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Success Guide - The Commandments of Keto -

Full Success Guide - The Commandments of Keto -

Success Guide - The Commandments of Keto -

It's time for the ten commandments of the keto diet what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna break down what I think are the ten just most important cardinal things to remember when you're doing a keto diet keep these in mind because if you could write down ten very important things to remember about the keto diet as you go through your keto journey this is gonna be it so we're gonna break it all down I'm

Gonna give you the details we're gonna have some fun with it and then to send you on your merry way to either enhance your current keto lifestyle or get started on a keto journey to where you can feel amazing and look your best you're tuned into the Internet's leading performance nutrition and fat loss website of new articles on Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time I also want to make sure you go ahead and hit that red subscribe button and then go ahead and hit that little bell icon so

You can turn on notifications and know whenever I go live or post a brand new article I don't ever want you to miss out so without further ado let's just go ahead and dive right in so I'm gonna defunk a lot of things but I'm also going to give you some new science on a lot of things the first commandment thou shall not rely on MCT oil look it I love MCT as much as the next guy MCT oil is everywhere we see mct oil powder we see straight MCT oil we see c8 c10 c12 all these different

Kinds and we get ourselves just all worked up about which MCT to use the thing I want you to remember is that MCT oil should only be used here and there the MCT is not the highest-quality fat in the world see MCT is great because it gets converted into ketones faster but that doesn't necessarily do much for you the ketogenic diet is not all about getting as many ketones as you can or not all about getting as much fat as you possibly can it's very very important that you treat fats the same way

That you would treat carbohydrates as far as fast absorbing and slow absorbing MCT oil absorbs very very fast which means it has a place but you also need fats they just really slow we're talking about healthy saturated fats or we're talking about longer chain fats like coconut oil or we're talking about the healthy fats that come from different nuts like macadamia nuts and walnuts so very very important that you don't lean super heavily on MCT oil because that's like leaning on sugar in the

World of carbohydrates you have sugar which is high glycemic and absorbs fast and you have healthy starches that absorbs slow you want a little mix of both right same thing applies with the fats so we're gonna do is we're gonna go through that was the first commandment we're gonna go through we're gonna go all the way to ten so let's go ahead and let's move on to the next commandment yes I'm just eating goat cheese because that's what you do but my reason I'm saying this is believe it or not this

Goat cheese may very well turn into carbohydrates once it's in my body yeah something you probably didn't know about keto which basically leads to the second commandment we just do not hate on carbs okay that does not mean that you should be consuming them when you're on a ketogenic diet you should not be actively pursuing carbohydrates but you need to know that carbohydrates are going to be created within your body so the people that talk about the keto diet being this total anti car

Movement and where they just say that all carbs are bad and that your body doesn't need cars they're wrong your body does need carbs but your body creates carbs from other substrates okay so it'll take little bits of protein from the cheese that I just ate and it will in some wrap-around ways create glucose from that it will create carbohydrates from that it's a process known as gluconeogenesis and it's a perfectly healthy natural process our brain generally runs on glucose only a small percentage of

It actually runs on fats when we're on keto so we actually need the carbohydrates it's just how our body creates them is a different story so we don't want to be consuming a bunch of carbohydrates so we don't want to get there but what I want you to do is not worry about it don't worry about carbohydrates being created in your body and understand that your body is going to use them for other needs right your brain needs glucose so it's going to create glucose somehow your muscles

Create energy from glucose so it's going to do that somehow just because you are in ketosis doesn't mean that your body isn't utilizing carbs so the reason behind this commandment is to actually save you a bunch of headache and heartache you don't need to go through life thinking that carbs are bad your body needs carbs they're perfectly fine we're just not actively pursuing them with the diet okay that's going to bring us to number three our third commandment so let's go and check that one out the

Third commandment focus on getting your omega-3s versus your omega sixes and I'm not trying to sound like a broken record omega sixes are gonna be the thing that you're gonna end up naturally getting a lot of you see all the fats that we're gonna be consuming like from grain fed meat or from a lot of the cheeses that are coming from grain fed cows and things like that we are by default getting a lot of omega sixes now I'm gonna explain everything but we're not getting enough in the way of

Omega-3s meaning we're not eating a lot of good old-fashioned wild-caught salmon we're not eating good-quality wild-caught fish we're not eating good-quality grass-fed grass-finished meat this is very very important okay so we put these aside for a second and explain some science all right omega sixes are very inflammatory within our bodies and what a lot of times will happen is as people start on a ketogenic journey 30 60 days in they start feeling a little bit cruddy they feel really good when

They start and then they start just kind of going down this path I just don't feel as good anymore I call it the keto wall and it has that name simply because it feels like a wall everything's been going great and then BOOM now the reason this is happening is simply because usually you're consuming way too much in the way of omega 6's and it's so easy to just accidentally have it happen you see Omega 6 is trigger pro-inflammatory cytokines now in our bodies Omega 6 is in omega-3 fats compete for the

Same part of a cell so Omega threes help a cell become more fluid they make a cell be able to communicate with each other our cells need to be able to talk they need to be able to communicate with one another and Omega threes increase what's called cell fluidity and they improve that cell membrane permeability and flexibility so things can actually get into the cell the cell can talk omega 6 is for lack of a better way of saying it are more rigid they're more ugly and they compete for the

Same place on a cell so when we have a lot of omega sixes coming in we end up with a cell that doesn't move around a lot and doesn't communicate well it's like just a salty cold old man that's hanging out at the bar it doesn't want to talk to anybody it just doesn't budge right compared to like a gregarious person that's actually getting things moving in life honestly weird example but it's true we don't want our sells to me the crusty old man sitting at Denny's that we want ourselves to be.

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