed into. My chest is sporty while jogging, but I do not recommend the occasion because after a little research, I encountered the face belt I ordered almost immediately, it is a belt worn when practicing a warm exercise

The bags are big enough to hold my phone enough to keep my identity and other cards in place, and even has a lock to hang my keys while it is running. My body does not slip during jogging even with the current gap between 10 inches between my waist and hips and I have not lost any item yet knocking On the wood as a reference, I asked for a small size in water color and felt it suited me perfectly. Flip the strap in the description bar of this article if you want to get one

I just swear that this is not a commercial advertisement for the face belt. I just hope I got one soon. The second thing I would like to know when I started jogging for the first time is actually the food that took me forever to know what and when to eat before going on the run. I have to eat a big meal. I have to have a snack, if I have to eat anything at all, when I have to eat, the truth is like a gear, it's a kind of self for me personally, I find that there are two things that work really well first It is the first time that fasting fasts

In the morning, if I run without taking anything, I generally can not go for too long and I have to be right when I wake up or I feel dizzy and nauseous, but after running fast in the morning, I have already found that I have a lot of energy, Makes me feel high productivity and ready to take the second day The thing I found well for me is a snack from a light car bridge somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes before the usual run

To me this means that bananas, apples or anything else has found that a snack gives me a lot of energy to run through heart disease, but that does not make me sick or heavy as a big meal would be the third thing I wish I were I know when I first started running, what applications would you use as a beginner, all the applications available for use can be really overwhelming and it is hard to know what you will actually use exactly for me personally there are three apps I

Use frequently to wish if it was from the start, keep in mind that I am running Android and these apps may be different on iOS and for me better or worse on the platform versus another, the first called the wonderful fact is a wonderful provide you millions of tracking applications that It tells you where to go and gives you a voice signal to let you know how many miles you have traveled, how many calories you have, and so on. The interface is simple to understand and I have never encountered any errors or problems in this particular application when

These things have happened frequently on other tracking applications, and the second is the couch to 5k if you want to start up when you do not have a background running at all. This application for you takes you this application mainly through periods of jogging and walking to slowly build your endurance over a few weeks Very easy to use Very simple to understand It is a godsend If you just started the third third is running Zombies run zombies is a unique application of Its type is basically

The interactive podcast that you listen to as you run the soldiers behind it is that there is an end-of-the-world coma that happens and you are one of the runners in a small town trying to keep protection from the crowd and you have to gather the default elements for the towns you run mainly, you work from the zombie, A fun application turns into a game you're trying to win rather than the monotonous thing you have to do in the last two things I wish I knew when it was the first

Running out of hand together They are fast paced and motivated When you start jogging for the first time it is really easy to jump with a gun and start running at a higher than average pace especially when you are not familiar with how average your personal pace is but after a few blocks if You work very quickly You will feel that burning in your lungs Racing your heart in an uncomfortable way You will feel that it is impossible to take your breath and then you slow down Stop trying

Breathing and feeling very frustrated with yourself and losing because you think you're stronger than that If I can go back and tell myself one thing is to slow down the note of your speed and you're walking fast How easy it is to have a conversation very slowly Increase your speed to lighter functions and get rest Your body is moving as fast as you breathe instead of trying to go lightning fast, try to focus on the distance you can go instead

The most difficult part of jogging is not even your leg or sweat that flows on your face or the bud of your ear appears in the middle of it all is that your body tells you to stop and it is very hard to trick me about this I tell myself I will take a break at the end of this song and then when the song ends I tell myself To go to this light up front and then when I go there, let's just wrap around a corner of this block first and then take a break The truth is always my body

Tell me that I can not do it and every time I try to tell her it is wrong sometimes it does not work and that is also good at the end of the day when I finish your tour no matter how far I go or how I feel I am proud of myself because I proved At least that I can get up and move at the end of the day in a row to embody me to tell my body to the official and I will not stop until all men say it right, so I hope you enjoy this article if you make sure it delivers

If you are not already in the comments below, let me know if you have any motivation or tips for anyone else is just kind of starting his journey with streaming as well if you have any requests for future articles feel free to leave comments in the comments below Also, so I hope you will enjoy you guys and see you next time.

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