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Best Beginner Bodyweight Workout For Women Over 40 -

For Women Over 40 Best Beginner Bodyweight Workout -

Best Beginner Bodyweight Workout For Women Over 40 -

Hey guys funk Roberts here with my beautiful wife Angela Roberts and today we're gonna take you through a total body beginner workout for women in your 40s 50s 60s 70s now this is an amazing workout because it's a great beginner workout but it's also a great workout as a warm-up so if you want to warm up before doing a more intense workout this is perfect because we hit every single part

Of the body here it's easy on the joints and it starts to get the blood flowing for the workout side this is a great way to still burn calories but if you're just starting or you haven't worked out in a while or you're a little bit overweight and afraid of the joints this is a perfect workout okay so in this workout we're gonna do eight exercises each exercise we're doing thirty seconds of work followed by thirty Seconds rest Angela are going to take you through each exercise and we're also gonna show you

Different variations so you can see exactly where you stand and where you want to achieve and try to go for okay so our first exercise is marching on the spot we're gonna start in five four three two one here we go alright so right here we're just marching trying to get our knees and our legs up trying to get our feet off the ground when we're marching we want to keep our hands close to the body our body nice and tall nice and relaxed - don't don't try to be so stiff nice and relaxed okay and as you

Keep going you want to try to get those knees up a little bit more you want to get more flexibility in the knees good work breathe so another variation of that you could have started to run on the spot right that would be another variation okay next up we're doing push-ups so let's go on to our knees we're only doing push-ups on the knees so I want to go to the side of it so you can see you want to start on the knees and just to set this up you want to be fall a little bit forward so your arms have to be

There to hold you up and then you're gonna lead with your hips okay so you're gonna go hips first not shoulders first a lot of people do this but you want to go hips first so let's go hips and then all the way up exhale on the way up good keep the elbows tight to the body so what again like I said you want to try to fall forward hold yourself up and push up stay on your knees and lead with your hips let your hips come down first not your not your nose and not your head your hips good good work a great

Variation again the next stage would be to go off of your knees okay next up we're gonna move to a reverse lunge with your arm arm raised or just a step back so we've done marching on the spot which is more cardio we just finished doing the upper body with our push-ups and now we're gonna do the lower body and some shoulders as well so we're gonna step back or lunge back okay so I'm going to show you the step back first step back and your hands up Angela's doing the lunge so she's lunging

Back that's a little bit more advanced and with the lunge back you want to make sure that your core is tight okay keep that core tight we're doing the arm race here raising our set the shoulders stay nice and tall exhaling on the way up we'd hit all the way down so make sure you're always breathing and you can just step back if you just want to step back slightly that's okay or you want to do that lunge like Angela that's probably better that's right get the blood moving to your legs next up our glute

Bridge this is one of your favorites so let's get on the floor now so we get set up we want to make sure that we're hitting the glutes and the posterior chain which is your lower back as well glue to your bum so you want to make sure that the your back is right on the ground your hip your heels are close to your butt and then you're just gonna race lightly and hold I just want you to hold here once you get used to holding up yourself using the posterior chain which is your your glutes hamstrings lower back

Let's go down make sure the smaller your back is on the ground and then back up and hold and breathe and squeeze your glutes I want you to squeeze squeeze squeeze as hard as you can if you have to touch your blue to make sure that they're tight good work that was awesome great job excellent okay next up we have arm circles so again we're gonna work on the shoulders ladies I know you want to look beautiful in those in those strapless dresses strapless dresses right or

Just just you know dresses that show your shoulders so we want to work our shoulders here we go so arms out and just small circles small circles again this is not only a great exercise and at first it may be like oh this is really easy funk but it does get a little bit more intense but again it's a great warm-up as well and I'm looking at the clock we're gonna go the opposite direction palms up so let's just cool the opposite direction school we're gonna work both ways good good work we went a little bit longer

On one but that's okay so you get the picture there we want to do arm circles with shoulders next up are jumping jacks okay so we're gonna do a few variations of the jumping jack I'm gonna step from side to side you're going to do yeah which is great and then I'll show you another version as well which is just stepping side to side again depending on your age or you know what your level is you choose so I'm gonna just go step side to side staying on the balls of my feet okay so you don't

Want your flat feet you want to stay in the balls of your feet exhaling and as I see Angela she's doing another version and if you just want to warm up you can just do a regular jumping jacks making sure please stay on the balls of your feet but I'm gonna start with a step here just for those of us who need a little less okay you guys are doing great now we're gonna go into a squat full body squat okay this is very important for a lower body very important for quads and also a great glute exercise now with the

Squat I'm just gonna set it up here you want to sit back try to sit back as far as you can some of you may just be able to go flight so I mean maybe do it a little bit deeper it's all up to you but make sure that your knees are pointing out so I'll show you that as we go down exhale on the way up sit down exit so just pretend you're sitting back into a chair okay but don't actually sit back we're also gonna fall over exhale down and up now make sure the knees are pointed out okay keep those knees point

Out do not point them in okay let's move a little bit quicker you can exhale on the way up inhale on the way down and again if you can't go all the way down or hurt your knees that means you need to we need to work on those quads a little bit more but don't go all the way down we also have to work on the glutes okay final exercise the plank okay so again we're gonna show to variations the one I want everyone to do right now is to get into a plank position and then start with your knees off the

Ground afterward if it's getting too hard then just put your knee on and stay in that plank position okay so with the plank you want your elbows and shoulders in a line you want your body in a line you can lift your butt up just a bit cuz that's gonna really engage your core but try to keep that body nice and straight breathe throughout the movement it's gonna hurt so what I want you to do is when it hurts I want you to stay there I don't want you to to put your knees down right away but breathe it's

Gonna be very uncomfortable for a lot of people that's okay that's the point we're trying to get uncomfortable here be comfortable being uncomfortable because that's where the growth and that's where everything else there you go guys awesome great work there is your round one of a beginner total body workout now if you want you could rest for one minute and then repeat that for two or even three rounds as a workout and with each subsequent round you're gonna go a lot faster so that's

One way or if you use that as a as a warm-up like we just did then we're gonna move into our next workout our body's already gonna be ready we're gonna stay injury free and we're gonna get the work done all right oh so thank you so much for being with us in this workout like I said if you want to do this and use this as a full workout then just rewind and repeat and if not thank you so much have any last words honey important not to do that trying to get the move so that's loot activation is really

Important and that will help stage your knees are going to work your glutes do you bombed up less awesome so there you go guys thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you in the next workout get it done.

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