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Best exercise for booty -


Best exercise for booty -

What's going on everyone this has been stay with these red common in today's article were continuing the female fridays and i'm going to show you one of the biggest work out mistakes when it comes to trying to build a bigger booting better boy like i said today's article is going to be about a mistake that i see made all of the time and i've even heard told to people by their trainers 

for when it comes to building better leg muscles and actually building who because obviously ladies are always look and i left their beauty build their beauty whatever it is we actually have a beauty building program here at the threat if you are looking for a program some designed around something to actually focused really on lifting your bite and working this specific gloop muscles in the specific leg muscles the right way to actually build up all put a link to it down below few and i'll give a

twenty percent discount on this below only if you want to check out the buddha love program is great and our women love it I'm actually going to show to different exercises one's going to be for squat and one's going to be for hip through us his go to one of these times stance it would depending now which exercise you want to see if or if you want to watch both more power to this is going to be super effective for both of these exercises and building up your beauty bigger but jumping right into this i

have a bar right here and basically i'm just going to throw this back and put it over my shoulder so the issue with so as and i'm turning to the side because this is one of the most common things that i've actually heard people say that they're trained are told him to do so you're getting to a position for squats you've got your feet about shorter with a park toast slightly point out and then what you here is that you want to go out or out and so from here what you do is now this is going to allow you to keep

your weight back on your heels and squat down and then as you squat backup keep your book out and go right back into the next well this is a big issue why is it the big issue because you're never actually contracting your glute at the top you every single time you do a squat it's going to be working a lot of your quads and they're going to be working a lot of your glue says you lower yourself what to you send you're going to be going a lot of quads at the bottom is going to be a lot of glutes and as you

press up it's going to be a lot of was and then the top give you a chance to really squeeze out there you're but muscles and so if you're not using that part to squeeze out you about muscles and also if you're not in a neutral position with your pelvis meaning your low back it straight up and down and so what you see as you see people with an ant or your tell that means that there are pelvis is actually pointed it down and forward and so now milo back muscles automatically going to be firing my

groups are not going to be firing as much and my abs are going to be length and down here in the front me because it's pulling forward is polling these muscles down is pulling these muscle these muscles or pulling it up and so that's what happens as soon as you get into this position and then you go down and you squat back up and he stay that position and this could also be a reason that you get low back pain when you squat because those little back muscles are just constantly fire during when

really what you should be doing is when you get under this bar rather than your trainer telling you that you should stick your about out the feeling the reason that he's telling you that is because yes you want to focus on keeping the weight evenly distributed between your those in the balls of your feet you don't want to squat down and the way up in your toes in your heels coming off the ground and kind of look like this that's an ugly squat so you do one we're really focused on driving straight down

and was something even the on your feet but you don't want to do is so much to where yours picking your but out excessively and you're basically taken away from a group muscles so instead what i'm saying into the position and then i want you to really focused on keeping a neutral business thinking about out once and then i want you to roll you about forward once and then i want you to find the nice the middle some between these positions right here find that middle ground that's where you

want to stay and so as you you walk down now you go all the way down you're going to get that glued activation keeping your pelvis neutral and then the top really focus on squeezing your glue to that stop so every squat you're coming back up and you're squeezing out of the top went down squeezing out of the top if that small thinks where instead of sticking your but out and thinking that's how you can hate glutes you're not going to you find that position find it right in the

middle get locked in go down to a squat come back up and squeeze and not going to help you give that mind muscle connection better what your beauty which is huge for this but also just the fact those bloop muscles a lot better so that's the first one now life get into the hip dressed.

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