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(NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED) Minutes V Cut Abs - Anaducha.com

"NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED" Minutes V Cut Abs - Anaducha.com

(NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED) Minutes V Cut Abs - Anaducha.com

What's going on guys this is Vince with V shred common in today's article I have a five minute follow along v cut abs workout for you like I said today's article I'm gonna be taking me through a follow along ab workout but we're gonna be specifically focusing on the V cut the V line so your 

obliques more than anything there's gonna be a lot of like twisting while crunching exercises because that's really how you work those obliques and get the the sides tapered another thing that I do when I am trying to really lean down and just stay keep my abs popping year-round is I actually take this guy right here I've been putting this in a couple articles lately because I really think if you are trying to

burn calories throughout the day without working out more and you're trying to just make weight loss a lot easier this is my 24 hour fat burner called burn it is amazing it's got two patented technologies in it that have been proven and plenty of studies one even from Harvard and John Hopkins for just increasing how many calories you burn throughout the day by using very specific ingredients to crank

up your metabolism and your fat oxidation and just get in shape easier and stay lean and burn off an extra couple pounds just from taking this I know there's a lot of fat burners out there that are bull crap and I 100% agree with that and that's why I'm pushing this so hard because I love it and we've gotten thousands of our clients amazing results with it my parents love it my sister's love it my business

partners love it my employees love it anybody who's tried this loves it so I highly recommend if you're looking for a good fat burner to try this one out you can click the link below I'll even put a discount code down there for 20% off so make sure using that code if you want to get a little cheaper than what it normally is but now getting into this workout like I said it's gonna be a five-minute Vica

abs workout it's going to be completely follow along so you can just follow along with me I got the timer here on the article for you just make sure you're really focusing on breathing you exhale as you do the crunch really focusing on stabilizing your body for these exercises and really using your abs to get the most out of it so let's do it all right so there you have it v-cut abs workout only took 5 minutes

if you say you don't have time to workout you're just lying to yourself you could do this first thing in the morning you could do it last thing before you go to bed you could do it at the office on break you could do this literally anytime it takes 5 minutes and you don't need any kind of equipment so if you liked this article make sure you're clicking the thumbs up button below and that way it also saves to

your liked playlist on your AnaDucha website I'm also going to throw a card up here to my six-pack ABS playlist if you're looking for other ab workouts that you can follow eight-minute 12-minute 4-minute there's all kinds of ab workouts in there to help you really chisel your abs and get that core Rocking other than that make sure you guys are subscribing to the website enjoying the V shred fam

here on AnaDucha other than that guys I hope you liked this workout and I'll see you in the next one you.

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