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For Your Personality The Best Workout -

The Best Workout for Your Personality

For Your Personality The Best Workout -

Today the fresh restart your body desperately needs I'm unveiling my clean prescription restart plan from clean carbs and proteins that will boost your digestion to the cleanest ways to boost your energy without caffeine or sugar your whole body needs this total we starting I've assembled an a-list team on how stars one of the biggest PV traders cooking motivated anybody Jen we Durst romp from the 

biggest losers here and she's also Coast a daily blast live that new quiz help you find your food exercise type we're gonna know what's right for you trends studying dermatologist dr. Doris Day join just me Billy I knew it there's your big customized to keep your deep cleaning your skin to way you really wanna pee in your skin the right way and finally if I know you want that a tacky fresh the best on your offer and while this leaders here you start your diet with the clean food supermarket shopping

list can't afford this to all your friends so let's kick off the clean restart playing one of the best ways to transform your body because you can go from this look carefully to this it's up to you and give me yours and my first guest we're gonna show you exactly how Jen come on down I like that picture is it a nice we've all come a long way I think it's pretty cool y'all start somewhere don't worry when you see that picture what does it bring to you ah I think I just don't realize how disconnected I was I don't

think I realize how I wasn't paying attention or connected to my life and it reminds me of why I fight for this life every day yeah I want to be a part of your secret they work for you it works should people you help it'll hold for audience today is clean mm-hmm how does exercise help clean the insides of your body so it's funny when I think when you talk to me about clean living the other day I thought clean living is about consistency can lean living is about building a routine that you can stick with

and you can do that by finding that based on your personality type so we got a quiz for you come on up yeah pretty simple question doesn't love a quiz everyone does all you got to do is pay attention of these you'll find that your exercise type your clean exercise the first question audience gonna follow along with me on these just three and everyone at home same thing keep track whether you're a or B or C first question how do you make time to workout be honest with the answers okay here we go

question a or answering I like to schedule my workouts ahead of time so I know when I'm going and what I'm doing B I'm very go with the flow and whenever I feel like it that's something that's not you or C workout there's never any time okay I hear a lot mm-hmm so a B or C we're not judging here just keep track hold your answer question number two what is the ideal training environment okay so that's a I like some healthy competition whether it's competing against my old times or competing

against others being like keep it fresh with variety I like to try new workouts because I get bored easily or are you see I find them better getting my workout when I'm actually meeting a friend or a personal trainer someone needs to be there to keep me accountable yeah those social stuff going on uh-huh all right absolutely that's two down one to go last question is how do you measure the success of a workout listen carefully to the answers this is really important so again a I need data I need to

feel like there's stats in front of me coming from a monitor or my wristband immediate feedback from the workout is what I need are you B whenever I finish to work out I always feel good so it's always a success or are you see if I show up I call it a win no matter how good or bad I perform how many a czar they're out there all the A's with pride please yeah hands up eyelid a what's the deal with it a what does that mean okay so my eyes are my neat freaks and I say that enduringly okay and my book

I call you an organized doer it's good for surgeons it's good for a lot of things but not for everybody so but the a is out there is hope for the bees hmm my bees I love you you are my rebels okay you are like free form figure it out but full of adventure but needing variety and we call you miss lovers they're talking about clean here so we're using adjectives to work for clean people it's okay if you love a mess you can always clean it up my best friend's a mess lover she dries her hair out the

window on the way to work okay you know I mean like could you see odds doing that nowhere James Dean ha ha ha all right and for this sees out there show me this sees the picker-uppers okay I am that person too again in my book it's called an everyday hero if you guys put half the energy into yourself that you put into others you're gonna thrive you're gonna do better so what happens is you need to kind of prioritize things for yourself like you would for someone else or here's a deal we

come back a customized clean workout plan for your exercise that hold back guys this will work for you it's designed for you we're back with my first ever clean prescription restart plan was simple exercise moves customized for you now you stick our quiz hopefully to find that if you're a clean exercise type is a and need free that was who I was you'll love structure you love competition or are you a mess lover right all over the place with you workouts but you love to try new things or it can be

maybe a picker-upper right I pick her up her knees the workout partner to be accountable they get the quiz on dr. oz calm find out exactly what kinds you are and share it with your friends but for now pay attention because all these might work for you a trainer Jen leader Strom from The Biggest Loser is here with a customized clean exercise plan for your time and we start with me to the clean freaks what's your prescription well I mean here's the reality cycling classes its regimented they're at the

same times every day you're able to have this immediate feedback in the screen in front of you and look at this little friendly competition right I like the do it my way though let's hit it what oh my goodness he's focused mm and what's great about my neat freaks is that they're able to do a higher volume of work move it up a little bit come on now oh my god I got this going but anyway look at this guy's someone like Oz and the rest of my organized doers out there you can do this five six times

a week you can do it for over 60 minutes you thrive in this so get to it okay especially and go come on okay it's hard these freak we got let's run to the bees these are the nest lovers pichia is this type come on come on now they're talking everyone could just talk someone challenges you you got to go for it right okay how are you you're a real B I'm ready okay so these are my mess lovers my rebels what I put together is a kettlebell circuit because the kettlebell swing it's not enough not for my rebels

so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna demonstrate one time through it's gonna be a combination I'll show you one sweetie so you're gonna do a swing pickup into a kettlebell squat into a press right back to home base here we go you ready to get up there's a stick to the Queen you're clean approaching there we go yeah so clean a punch right here swing oh I hurt myself this is Jenna drop and press and the reason this works back you're swinging exactly because my rebels won't ever ride of the challenge

if you're smiling and nodding thinking I want this your you're my best lover and again the whole point of all this guys it's a workout that you'll keep doing that you'll love that you'll keep you'll keep that on you make it part of your routine because that's how we get clean life she's what she's like when I haven't talked who were this is it up enough do you like it would you have fun kept changing all the time speaking of changing right now the last one is actually the picker-uppers maybe folks you

say are very social but my picker-uppers you guys slide with other people right you might everyday here is you're doing everything for everybody else before yourself so that's why I've got this I'm nice buddies if you got Jessica we got Caprice here and we're gonna do the reality is you're more likely to meet me at the gym versus just go by yourself you're more likely to meet together then go by yourself so odds and I I'm gonna work out with you girls Oh make it happen the other thing too it's a nice little

bonus meditation because it's kind of like get a little anger out you don't seem very green for you I'm rooting for you okay so here we go gloves are up give me a jab she's going to you it's gonna keep working cuz you're gonna keep going I knew you'd do that I said I knew you're coming after that yes I do they were wonderful I did isn't clean workouts will affect you in many many different ways exercise probably the most valuable thing I know y'all struggle with it that's why I gen worked so

hard to make sure they match it to your personality take advantage of the wisdom make it fun and joy and you do it all the time it's not fun you're not going to so why even bother play her books fantastic talks all about this diet right for your personality type take advantage of her wisdom you should subscribe to my website so you don't miss anything and remember to check back often to see what's new.

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