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Lose weight more with fitness exercises - anaducha.com

Lose weight more with fitness exercises - anaducha.com

What's up dance fit chicks, welcome back to my website and today I'm going to be sharing with you my Three-step formula to losing more weight with dance fitness because no the Stairmaster and the treadmill ain't for everybody I was really inspired to do this article because a question that I get asked a lot is Ashley Did you really lose all of this lead by just dancing and the answer is yes But I don't want you to take that and completely run with it. Obviously, we know that Long-lasting weight loss

Needs more than just a fitness plan But this is a really great place to start if you feel like how I felt at the beginning of my fitness journey Real Talk I was straight-up bored With the gym, it didn't motivate me to show up for my workout And I knew I needed something that would make me excited about fitness and that's exactly what I found in dance Dance was no doubt the catalyst for my initial weight loss success And so in this article you're gonna learn Exactly how I use dance and now how I help my clients use dance to get in the very best shape of their life Alright, let's get into it. Step.

Number one. We need to address the big fat elephant in the room and that elephant is your lack of will power and for most of you watching this you probably need to stop right here because when your willpower is Jacked up and this is the best place for you to start before moving forward and doing anything else now You're probably thinking what the heck does willpower have to do with my fitness journey Ashley Well a lot actually let me ask you this Have you ever wondered why you keep jumping from one fitness program to the next? With no focus and without ever seeing any real long

Lasting results Or do you ever wonder why you can't stay motivated or consistent for longer than two weeks? That's because most likely your willpower is just about tapped out now I'm not saying that you have to be super motivated all the time But you do need a strong reason to show up for yourself So if you're struggling in this area, then like I said You'll want to address this first before doing Anything else and a really great way to address your willpower is to take it back to your why right at a list of why you need your fitness goals to have for you right now and What's at stake for you? If

You continue to put them off then I want you to visualize And write down what your life will look like once all of your goals are accomplished Once you've written everything down keep it nearby and read it as often as you can to remind yourself to keep going Especially when times get rough the more you dig deep and get personal the better Let me know in the comments if that makes sense And if you're open I'd love to hear what's your why for getting fit step number two to losing more weight with your dance fitness workouts is to dance but more specifically get Consistent with a routine

Fitness schedule. This all goes back to having willpower and the right mindset How long would you go without brushing your teeth taking a shower going to work or watching your kids? Not long right? Well, that's exactly how you have to look at and treat your dance fit workouts They have to be non-negotiable Just like all the other important things in your life that you make time for if you don't go to work You don't get paid and the same goes for your workouts. You won't see any results if you don't show up for yourself so here's the fitness schedule that I Followed when I first started my fitness

Journey that helped me lose over 35 pounds and under three months three times a week I committed to a 45-minute to one-hour dance that workout that I did every single Week give or take a couple days off. Now. I'm not saying that you have to follow that schedule Exactly, but if you're looking to lose more weight with your dance fitness workouts And you need to be following a fitness schedule that you do come rain Sleet Shine or hail if you want to see more results Then you have to take your goals and your fitness schedule seriously because your results lie in your Consistency and whatever schedule you choose just be honest with yourself and make it realistic for you otherwise it'll be a lot

Harder to stick to and step number three to losing more weight with your dance fitness workout is to progress and Intensify your workouts every single week This is crucial ladies doing the same workouts over and over at the same intensity might feel cute But if transformation is truly your goal Then you have to figure out how to level up your fitness workouts as often as possible This is because your body is really smart and adapts to what you're doing very quickly After a while your body knows the moves and more importantly it knows where to conserve energy so that you don't burn as much If you don't switch things up often enough Then you run the risk of stayin stuck in a

Plateau and then halting your progress altogether. Don't do that. I leveled up my workouts Constantly by using high energy moves strength training jumping higher getting lower Using my full body and giving it my all so I want you to figure out how you can challenge yourself in a way That's gonna make the most sense for you and your body you can still have fun but remember your workouts are not for playtime commit to going all-in and just giving it all you've got and that is your three-step formula to losing more weight with dance fitness workout Let me know in the comments which tip you found most helpful and feel free to post any questions you have about this article also If you're

Looking to take your fitness goals to the next level then make sure you click the link in my description To join my free dance the chicks community inside dance - chicks. You'll not only get access to more helpful tips Just like this but exclusive workouts coaching classes community and support So if you're ready to get into the best shape of your life with dance fitness And this is where you want to be and we'd love to have you. Thanks so much for watching Please make sure that you like comment and subscribe to my website and Please share this article with anyone who struggles with the gym and is looking for a fun way to get fit Take care, gorgeous and I'll see you in the next article

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