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10 Minutes - Home Chest Workout - anaducha.com

10 Minutes - Home Chest Workout - anaducha.com

10 Minutes - Home Chest Workout - anaducha.com

What's up guys jeff cavaliere anaducha.com doing something a little different here today i'm working out with you guys you're gonna be able to follow this along it's a home chest workout you're only going to need a single chair and that's it just a little bit of space now i know i'm putting this article out in the summertime with this one a lot of people will actually travel and they look for things that can

Do as a modification i mean i have access to a gym or they want something that's fast this is gonna take just ten minutes now all we're going to do is choose five exercises we're going to perform them in like a reverse tabata format in other words 10 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest but we're going to keep it coming there are no additional rest periods built in and i'm going to show you how you can actually structure this so that no matter whether you're at an advanced level or at more of a beginner

Level you're gonna have exercises that are doable for you that are gonna allow you to go the whole 10 minutes i'm gonna do the intermediate version of this with you because i feel like that's the majority of people are gonna be able to follow along okay it's going to be challenging but the exercises are going to get progressively easier as we go to accommodate for the fatigue that builds in you'll see the differences whether we change the position of our body in space or then the exercise becomes less

Explosive the fact is they're gonna be getting a little bit easier just to make sure we can keep going for the whole time you never want to give in in any of these 10sec appears you've got to keep going and make it through the each 10 second period so you earn your rest all right so I'm gonna get going guys I'm going to show you the modifications at the end that you can do to make this a little bit harder and to actually make this capable of being progressively overloaded so I got my timer set up over here ten

Seconds on it's gonna beep we got our 20 seconds we get going right again each one of these exercises we do for four rounds which is two minutes total five exercises two minutes apiece is ten minutes all right I'm gonna put this on the first exercise up it's the plyo release push up come down up down up hands up just a little that's it down now we rest our twenty seconds we got ten seconds more so we go down a quick release to the hands and then explode again it's back in position so you're

Ready to go down release plyo rest again these rest periods will come a lot faster than you want them to with each progressive round two more of those that's our first minute through remember four times through each exercise get back in position so you're ready to go down release plyo again I already have my heart rate up I'm breathing a little heavier but we'll get a little bit of a break knowing that the next exercise will be slightly easier cumulative fatigue is gonna kill us though good now the next

Exercise is going to be our Prowler pushup alright so not as explosive we're not gonna be leaving the ground but we're gonna be loading heavily the front side here the shoulders as well as the chest so we get back onto our toes like this and sneak forward push up bring a leg up with you two three so again as we bring our body weight forward more heavily taxing the shoulders the front delts incorporating a course into the chest see how fast that comes get yourself in position up on your toes sit back creep

Forward bring in the up and again it's not the total repetitions it's just the overall cumulative workload that we do and how fast it keeps coming back in position again alright ready here we go one more hour four times three to exercise I like to do this again when I'm not around any equipment I want to get a fast workout in this is something quick and easy back in position okay next we go to our decline pushup so now the decline is gonna be more difficult than an incline push-up would be so we just put

Our feet up on top of the chair like this we're gonna do a regular push-up angling our body downwards the decline positioning actually works more of your upper chest which is why it's more difficult because the angle of your arms in relation to your body is up here similar to what it would be if you're an incline bench press or you can see relation to my body my arms are elevated higher two more sorry to get to me guys he's a little 20 second breaks all right God said no all right get yourself

In position so you're ready to go [Music] one more stop laughing Jessie you're next alright then position one more next lateral push-ups so I'm almost done with these yeah my last couple here lateral push-ups we come down we take a step to the right push-up take a step to the left give your hands a little closer to start on this one here step out push out push out push out push out push out normally that would not be so challenging but at this point it's getting pretty damn hard but key as I

Send out multiple times get yourself in position so you're not cheating even a single second of that 10-second interval hands in position ready to go out is that two more Jessie I'm getting delirious okay sorry to lose oxygen flow to the brain just kidding just kidding just kidding alright in position close grip step out and step out one more of these and we got one more exercise okay so see how quick and easy it is to be able to do this alright in position one more it's close step step step step step okay now

Last one for me last two minutes shoulder tap push-ups alright I'm gonna go down come up tap my shoulder down tap my shoulder I'm gonna give you guys again modifications here that you can do to make this whole workout easier or harder depending upon where you're at down tap down tap three more so it's essentially a regular push up a little bit of prolong three-point stance here with one arm or two feet that makes a little bit more difficult again earlier on this would've been a cakewalk now it's

Challenging all right down that was felt like the longest ten seconds so far of all you think is this thing working Jesse yeah all right I hope I hope not at the time I can't handle on the most all right back in position again last two rounds down tap down tap down tap down tap down tap down tap whoo one more hang in there guys last one obviously I don't just feel my chest guys I obviously feel in my arms my shoulders it's a upper body push routine really given the fact there's just all push ups all right last

One yeah top down down down make him your best that's it simple just being done shut it up okay so guys there's no excuses you can do this pretty easily pretty quickly where do you go from here so let's say you want to do this exact routine but you want to insure yourself that you're overloading from consecutive times that you do this the easiest thing to do is to actually just change your work and rest period go to 15 15 if you're a masochist you can go to 20 working seconds and just 10 resting seconds

Where can you go otherwise so let's say this is too difficult well you can start here instead you can see how this workout is broken down we have all 10 exercises where you start determines how difficult this is I did as you can see here 3 through 7 I did the more intermediate version if you wanted to make this more difficult you start back up here at level 1 which is the Hannibal push-up and then after you do that in your Tabata timing you go and do this Archer push-up so that will be your first

And second exercise to be followed by because you see the plier release the prowlers and the decline push-ups if you want to make this easier you start a little bit easier by doing this lateral push-up the one that I used that will be your starting point and then you work yourself down through the shoulder taps and now add a few more exercises do a regular push-up like this and to make this still easier change the angle of your body instead of being a decline an incline like this and of course we can

Make this easier to finish this off and make sure you can still do your 10 seconds of work you just do a knee push-up and again don't feel bashful about it at this point in the workout especially for a beginner doesn't be very very challenging manipulate your work recipes as needed and there's no stopping you yourself from starting at more of a beginner level and work your way up through the intermediate advanced the idea is guys it's a quick simple exercise and workout plan that you can do

Right here at home with nothing but a chair and I promise you're gonna get good results guys if you're looking for a complete home training program where we use no equipment at all it's actually called our zero program it's over at anaducha.com the meantime if you found the article helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below if you like when I take the torture with you let me know maybe I'll do a little bit more often or better yeah Jesse then maybe Jesse will get in here and do it as well hi

Guys let me know if you prefer that I would I'll see you guys back here again in just few days remember click subscribe and turn notifications if you haven't done so so you never miss anybody I want to put it out see ya you.

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