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More than a different way to use bone broth -

5 Different Ways to Use Bone Broth

More than a different way to use bone broth -

People bombard me with their crazy unique ways of using bone broth so why don't I give you my five surefire ways to use bone broth this coming from a little bit more of a scientific perspective as well so five unique ways to use bone rod you don't just have to sip on it throughout the course of the day 

There are strategic ways that you can use it to get some added benefit no matter what your ultimate goal is so let's get right to it you're tuned in the internet's leading performance nutrition and fat loss website new articles Tuesday Friday Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time but you also see we post just about every day because why the heck not you want the content and I love doing this make sure you hit that

Red subscribe button and then also hit that weird-looking little Bell icon but that's going to do it's going to turn on notifications make it so that whenever I go live or post a new article you're gonna Bing get a little notification on your phone alright so let's go ahead and let's get right to this I'm gonna

Try to make it short out of respect for your time here so the first way that I would recommend using bone broth is to break a fast okay breaking a fast is a very delicate period of time people usually think that once they've been intermittent fasting that they can just eat whatever they want well that is

Somewhat the case but you should break your fast as in bone broth it really helps out a lot you see the gelatin and bone broth is a hydrophilic colloid what that means that draws water into your intestinal tract and because it has so much in the way of collagen and the gelatin it helps support the mucosal

Layer when you're fasting your gut mucosal layer actually breaks down a little bit mainly due to dehydration and mainly due to the body sort of going through almost a cannibalistic thing I mean it kind of eats itself it eats its own you coastal layer just out of a way of getting some more nutrients and overall collagen into the body so really really powerful there but also there's a high amount of

Glutamine glutamine can be really powerful for the immune system right if you break it fast so very important there and then of course the rehydration effect sure you could drink a bunch of saltwater but you're not going to be getting the potassium you're not gonna be getting the magnesium that you need the nice thing about bone broth is it has a nice delicate balance of the sodium oK we've got the

Positively charged ions that we need there for cellular function then we've got potassium so communicate with the sodium and we've got magnesium which is going to allow the gut to relax so very very powerful there the second way that you can use bone broth that a lot of people don't think about is make a fat coffee or a bulletproof bone broth out of it yeah take your bone broth mix it up

With a tbsp of ghee tablespoon of coconut oil add some spices if you want to and whip it up in a Magic Bullet Blender it Frost's up just like your keto coffee would except it's a bone broth sort of latte it actually tastes really darn good and it's really perfect to do this right when you break a fast or you can do it for breakfast you can do it for lunch or just something to sip on it's just a unique way of

Getting those fats in especially if you're on a ketogenic low-carb diet the next way is using it as a meal replacement now who would have thought right bone broth works well as a meal replacement if you were on a calorie restricted diet here's what I like to do I like to keep my fats relatively high in the morning and then I keep them relatively high in the evening and I usually lower my fat intake

Middle of the day and I'll give you the quick reasoning behind this keeping my fats high in the morning stimulates my ketone production it makes it so that my body is mobilizing fat and used to using that fat then what I want to do is midday I deprive myself of fats and deprive myself of calories a little bit because then my body's in a unique state where it's already primed for using fats but it's not getting them through the diet so it says no choice but to pull it from the tissues and starts burning fat

So I call it my protein sandwich hypothesis but you can do it with calories too by having bone broth you satiate yourself you feel like you're having a meal but you end up not actually getting all the calories in it is ins up being very very effective it's a great way to take what would normally be a 600 calorie meal or so down to like a 50 calorie meal and the cool thing is big shout out to kettle and fire now the realistic thing is there's not a whole lot of good bone broth companies out there anyway so

You're probably already using kettle and fire because they're really the go-to and it comes down to bone broth but now they've released these spiced bone broths they already have flavors with them they already have the spices added to them my personal favorite is the lemongrass I'm a huge fan of Vietnamese I've always consumed that I've always thought it was a great keto meal if you did it without the rice now kettle and fire has made it so it's essentially a meal replacement so we've got the

Lemongrass which is a very powerful antioxidant anyway we've got the ginger which suppresses nuclear factor Kappa B and modulates in nation that way and then we've got the mushroom extract which is really really good for estrogen modulation estrogen overall metabolism so not only do you get the benefit of having a lower calorie meal but now kettle and fire has made it so you feel like

You're having a meal it's like you're going out to be Etna Mesa so go ahead and check them out there's a special link down in the description if you haven't already started using kettle and fire bone broth okay now let's go ahead and let's move into the next one cook up cauliflower rice with it people don't think of bone broth as a cooking tool right like we think of regular stock for cooking because it's cheap but it's simple but we're not getting the full spectrum of collagen we're not getting the full

Spectrum of minerals that we would normally get from bone broth cook with it you don't need that much so one of my favorite things to do is to make cauliflower fried rice so I take rice - cauliflower put it in the skillet along with a little bit of ghee or a little bit of grass-fed butter then you go ahead and you add a couple of eggs or you can scramble the eggs first you want to add the eggs like you

Would a normal fried rice okay then you go ahead and you add some bone broth in once it's starting to cook up a little bit and you let that simmer you're adding like a half a cup of bone broth then you can add additional spices you can add whatever you really want to to the mix additionally if you want to add some coconut aminos to give it more of that Asian feel that Asian flavor you can do that and then I usually add a little bit of like slivered almonds or some peeling nuts or something like that to

Make it a little bit more of the full spectrum food that I'm looking for the point is cook with it cook rice with it cook cauliflower rice with it it adds a nice bold flavor that you normally wouldn't get lastly is make a pre bed concoction with it or just drink it before bed one of the things that's overlooked a lot with bone broth is its high amount of glycine glycine ultimately puts you to sleep see glycine cools the body what it does is it forces a vasodilation so increases blood flow to specific areas

Of your body which therefore causes your body to cool down when your body cools down it releases melatonin it's like when the Sun Goes Down and it cools down outside your body cools down your body knows to release melatonin which puts you to sleep this is really important if you're having trouble sleeping or falling asleep sipping on some warm bone broth before bed not only psychologically relaxes you cuz you're drinking something warm but it physiologically has a big

Effect too lastly it inhibits or at least lessens orexin orexin is something that used get your dopamine receptors going long story short it calms you down increases gaba just makes you relax so there you go five unique ways to use bone broth other than just sipping on it throughout the course of the day big thank you again to kettle and fire for not only being a sponsor of this article but giving my fans and followers and viewers a special discount on bone broth especially if they're already consuming it might as well save a couple bucks

If you have ideas for future articles or you want to see anything in particular just let me know down in the comment section below I'll see you soon.

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