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5 Symptoms of under-magnesium deficiency - anaducha.com

5 Symptoms of under-magnesium deficiency - anaducha.com

5 Symptoms of under-magnesium deficiency - anaducha.com

So we're going to talk about the five most common subclinical magnesium deficiency symptoms okay magnesium is a co enzyme okay what does that mean a coenzyme it is a helper nutrient for enzymes enzymes do all the work in the body the chemical reactions the building of tissue the repairing of tissue
are all done by enzymes and magnesium other minerals and vitamins and trace minerals are essential

they're essential your body needs them or things don't get done they're like little keys that allow enzymes to work and magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymes ok from energy production to DNA repair and even preventing mutations that could eventually end up as cancer it's involved in so many chemical reactions the problem is that it's very difficult to detect magnesium deficiencies because most magnesium

is inside the cell just like potassium for example it's inside the cell sodium is outside the cell and that's very easy to detect but magnesium is very difficult the other point about magnesium is that the RDAs are roughly about 450 milligrams there are certain groups of people who suggest that we need even more we need like up to 600 milligrams but the average person has much less than 450 milligrams and when

you're deficient in magnesium your calcium automatically starts going up in the body and we know a lot of people have a problem with calcium deposits calcium and the soft tissues not just from a lack of vitamin k2 but it could be from a magnesium deficiency as well let's say that you have a certain amount of magnesium it's not a lot but it's just a little bit the body is going to ration out that magnesium to only

essential places only essential proteins things that involve present time survival not long-term repair or even probably preventing mutations so here the body is using the magnesium to cope with the daily stresses of life at the expense of a longer life so if you're deficient certain nutrients it can actually shorten your life and you could have more mutations and less repair in the body so there's five big clues that you

may have a subclinical deficiency of magnesium number one is fatigue because my museum is involved in creating ATP which is the energy currency of the body number two cramps especially at night in the calves in your feet number three high blood pressure because without magnesium you won't have the elasticity in the circulation in the vascular system so things become hardened okay and that's going to

increase the blood pressure number four you become stiff especially in the morning when you get out of bed number five irregular heartbeat but potassium is also involved as well so it could be a combination so you may have skipped heartbeats and then maybe a palpitation then the beat starts becoming irregular it's just a simple mineral deficiency so these are the five clues that you may have a magnesium

deficiency so where do you get magnesium okay it's at the heart of something called chlorophyll and chlorophyll makes up the green stuff in leafy green vegetables so the solution is very simple add a very large salad or two medium-sized salads to your day and get enough magnesium and watch these go away

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