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Saying Goodbye to the Gym -

Saying Goodbye to the Gym -

Saying Goodbye to the Gym -

Today is a big day this is the last workout in the original buff dudes home gym if really exciting news were finally upgrading got a place with the shop that we're converting into buff dudes gym 2.0 and we're gonna get one final workout in this home game before bidding it farewell forever and you know I've gotta admit this isn't our parents place in their basement and I've just got a feeling they're 

Probably pretty sad to see us go start off with front squats haven't done front squats in a while gotta admit so there's a few things I try to go over in my head to remember the proper form if you have never performed from squats before well you want to keep these things in mind to is one you want to keep the bar right at the nape of the neck here so if you wanted to cut put your arms out running a walk forward it's gonna be right down position here it's gonna might feel uncomfortable

Because the bars gonna be right against your neck there there's two ways you can do it either this right here the cross kind of grip which is a lot easier I think for for most people because the other one's gonna be a clean position which is going to be kind of taking the bar and having your hands in the clean position there so you're gonna have a little bit more wrist mobility to be able to comfortably have in this position but for me I kind of like it because it really forces the bar against and even back

There so keeps that come up into positioning so once you unrack it nice wide stance feet in a comfortable outward position and when you squat you're not pushing your hips back you're really pretty much just going right down just imagine your legs are the trees and your hips are the hammock and it's just gonna go right between those legs there and you're gonna keep those elbows up just like so so we keep a nice vertical torso keeping those things in mind is really gonna help you out of

Course you want to keep the weight light so that we can get the proper positioning but yeah that felt pretty good especially for having front squats absent in my particular program for a long time but they can't feel like a good exercise if you if you remember these things and keep these in mind really hitting those quads hard so oh yeah it's a good luck yeah as you can see I'm not quite ready for the front squats yet a little bit more of an advanced exercise but I am doing the goblet squats which is

Great for beginners and intermediate alike I'm excited because today is the first day I'm not using a box as a little bit of a training wheel in a way I'm confident enough where I can perform the squat on my own doing goblet squats pretty light 75 pounds I'm going to go up to a hundred pound kettlebell for my 5x5 and I'll call it good there I'll begin to progress that's the goal but today I'm going to keep it a hundred and be satisfied with the fact that I am able to do a squat below parallel unassisted

Back in the buff dudes kitchen the new buff dudes kitchen by the way because me and my wife have recently moved so pardon the mess we still have a little renovation to go but in the meantime we had to make a recipe so this week we're gonna be making biscuits and gravy buff dudes style so it's a little bit more protein moderate than the carbs in fat and it's definitely delicious so let's get started first with the biscuits so for the biscuits to begin this recipe what we're

Gonna want to do is preheat our oven to 375 degrees and go ahead and grab a nice baking pan with some parchment paper on top that's just so the biscuits don't stink no stick horse think I don't know either one parchment paper so what we're gonna want to do is take our dry ingredients first that's gonna be a quarter cup of P protein I'm using unflavored pea protein you can feel free to use a weight protein if you'd like I'd recommend vanilla because it gives the biscuits just a little bit of sweetness

Which is nice so I'm gonna go ahead and add that I'm gonna be doing a half cup of coconut flour and finally one teaspoon of baking powder it's easy to kind of forget these things when you're right in the middle of so take the dry ingredients and you're wanting mix them all together really nice and well like that yeah I'd say that's pretty good mixed so once you're finished with that go ahead and take two eggs crackling and then you're gonna go ahead and take your half a cup of unsweetened almond milk

That's what I use you can feel free again to use milk I just prefer that unsweetened almond milk and again if you have the vanilla flavor gives it just a little bit more sweetness you do a little bit of salt with this super fancy high-tech salt so that's enough salt it was a half teaspoon is what we wanted I probably got about that much so we're gonna go ahead and stir again biscuits are mixed up now let's go ahead and take our pan with the parchment paper the biscuits and form these bad boys biscuits are

Formed I'm gonna put it into our oven now 375 degrees we're gonna keep it in there for 19 minutes see you then right let's go ahead and get the recipe started what we're gonna want to do is take the mushrooms the parsley and the onions and finally a quarter cup of the broth and you're just gonna pour that over and what we're gonna want to go ahead and do is saute those so go ahead and mix it and wait until the vegetables get nice and tender and then you're good to go as those ingredients are

Sauteing go ahead and take another half cup of the broth put it in a separate bowl with the arrowroot or cornstarch go ahead and put that in a little pinch of the pepper all right and then go ahead and stir until that's all smooth okay so we have that nice and mixed up all good to go so what we're gonna go ahead and do now is pour it in with the rest that was sauteing and also with the rest of the broth which is gonna be 1 and 3/4 cup nice all the ingredients are together so what we're going to want to go

Ahead and do now is bring it to a boil for 2 minutes and go ahead and stir for that 2 minute 19 minutes are up now it's time to check on the biscuits oh and here comes our resident food critic I hope these are up to his very lofty standards I think it's a hit this get some gravy are a success and now it's time to eat so I've got my portion buff baby's got his oh yeah there it is the final workout in the original buff dudes home gym feel a little sad you know leave this thing behind a lot of good articles a lot of

Content hope you've enjoyed it but the great thing is this end has a new beginning moving on to bigger and better things what should I say bigger and buffer things yeah that's true but the gym is gonna be bigger so it's gonna look make us look a little smaller so we got some work to do yeah we'll just make sure that way it's all about the lighting name so we'll see you next time for the building.

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