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Weight loss in the day FAT-FREE - anaducha.com

Weight loss in the day FAT-FREE - anaducha.com

Weight loss in the day FAT-FREE - anaducha.com

Hey everybody and welcome to weight loss Wednesday I'm chef AJ the creator of the ultimate weight loss program and the author of the secrets to ultimate weight loss and this is where I show you recipes for healthy permanent and sustainable weight loss as a matter of fact this shirt I am wearing was a gift from many of the participants in the ultimate weight loss mastery program and these are all their before and after pictures so I got an email from Ryan who bought my dessert ebook called a date with dessert which by the way very soon will be an actual book on Amazon we just got the proof and he

Said that he would like to be able to make the pear whipped cream but he can't eat either nuts or seeds he's actually allergic to both and can I come up with a whipped cream that didn't have either and I'm like sure I love a challenge and so I did and it tastes pretty much the same as the version with the cashews or the chia seeds so we're starting with the same ingredients which is one jar it's a 25 ounce jar of care tabs these are from Trader Joe's I like this because it's in glass and what I do is I reuse this and I actually gift people neighbors and friends my bare foot salad dressing from page 205 and these

Jars are perfect and they'll be reused whereas you know plastic and cans probably not so you although you could recycle them if you can't if you don't have a Trader Joe's near you if you can't find it in the glass jar you can get I've seen jarred pears and it's own juice and every city I've been in from Kroger to Rous to wherever so you could use fresh pears but here's the problem when I go to rancho de puerto which by the way I'll be there January 4th of next year if you'd like to join me and some hands-on cooking classes if I don't remember to bring these they have pears there but they're always

Rock-hard and what we have to do is we have to roast them and then when we roast them they don't stay this really like white color and it's still taste good but it doesn't look as pretty as the whipped cream if you would just use the jelly pears the other thing is as fresh fruit is always in a very in sweetness so sometimes it's just not going to be sweet enough this is very consistent product so what I do is I drain the water and I say the water to use to sweeten my husband's oatmeal and I'm gonna pour the whole jar in the blender and then I am going to add a half a cup of three bowls and I'm going

To add my vanilla powder vanilla powder is just ground vanilla beans and I just get it on Amazon this brand is called wild vanilla powder and all it is is whole vanilla beans this will actually darken it a little bit it's it's optional it's not necessary and I'm so it should be a teaspoon come to cheat by although I don't waste I'm gonna put it in a half but really it's a teaspoon would be better I prefer to use the vanilla powder because working at true north through not allowed to use the regular vanilla extract cuz it has alcohol and the alcohol free has glycerin which is sugar so the vanilla whole bean is

Better anyway so I put all my previous blender this is going to be noisy so blend your ears blend and creamy what I like to do is put it in a squeeze bottle it's not too thick to go in I think it'll be fine it might be too thick but actually that's good so that's good that it didn't go any because we're using it as whipped cream it might go in eventually but what I also want to show you is a little variation so what I'd like to do is I like to take about half of it and keep it white and then I take about another half of it now if you wanted it more like a sauce like a vanilla cream sauce like maybe with fruit just dilute it a

Little bit with unsweetened milk but I like to take about half of it and then I sometimes like to amp up the flavor by using one of these wonderful flavored balsamic vinegars these are from California balsamic I love these 3 ounce bottles because they're plastic and they don't break in your suitcase and they actually get through tsa so to bump up the flavor I'll sometimes use the pear but what I really love doing lately is using the very charity balsamic vinegar by the way any order you place at California balsamic if you use my name's chef AJ in the box that's called leave us a message with an

Order you'll get two 31.8 ounce samples so I'm going to put in I'm going to put in two tablespoons it's really up to your preference actually I could have sweetened half of it not sweetened it I mean this isn't sugar but I mean I could have flavored it with the pear half and half with the cherry okay let me show you that smells so good it would be great on fresh fruit what I like to do is put it on apples that I make in the airfryer so what I've done is they've taken these apples and I cooked them in my airfryer at 400 for about 30 minutes they're just so like they become like kind of glazed and caramelized unbelievably delicious this way if you don't have an air fryer get one I mean I

Don't know how to convert my air fryer recipes to convection ovens or dehydrators or ovens just just get the Breville I have no affiliation with that but I've never met anybody unhappy with the Breville it is amazing so - is the sink you take an apple and this is great especially if your apples aren't sweet enough I don't really recommend the green ones so much for this there they're out sweet enough but this is all I had to show you is you get one of these little tools this is a pampered chef core and you just stick it in the bottle and just take the core out comes up really easily this whoops and you just and then what I like to do is sprinkle it with some nice spice I in this batch use one of my favorite spices

From Savory Spice I think there's a chef AJ code I'm not sure excuse me Oh oh that's a bad error and I don't know how to edit local spice or a local spicery gingerbread spice from local spicery it's just a wonderful blend that I sprinkled on top and then I err fried it and let me get a spoon I am still here this is gonna be so good I probably do like a checkerboard again if you can afford more vanilla put more in I mean you can't go wrong with vanilla this is amazing caramelize sweet apples with delicious thick rich vanilla whipped cream and then what I might do is I'd take a little the cherry

Whipped cream and the other ones just kind of mix it and then if you have something fancy to garnish it with I really think much ahead but you could just take a tiny bit of the spice and just sprinkle it on top look at that beauty oh so there you have it Ryan whipped cream with no nuts no seeds no sugar it's delicious and I hope that you'll check out my new book on Amazon as soon as it comes out a date with dessert where I sweeten everything with the fruit the whole fruit and nothing but the whole fruit

I'm chef AJ thank you so much for watching and I truly believe you can have both the health and the body you so richly deserve take care.

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