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What's up guys welcome back to my website today's a foodie article I promised you a foodie article I've delivered on a 3d article today I want to show you 10 items that I buy every single week these are my go-to I'm not leaving that supermarket without these guys in my basket so they're all gonna be

great I don't want to make you feel like they're gonna be an order or anything like that they're just my favorite healthy foods that I just can't get through the week without so let's go okay first up this guy literally changed my life I mean that's a bit dramatic but I'm just gonna say I can't imagine a morning without him it's the protein porridge sachets these are my favorite they're the quakers golden syrup ones they are amazing now I know that it is not that environmentally friendly that I am buying the mini sachets these guys but they are so handy and so easy and they literally just they're just great they

really are great you can take them with you I used to take them to work when I was working in an office I let used to take them with me and have breakfast on my desk with them you can put them in your bag which is really easy it's already a portion I make them with water not with milk I just prepared that way I'm not a big milk gal so that's just how I like them they're not crazy high in protein but they have got more protein than a normal porridge sachet and they just taste really good so I'll let them off next up we have frozen berries okay frozen berries are so underrated and I literally use them

for so many different things they are such a versatile food that just makes its way into a lot of things throughout the week first up I love using them in smoothie so if I'm making like a post-workout protein shake or anything like that I love having it with frozen berries in that because it just makes it taste so much better and if you use frozen berries you don't need to use ice that just makes that easier so I've always used them in there and I also love having them warmed up a little over yogurt so they just pop them like in the microwave or on the hob maybe a bit of cinnamon in that if you're feeling

absolutely crazy love that warm them up and then it's kind of like a warmish situation definitely into that especially when it's a little bit colder and you just want something that's nice and yummy and warming last but not least they are amazing to have just as a snack if you've never tried frozen berries or literally just hardcore straight out the bag you need to try them they taste like sweets I'm not even kidding you they literally tastes like sweets so they also go down as a snack now I normally buy the mixed bag and my local supermarket which is a Tesco's do like a wibbly-wobbly mixed berry bag

where they basically just the berries that don't make the shape cut of like a perfect berry shape and throw those guys in there celebrate all those different shapes and sizes so when that's there I definitely support those guys so pick that one up but if I'm feeling that like it obviously was this day I buy the individual berry bags it's like a believe we won a cherry won a strawberry won a raspberry won and then you just pick an X with a whole host of them to choose well next up I thought I would show a protein source so it's tuna now this might seem like a really really boring one but I always buy

a sleeve of like four or five cans a week just because is such an easy protein source it is great for lunches it's great for dinner you can do those and stuff with it but it kind of just sits in the cupboard equally if you don't eat it it's great with a little bit of lemon some pepper that with like mayo it's great and it is such a great high protein source as well so always some tuna I always get one like this which is just in spring water rather than any of the oils or anything like that just because it just tastes nicest I think okay so this next one I actually don't think I've ever met somebody who has such a condiment

addiction like I'm yet to meet somebody who has managed to meet that passion so this I do it councils of food it probably doesn't but it always has to come in the weekly shop it has to be that and it makes everything taste better I'm telling you so it is the Nando's peri-peri sauce I also get the marinade sometimes the macros on it are really really good once having has nine calories thank you that's just mad I was gonna put ketchup in here but if you like ketchup isn't something that I buy every week it's more like every other week or every couple of weeks but that guy every week every week and you

can do so much stuff with it you can just put it on veggies you can have it cold you can have it hot just adds a lot of flavor to a dish or a meal or a side without adding like loads and loads of calories to it so pick some of that one okay I have a bit of a confession to make I'm just gonna be real with you guys I'm not a big veggie gal I just don't really find that I enjoy eating them I don't sit down and go I can't wait to have my veggies tonight so it's not really me so veggies have to be nice it has to be certain ones and I just have to make an effort to get them into my week so fine stuff that I like at the

beginning of the week definitely helps so my go-to use would be asparagus and peppers type us a nice and sweet and just really idiot-proof in terms of light you can do them in the pan you can roast them in the oven you can do a lot with them without really doing anything to them if that makes sense and then asparagus is just my favorite green the only other thing that I would tend to grab is spinach and that's just like a can't be asked to cook I'll just throw a handful on the plate at kind of situation next up one of my all-time favorite snacks and sometimes breakfast things you definitely

know that I'm gonna say this one it is a high protein Greek yogurt this is the phage is zero percent one I actually don't know if that's how you pronounce it it's probably not and I'm really sorry about that but this guy is really good and you can get it in loads of different places I also buy the mini like little serving pots like if I'm out and about I just want a high-protein snack you can buy individual different brands different flavors or that stuff but protein yogurt protein yogurt has to be bought every week ok next time we have some carb sources one of my absolute favorites are sweet potatoes I love sweet

potatoes if I could choose any potato it would be a sweet one they are really really yummy I've shown in previous articles how you can make them really easily but I basically just chopped them up put them on a tray put them in the oven put this seasoning on them and they're like the yummiest chip of your life so love these guys always buy them every single week next we have rice Packers these are such an easy carb source again I know that it's not as environmentally friendly or cost-effective do you're buying them in packets but it makes it really really easy and you pop these in the microwave

you can cook half if you just want half for dinner and 1/2 lunch if you have the whole bag they're really easy and again you can get different flavors and blends this one has got a few little veggies and stuff in it as well so it's just helping me get my veggies which as we've discovered is a struggle sometimes ok next up we have wraps wraps are basically like a better version of bread and you know how they do it I don't know what they do to make them so nice and fancy and make me feel like I've got my life together but I love a good wrap there are lots of different things you can do with them you

can have them as the heaters which is one of my favorite demos have where you put your mince or your chicken all your beans in your wrap get your salt say you get your cheese get your lettuce and you're just you're away you're in for a good time and that's on the menu or you can make fancy lunches with them and also you can make pizza so you can use them as a pizza base you can put some tomato sauce some veggies some chicken all that stuff on that and that's a good dinner right there there are all sorts of different types you could buy this one is actually a quinoa and cheese blend

no new wiring or fancy and premium on that but I did a lots of different ones you can get big ones small ones you can get whole wheat white fancy Lawson's different ones it would definitely recommend wraps in your life because they're just easy they're great and that's Oliver Sabel okay last but not least definitely not least we have some kind of ice cream this right now is my guy my favorite one it's just great and I love halo top but this one this one is something else so I always get some kind of low calorie ish ice cream because it's just what my favorite snacks have I always have to have

pudding in the evening like I'm literally like a child in that I have to have something sweet after my main meal in the evening so it's usually ice cream and that is one of my favorite ones to have so always end up getting some kind of ice cream in the weekly shop maybe the daily shop alright guys I hope you've enjoyed this article I hope it's been kind of interesting maybe it hasn't been hopefully it has been to just show you so my favorite go-to healthy foods that just make it into my week every single week because I know it could be difficult sometimes building up that list of like healthy staples

so hopefully this has given you some ideas of what usually goes down in the Emirates household and yeah these just some of my favorite foods so hope you've enjoyed and I'll catch you in the next one.



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