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How To Get Rid Of Fat 2020 -

How To Get Rid Of Fat 2020 -

How To Get Rid Of Fat 2020 -

The last 10 pounds it's the 10 pounds that just hang on to you in those annoying places that no matter what you do you can't just shake you've been doing everything right but then you get to this point well you just can't shake it so what I want to do is I want to give you exactly what I would do or what I have people do when it comes down to shake in the last 10 pounds off whether you are doing keto

Whether you're doing fasting paleo you're vegan it doesn't matter these rules will apply and it's more just about principle than anything else you are tuned into the Internet's leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel new articles on Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time want to make sure you go ahead and hit that red subscribe button and then go ahead and hit that Bell icon so you can turn on notifications so you know whenever I go live if you haven't already I want to make sure

You check out thrive market down in the description below so thrive market makes this thing you can get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep never have to leave your house if you really didn't want to you can go online get your groceries in the same way that you would get in the grocery store except they're going to get delivered right to your doorstep and ends up being cheaper in the grocery store so all of my favorite fasting options my keto options my hormone optimization options all these

Things are all there so I've put together these specific Drive boxes so go ahead and check them out in the description after you watch this article but now let's go ahead and let's get right to the fun stuff okay so first and foremost I have to touch on what you're going to do to stop what you're doing now okay even if what you're doing right now is good I need you to stop it and do this you need to have some form of leptin reset now this sounds generic and some of you might turn off the article because

Basically it's something you've probably heard before okay leptin is something that communicates with your brain so it's produced by fat cells and it calls the brain and it says hey brain we have enough fat on hand so we can go ahead and speed up the metabolism so when you are overweight and when you have more fat usually it's easier to lose weight initially because you have enough left in that calls in the brain and accelerates the metabolism but then as you get leaner you have less left in

And that leptin is not really able to call the brain anymore so the brain says wait a minute I'm not hearing from leptin so I'm gonna put on the brakes and preserve some of this body fat and that's probably the situation that you're in in this case so the first things first we need to spike our leptin okay now this isn't like a trick this is just to put us back to square one spike your leptin and quite frankly as much as I don't like to say it leptin responds better to carbohydrates so whether you're keto

Fasting or whatever spike your leptin with a very very low fat high healthy carbohydrate meal okay so lower glycemic we're talking lentil pasta we're talking chickpeas we're talking beans things like that it's one or two meals we're not talking a ton of it okay you need to get the carbs up pretty darn high I'm talking like a couple hundred grams to spike the leptin to make it so that your brain starts communicating with your fat cells again now this is not the purpose of this article this is just to give

You a starting point at this point this is now your restart you are reborn as far as your diet goes right now this is the rebirth of your diet you had your left in spiked your cheat meal if that's what you want to call it the reality is it's putting you back to square one now here's where we move forward start over brand new the last 10 pounds need to be treated as something completely different because the

Body isn't a completely different metabolic state what I want you to do is pick whatever diet strategy
you're gonna do again keto fasting whatever and only do that and it has to be different from what it was before I'm gonna give you a hypothetical example we're gonna go super strict keto and we're gonna keep it leaner I'm gonna keep fats lower yes you heard me right keeping fats lower okay that's a common issue no matter what is people have too high of fats and they're trying to shake the last 10 pounds drop the fats down 25% from what you were doing before regardless of what you were doing before 25% decrease okay but the point is don't even bother exercising we have to start from square

One and what ends up happening is this people a lot of times will throw in all the stops they'll change their diet and they'll also change their workout and they'll also change their supplements in some last-ditch effort to try to lose a few pounds and then what happens is they lose one or two pounds and then it stops but the problem is they've pulled out all the stops they have nothing else to add because they've done it all okay we have to be incremental we have to be strategic otherwise what else can we

Implement nothing will work the other issue that ends up happening is when you do all those things at once and you do have success there's no way to measure which one gave you success for example if I started intermittent fasting today and also started taking a bunch of fat burners and also started doing high-intensity interval training all today and I had immense success over the next week guess what I can't pinpoint where the success came from I'm left in this crazy world but I just don't know

What happened all I know is it worked and how am I ever supposed to get data that's going to help me in the future when it's just this foggy world that I don't know it so start small I know it sounds crazy but make the change to your diet and take a break from working out trust me it will work then once you start to see the weight loss occurring and it will then very strategically implement a specific type of workout in one thing at a time so start with weight training with no cardio just weight training do

That for five days six days a week then add in a structured amount of cardio again not in this nebulous world that's foggy but at a strategic amount of cardio with maybe 20 minute segments two to three times per week you name it all you need to know is that it needs to be regimented okay this is how you shake these last 10 pounds then once you're starting to lose the weight from that then you incorporate a fat burner supplement like some carnitine or some additional caffeine the problem is I

Put a lot of content out there and sometimes people compile all of it into one lifestyle which is cool I want you guys to do that but sometimes it makes it hard because you don't know what to extract and what to add in and the fact is getting down to the nitty-gritty and losing those last 10 pounds to get the summer body that you want or to get on stage or to get bikini ready or swimsuit ready it comes down to just getting granular and data-driven again and you have to start from day one so leptin

Spiked with clean carbs you're reborn okay forget everything you used to know forget everything about my articles and start from square one keto fasting but reduced that that's by 25% then do nocardia no workout for at least a week then add the workouts in just from the weight training one week later add the cardio in and I promise you you will see a result that way because you are getting regimen and lastly something you probably never thought you'd hear me say log your food and get

Regimented because once again if you're not logging your food and you're not taking the strategic time in between meals to not eat you're never going to lose the last 10 pounds so write down your food your breakfast your snack your lunch your snack your dinner whatever it might be your breakfast lunch dinner however many meals you have write it down and don't eat a single bite in between those meals I'll insulin to come down allow the glucagon to come up and burn that fat

Between those meals that is what is going to shake the last few pounds I know this was simple but it was commonly asked so there you have it as always make sure you keep in to lock in here my channel I'll see you in the next article.

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