Reverse Diet! How She Lost 50 LBS and Transformed Her Body! - - AnaDucha

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Reverse Diet! How She Lost 50 LBS and Transformed Her Body! -

Reverse Diet! How She Lost 50 LBS and Transformed Her Body! -

Reverse Diet! How She Lost 50 LBS and Transformed Her Body! -

In today's article Jamie Cal A's amazing transformation let's go this is Paula from pro physique comment I have a special guest today none other than Jamie Callie hi guys so JD is one of my longest standing clients it's gotta be five six years five years yeah so five years the the fun thing about working with someone for this long is that we've gone through so many cycles of things and you've

honestly been an inspiration for others that were kind of afraid to go through the journey yes because what we started out with Jamie was a place where she was heavier than she wanted to be by a lot a lot and under eating I would say typically yeah so we had to go through a reverse diet which at the time wasn't I mean it's kind of becoming more accepted yeah it was fairly new back then of the Berberis dining concept and yeah how nervous were you when we first started or were you just like I don't

care I'll do whatever you say well I was like I don't Carol do whatever you say but I will say I was extremely nervous because when I came a pause about 190 and I kind of dyed it down for the first check-in pictures don't know what 86 yeah anyway so when I first started with him he's like let's eat more and I'm like that just sounds the opposite yeah yeah but when we started eating things started happening well and the other thing that was happening is that I don't know if it was because you were

fit shamed or whatever but you had kind of stopped going to the gym some things so I think it was just compounding variables you know like you would put on body fat you had you didn't have the support from the coaches that you had before explaining what was happening you were kind of ashamed of it yeah you didn't want to go to the gym eating our no I was nervous just to walk indoors because I started going back to the gym when we started training I took like a really big hiatus away

from the gym and just away from even caring about anything and just going back into it yeah I felt very like I was being shamed or being like looked at like oh it's the heavy girl or something like that right now it was like literally I love when I see new people walking into the gym I just want to hug them all because I know that journey is not easy well look at this smile who's ever gonna be like looking and picking anything negative about you yeah well so I mean you got you went from like

hiding in your pantry so your husband didn't know you were snacking too now you have just kind of it's amazing yeah like every time I see you you look different I mean yeah you went from so we initially reversed did some fat loss got you into a good place and then you always had in the back of your mind that you wanted to compete again yes never say never I know like five years ago I didn't think I'd get to this point so what was the name of the show you did and it was bikini effect I did

bikini it was the Fort Lauderdale cup okay so you know 2012 seven years seven years seven years and now we are weeks away from stepping on the figure stage with a completely different look body compass is just a body composition change is insane yeah yeah and so you've gone through some powerlifting programs Ryan Doris has done one whole thing is with your training so we've gone through some fat loss phase is some building phases but all to get here the tough thing about fat loss

that the general public goes through is like they're able to get the weight off but they're not able to keep it off okay so what do you think has been the key this time going through this process that's allowed you to kind of stay in that sweet spot you know like you never get too heavy yeah you know I'm not saying you ever struggled Oh struggle yeah and my body doesn't like to really like the weight the scale weight my body doesn't really respond very well I just think seeing the changes like sinks

shoulders and seeing my waist come in and lats like I have a taper it's insane and it's not like when I was having I was just bottom heavy and like really sleep you know put some pictures in the article because I have tons of stuff over the years ago that's actually what got me to think when you start to thinking about competing you send in your pictures I saw a figure because I saw you have such a wide upper body and a tiny waist and you have muscle from all the powerlifting even doing exactly

this isn't a bikini body exactly and then always like I've always admired the figure shape even when I did bikini on s at that time can I do figure it I was told no so I'm like maybe that's never gonna be in my cards you know I don't know but as we started training and going through things like the reverse and fat loss and just the different phases and even even powerlifting I power lifted I'm gonna probably think for about two years yeah it was amazing I loved it and it was really great to get just

the mental stress it and but then you see the physique change and then my passion for it like the physique came back we might saw your weight drop while you're doing the power to teammates yeah you know so like yeah there was the good things just kept moving yeah yeah consistency yeah consistency for a long time right well it was very exciting for me because every time I would see you at a meet and the Jamie scream I want to go on the stage like that hmm sorry personality but every

time I would see you it would just be a visual difference I would notice like men you just look more dance or vascularity or there was just something different about you so it's been you know as a coach you know I hope the things that we're doing or working but you're like living proof yeah every time I see you you're like smiling you're happy I'm so happy you know you and your husband are out riding jet skis all in the state of Florida you're just living your life and you're doing your good things and

you're just like to me that's what this sport is about it's not about just constantly getting on stage it's about you know putting on muscle changing your body yeah because you're 148 now is way different than 148 the first time exactly yeah just a year ago I was barely hitting 140 I think we had a card cycle just trying to get me to make weight for my powerlifting me we did not make weight it just didn't happen my body was like no I don't want you to be 148 but now I'm like sitting there and I'll

have a I'll have a rough day with with my weight and I'll be like hob so have you but I step on the scale and it's like literally 147 148 yeah like before it was like okay yeah I know you feel happy you are happy yeah that's one of the biggest struggles we go through as competitors a closer you get to the stage the more important that number seems to become but I think we've done a good job this prep of not putting too much emphasis on that yes but part of that comes down to like okay you can clearly

see in the pictures and I don't know what I'll have in this article but you can clearly see in the pictures of your shape and muscularity you're already coming through like you can see that it's and that's what gets me going that's what keeps me like it's exciting like it's very mentally challenging it's emotional I'm a very emotional person as it is but just to see the shape change in those pictures even when there's a little bit of regression to some days I have more information than other days it happens but

the fact that I'm being consistent and that I'm pushing forward and I'm I have the ability to push forward not only physically but I also have the mental and emotional strength like right there once I can I stay just gonna be amazing because gonna be like seven years but I already like I am winning at this just completely winning just from the overhaul that I've had well in the stage isn't the end it's not the end that's just the next check-in for you yeah it's something that I never thought I'd do again like I

said Never Say Never I just thought the platform do power lifting this could be my end-all be-all and I love it but the stage has always been I think when when I first started with Paul five years ago I told him I think I want to try it one more time just get Redemption yeah oh I haven't even been on this stage I'm gonna owe me my first like real problem but you always support Aria you come to my show like you're you're just involved in this yes do you like this me I'm in the sport for sure I love it I love

all aspects of it too I love the the the aesthetics and I love the mental and the emotional and just seeing people win and not only winning a trophy but just seeing their mental wins and they're just I don't know it's hard to explain because it's like I get so emotional I can keep going on yeah I can say very I'm an emotional person I will say this like early on working with you through the initial building and cutting phases the emotions were like this yeah and now I feel like you're here yes and I

remember there's a lot of emails I sent to Paul and I probably overreacted quite a bit when I saw maybe a pound change but I've learned like I'm learning my body and I'm learning like not learning how he coaches I'm trusting more and that's the thing is trusting that I I do trust fall I trust Ryan I have him guiding me I'm just doing what they're saying now like I literally I'm just doing my absolute best and that's all I can do and I have two amazing people guiding me and though I know Paul will

never let me down I've been treating for five years know if I ever have a doubt I would be standing right here on this dumbbell well I think for someone that's been heavier yeah even seeing the scale go up a pound you go okay tomorrow seem to have another pound next week somebody up seven pounds you never thought to be 14 and then I'm gonna be Becker I started like a mine first the one

yes but over the years your confidence has grown to the point where you're like okay I'm up two pounds today tomorrow I'll be back down to I had some sodium I had some stress so you start to learn and it D values the scale it doesn't place as much important in your life it's just a number to look at exactly yeah the scale is just a number it's just another data point so look at yourself you know for me the big takeaways with your with your transformation is you you just transformed your life you took

back control of your diet your training and you've just been so consistent for so long that you've literally added muscle lost body fat and recom pure and tire kind of overall like you said your husband and you threw away some clothes like you're never going to be that heavy again exactly it's not in your DNA yeah I pulled out my first suit for my bathing suit first check and I sat in the hall and I pulled it out I said should I keep this no it doesn't fit me I don't think it's even that cute but it's gone

because I won't need it anymore I'm never gonna be there again like it's it's that's such a good feeling knowing how I do get nervous that maybe I'll get back to that one night II know it's not gonna happen we're not gonna enjoy life exactly have food and be social and balance it all out but ultimately that's the real issue that we ran into the first time before I ever worked with you was it there was no balance it was like crashdïet show's over now what yeah let's go hide in the pantry and eat no that's what my

one-year-old likes to do yeah shoutout to Jason yes watching this future all right guys I think that's gonna be up for us today we have a they plan we're going over to powerhouse gym to meet up with Colin and Steven and Jojo we're gonna have some pancakes well I'm gonna have an egg white omelet that-a-girl we're gonna work out and you know that's the part of being local and being in Tampa that's pretty awesome we get to meet up exactly all right guys so look look out for Jamie I'll make sure I put her Instagram and all that stuff in here you can follow along her journey through the stage and her

and her husband's journey across the state they'd like to go it's pouring in them we love exploring yeah so alright guys fuck tomorrow thank you bye guys.

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