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In this article I share with you the truth of whether you should do cardio to lose fat and if so how much cardio should you be doing let's get into the article what is going on my friend welcome back to the website my name is brian de costa of brian de casa calm i am on a mission to get you shredded for life and if you are new to the website please consider subscribing dropping a first sight dropping your 

First comment and if you've been sticking around for a while thank you for doing so now let's get into the article and the subject with words should you be doing cardio if you want to lose fat should and if so how much cardio should you do and i'm gonna start this article out with a story as i usually like to do so my upbringing i was a soccer player primarily when i was younger my dad had my brother i have an older brother when you're older than me both of us in pretty much every sport except football

My mom didn't want us to play football and i'm glad i didn't play football to be honest but i ended up moving through middle school in high school and really gravitating towards and really sticking to playing soccer primarily i was gonna play got plane coming out whatever ended up not playing soccer but regardless I was I was a runner I was doing a lot of cardio on a soccer field the average soccer player runs six to eight miles that's a fun fact if you're a soccer player you run a lot and not

Only that on top of that I was a cross-country runner and I was a truck runner I ran the 1600 and 800 which for those who aren't indoctrinated in track speak that's the half mile in the mile run and I was just a runner running all the time with my upbringing until I found the gym and my love for weight training for bodybuilding and I always thought if you wanted to be lean which I was lean I was really skinny growing up I had to be doing cardio like well I'm lean because I'm doing cardio that's a

Requirement well here's the truth guys the punchline is you don't have to do cardio to lose fat you don't have to do cardio at all that's the truth what matters most is we reduce our body fat percentage and to reduce our body fat percentage we lead first with nutrition eating in a caloric deficit and weight training first resistance training working our muscles growing our muscle and burning calories in that sense and we can introduce cardio as a tool on top of that hey guys this is coming from

Someone that is the leanest he's ever been currently if you've been following along on preparing for a bodybuilding competition coming up here in the next two to three week if I had to guess I'm right around 6% body fat this is the lowest I've ever been and the truth is I'm doing less cardio than I normally do and for the first first ten weeks of my prep I prep for roughly 14 weeks I did zero cardio zero yes I just introduced cardio two weeks ago which would have put us about five weeks away

From competition and about five weeks ago it's probably sitting eight nine percent body fat or so these are rough estimates so I was able to reduce my body fat percentage significantly without doing any cardio whatsoever now at that when I started I was around 212 pounds I was able to get down to around 190 394 pounds significant fat loss there around 20 pounds without doing any cardio so here's the thing we can introduce cardio to expedite the process of fat loss if we've hit a plateau if we've

Stalled we've been reducing our calories and we shouldn't go much lower you know for women we shouldn't be venturing much lower than 1200 calories per day for men should be venturing much lower than 2,000 calories per day at that point when our nutrition has been dialed in we've optimized that and our weight trainings been dialed in we can take it a step further with introducing cardio and guys I beg you please believe me here because I and not just for this reason but just to give you some

Context for cross country alone we would run 10 to 15 miles per day so in a week I was logging 70 plus miles I ran on top of playing soccer so I conceivably was running upwards of over a hundred miles per week and I was a higher body fat percentage than what I am right now at that point we're on high school timeframe I was hovering around 10% to 12% body fat all right so at the leanest I am right now doing significantly less cardio than that right now I am simply incline walking on the

Treadmill for about an hour per day and that equates to about 3 miles of cardio per day for myself but for you I know you're sitting there thinking well what about for me we start small start small with cardio start with it a couple times per week two times per week for 30 minutes you can do a brisk walk outside you can do a walk on the treadmill as I highlighted you can jump on the Stairmaster you can do the elliptical you can use the row machine you can use the bike you can bike outside as there

Are so many different ways that we can do cardio and my challenge to you for the 99% of people who aren't looking to get insanely shredded and sanely lean the place where I'm going is we think of what can be the most fun and what is efficient with our time right because we're busy people we don't have all the time in the world to do cardio so for you what's something that's fun and you might be say another thing in like cardio is not freaking fun like nothing's fun well pick the one that's the least

Painful and stick to that option and be consistent starting with two days per week and then you can increase it from there doing three days per week doing four days per week perhaps increasing from doing 30 minutes per session up to 40 minutes per session or eventually getting up to an hour now when you are at lower body fat percentages and this is for a very subset of people but you may be curious if you are looking to do a competition or get very lean when we get sub 10% body fat for men

That's the rough baseline and for women sub 1617 percent body fat there are adverse effects to doing certain types of cardio so other types of cardio is actually beneficial the type that is not very beneficial at low body fat percentages is the intense stuff the high-intensity interval training the hit training the the fast running the stuff that is very cardiovascular the taxing taxing to our nervous system to our CNS our central nervous system because when we are at lower body fat percentages

Our recovery is slower we're not taking in as many calories in nutrition so when we do that we we are really setting ourself up not to win we're setting ourselves up to lose more or less with our recovery it pushes us down and makes us tired we need longer to recover to do cardio again perhaps our mood just goes lower during the day our weight training kind of goes to so I'd say for you who is low body fat already looking to get shredded stay away from the intense stuff and navigate towards the low

Intensity list it's called low intensity steady-state cardio that's probably why you I would have ventured a guess if you follow anyone on social Media that does competitions or gets to low body fat percentages you may see them you know with the hoodie on walking on the treadmill and you may be thinking why are they walking why don't they just run aren't they an athlete well they're actually doing that for a specific reason it's because they are protecting their energy and not only that but there

Are some studies that go to show that at lists doing lists at low intensity cardio we can target fat burn a little more than on the hit style because high intensity training it triggers our body to use our primary preferred fuel source carbohydrates to fuel that intense exercise that is what our body gravitate towards when we are doing moderate mi SS or hit style training versus the lower end list which is low intensity steady state where we can target fat a bit more so I believe the study shows that fat is

Like we burn per calories because no matter what either one we are actually burning calories that's what matters most you know we can burn you know 60 70 % fat calories doing low intensity city state vs. on the intense stuff where we're burning 60 70 % glycogen carbohydrates I hope that makes sense so guys conclusion here is you do not need to do cardio to lose fat so that may come as a blessing for some of you yes don't have to do cardio but if you hit a fat loss plateau which many of us

Do it may be a beneficial tool for you to introduce cardio slowly but surely over time over weeks and months to keep that fat loss going facilitating that caloric deficit and get to that body that's shredded for life look that you are looking for that body your dreams so guys hope you found this article helpful if you're new to the website again please consider subscribing would mean a lot to me drop a comment drop a like and if you agree or disagree to let me know and I will see you guys I just like I

Need to optimize the way that I close these articles will say that much I'll see you in the next article the recipe if you want take time with an extra chip I'll be cooking on a side business you're the whirling abyss for me so let me go say.

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