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BEST Triceps Exercises Get Bigger Arms -

BEST Triceps Exercises Get Bigger Arms -

BEST Triceps Exercises Get Bigger Arms -

Most people believe that to get bigger arms all they have to do is rep out tons of bicep curls and then follow up every bicep workout with the perfect magical supplement that promises to add inches of muscle fast and even though training your biceps is important your triceps actually make up over 60% of your arm size making them even more important to train if your goal is to grow the size of

Your arms so today I want to go over the most effective tricep building exercises as well as some advanced training techniques that I use to really speed up my arm growth at the end of the article I'll also give you some insight on how you can take all of this information and combine the exercises and the training techniques into the best tricep workout that you probably ever had so let's start first with one of the best tricep exercises the close grip bench press even though this is a compound exercise

That also incorporates your chest and your shoulders you're really not going to be able to load the bar with as much weight for any other tricep exercise as with the close grip bench press and as with all the other muscles in your body your triceps will respond very positively in terms of growth to heavy weight to begin the exercise start by lying directly under a barbell and grip the bar a little closer than shoulder width apart your hand should wind up being about 8 to 12 inches apart from each other and

The narrower that your grip is the more you'll be isolating your triceps next you'll want to unwrap the bar bring it directly over the line of your shoulders or slightly below them and start lowering the bar to your body in an arc like curve normally with a regular benchpress we would aim to bring the bar to our nipple line but with the close grip bench press you want to aim lower than that so aim to bring the bar to your upper abs your elbows should also be a lot closer to your body so maintain about a 45

Degree angle between your elbows and your body rather than the 75 degree angle that you would have while performing a regular bench press with a wider grip once you bring the weight down under your chest you want to press back up in that same arc like motion until the bar is once again almost directly in line with your shoulders some mistakes to avoid while doing this exercise is you don't really want to place your hands closer than about 6 inches apart and for some of you that are taller

Even 6 inches maybe to close because you'll start straining your wrists and your elbows you also want to retract your shoulders and maintain the neutral arc in your lower back but don't excessively arc your back when pressing the weight up let's move on to the next exercise which is probably the best exercise for isolating your triceps the dumbbell Skullcrusher to start you want to grab two dumbbells lay back on a flat bench and raise both your arms straight up until they're locked out your hand should

Be in a neutral position in line with your shoulders or slightly above your shoulders bring both dumbbells down aiming directly to the sides of your forehead want to make sure that you try to keep your elbows as tight together as possible you don't want to flare them too far out because this will once again take the tension off of the muscle that you're trying to target also remember the whole time while your elbows are bending you want to try to keep your upper arms static and don't swing

Them back and forth with all that said after you bring the dumbbells down to the sides of your head extend your arms until they're locked out once again in that starting position and then repeat for reps you can also do this exercise at a slight incline or a slight decline to change up the angle that you're hitting your triceps from and you can of course do it with an EZ bar instead of dumbbells next up our dips besides the close grip bench press dips are one of the best compound exercises for your triceps

Stick to doing your dips on the parallel bars and avoid doing them on a bench with your hands behind your back and this will put your shoulders in a very bad position to perform this exercise start by gripping the parallel bars jump up and lock your elbows out so that your feet are elevated off the floor lean your body forward and lower yourself until your upper arm is parallel with the ground you can go slightly lower to where your shoulders are slightly below your elbows but don't go too low

Because it'll put excessive strain on your shoulders and your elbows then extend your elbows until your arms are all the way locked down and you're back to that original starting position while doing dips you want to avoid flaring your elbows too far out instead aim to keep your elbows about 45 degrees away from your body you also want to concentrate on keeping your shoulders retracted back and down rather than letting them roll forward or rise up to your ears if you don't have the strength to

Do did you can use an assisted dip machine or you could simply do negatives by jumping up and slowly lowering yourself down then you would put your feet on the ground jump up again and repeat you can also add weights to make the exercise more challenging if you're advanced but next up we have hex presses and I have a slight variation for this one you would once again want to start with your arms locked out with the dumbbells slightly lower past your shoulders on a flat bench hold the

Dumbbells together so that they're both touching if you were trying to target your chest I would say squeeze the dumbbells really tight together but since we're going for the triceps here squeezing the dumbbells really tight isn't as much of a priority normally you would lower the weight to your upper abs but the variation here is to try to lower the weight higher up aiming for your chest this will put more emphasis on the triceps once the dumbbells come down and meet your chest extend your

Elbows back up until your arms are locked out and then repeat for reps for the next exercise I want to incorporate some cables so we have cable rope tricep extensions here you would use the rope attachment and start by standing under the cable set at a high position holding on to both ends of the rope with your hands in a neutral position to get a full contraction on this exercise you'll want to lean slightly forward rather than standing straight up your elbows should be bent at about a 45 to 60

Degree angle at the start of the exercise and the weight stack should already be lifted slightly up with no slack on the rope or the cable while keeping your elbows tight to your ribs and your upper arms fixed in place you want to extend your elbows until your arm is fully locked out if you want to concentrate more on the outer part of your triceps you can also open up the ropes at the bottom of the movement then return the ropes to that same starting position with your arms bent and repeat for reps

Some big mistakes that you want to avoid include leaning too far forward and turning this into more of a push down exercise rather than an extension also you don't want to swing your elbows back and forth as you do reps because that will incorporate the lats once again taking tension off of the triceps moving on we have French curls and no French curls are not a bicep exercise they're actually one of the more.

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