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10 MINUTE MORNING YOGA For Beginners - Anaducha.com

10 MINUTE MORNING YOGA For Beginners - Anaducha.com 10 minute yoga morning 10 minute morning stretch 10 minute yoga for weight loss 10 minute yoga before bed 10 minute morning yoga adriene morning yoga routine 10 minute gentle morning yoga 10 minute deep stretch yoga

10 MINUTE MORNING YOGA For Beginners - Anaducha.com

Hi everyone its marina welcome to the Eco got a sutured Website I welcome back to the eco goddess AnaDucha Website thank you so much for clicking on this article I'm excited to pursue a little bit of yoga today this article is for beginners and it was inspired by a person um a very special person who sent me an Instagram message and just brought me to tears with her message she was describing a little bit of her journey and how she got sick very sick two years ago and to this day she hasn't been able to pursue the same activities as she used to in terms of athletics but she is interested in pursuing

yoga as a way to kind of move her body and feel good and I'm in full support of that she requested that I do a yoga article and so here I am I've always wanted to do a yoga article but I've been hesitant to because I've never taken yoga instructor training or anything like that but I have taken several yoga classes just because of how much I loved it and how much it's changed my life so I'm just gonna share with you a basic routine something that I still practice to this day on days that I definitely want to move a little bit more slow when I take a little bit easy on my body this is a great article to refer to if you're also looking to incorporate more exercise in your lifestyle and you want to just start with something basic and something small that's what I did in my own journey I started with easier articles

actually just would AnaDucha different articles and do them alongside the instructor and I'm now exercising at least an hour every single day and I even now lift weights which I never thought I would do so perhaps I do some articles on that as well but needless to say it's really important to start small and to build your endurance up to build your strength up and then go ham vegan ham later on in your fitness journey I would definitely recommend having some water nexor yoga mat when you're doing your practice so that you can stay hydrated and this really goes for any exercise make sure that you stay hydrated the next tip that I'm just gonna leave here is essential oils yoga 101 people seem to just love essential oils so bring some to class smother and all over your body you'll make friends trust me

on that one now let's begin with our 10-minute routine I'm keeping my phone next to me so that I can keep track of time and you're welcome to do the same start in the traditional seated position next unwind and by this I mean let go of all of the stresses that happened in your day or that are happening right now in your life this is you time time to unwind time to give yourself some self-love and relaxation I like to start with three breaths so I breathe in inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth now remove the tension in your shoulders and slowly roll them backward with each roll fall deeper into your practice now slowly roll them forward now we're going to release tension in our necks by slowly moving them around and around now switch sides move now to

Child's Pose take your knees wide and soften your body stretch your arms and allow your head to meet the mat reminder to follow your breath here with each inhale and exhale you are becoming more present and more relaxed slowly rise into the tabletop position we are now going to practice cat-cow spread your fingertips wide with your middle finger and index finger pointing towards the front of the mat knees underneath your hips and with an inhale drop your belly to the ground curl your tailbone up and lift your gaze exhale round your spine chin to chest follow this movement and your breath and body for three more counts returning to tabletop position we're now going to do a gentle calf stretch slowly extend your left leg touch your toes to the ground and drive through your heel now switch legs

curl your toes under and reach your hips hi we are going to now move into downward facing dog pedal out your knees slowly to help wake up your hamstrings make sure that your fingers are fanned out wide so that your weight is evenly distributed when you're ready take a deep inhale and lift your right leg towards the air do as much as feels comfortable in an exhale bring your right leg to the floor and bend your knee so that your knee is touching the ground as well as your left leg sit here and remember to breathe in and out and feel into this stretch with an inhale come back into downward-facing dog we're going to repeat this process for the left leg so inhale lift your left leg up exhale bring your left leg to the mat and then inhale bring your left leg back exhale downward facing dog when

you're ready gently hop or walk your feet to meet your hands hang heavy in a deep forward fold have a generous bend in both knees to release your back relax your head relax your neck relax your jaw fill your breath travel up and down your spine engage your abs and with your knees bent slowly rise and unravel to standing this is where I like to stand and do a few Sun Salutations so I'll take my arms and simultaneously bring them up towards the sky look at them and then slowly have them meet to my chest in a prayer now I'm going to show you one my favorite poses that makes me feel super happy it's called the tree pose or the freak truss in a pose start with your right leg and bring it to rest on your left leg if you can bring it up higher bring it up towards your inner thigh just below your pelvis bring

your arms up and have your hands meet in the prayer hands repeat the same process for the left leg so take your left leg and rest it on your right and if you're feeling daring bring it up towards your right inner thigh and bring your arms up in your hands to meet in the prayer hands with a big inhale raise your arms up and have your hands meet to prayer and with an exhale leave with your heart and lower down as your back starts to round bend your legs so that you can fold even deeper find your way to your mat and in a seated position take your right leg and put it over your left leg now take your torso and turn it towards the right this will give you a nice deep full body stretch repeat this same process for your left leg by putting it over your right and twisting your torso the other way breathe in and out

deep here releasing with each exhale now slowly move onto your back on your mat we're gonna give your legs some love and do some final stretches here take your right leg and put it over your left leg now with both of your hands take your left leg and slowly pull it towards your chest breathe into the stretch here repeat the same process for your left leg by putting it over your right and taking both of your hands and pulling your right leg towards your chest slowly now we're going to move into another one of my favorite poses which is called the happy baby pose hands will be on the outside of your feet and you're just going to give this a nice stretch by pulling your feet apart and down the last pose I'll be doing with you today is the reclined twist one of my favorites I find this to be very

relaxing and therapeutic you're going to take both of your legs and bend them to one side we're going to start with the right side and you're going to have both of your arms flat on the ground if you'd like you can take your right hand and put it over your left leg to push your legs down even more to get an extra twist repeat this same process for the left side now we move into savasana or the final relaxation pose for your yoga practice I like to take out my hair so that I feel totally and completely relaxed and I will lay here for as long as I feel in alignment well I feel Zen AF right now I hope that you do too and I'm actually gonna put a little bit of essential oils on my hands and just inhale it it feels so good I always love to end my practice with breathing in my favorite essential Ilyn right now

it is lavender and then also hydrating so if you don't hydrate during your practice definitely make sure that after practice you hydrate if you enjoyed this article please let me know by giving it a thumbs up and subscribe to my AnaDucha Website teamwork makes the dream work and you all make this AnaDucha Website of reality and be sure to also turn on your post notifications next to the subscribe button so that you know the next time that I make a post until  then my friends namaste.



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