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What's up guys welcome back to my website okay today it's gonna be a good article because today I'm gonna show you five high-protein lunch ideas so basically these are five healthy super easy recipes that are packed with protein and that you can pack with you and take on the go wherever

you're going whatever you're up to so first up what I just want to say is that meal prepping doesn't have to be like a bro thing I think we think of meal prepping as like this gross cold Tupperware situation and it literally doesn't have to be meal prepping literally means preparing your meals it doesn't mean anything other than that and it doesn't have to be something obsessive and controlling it can let you just being you wanting to pack something that is gonna be balanced working towards your goals and easy.if you to grab when you're out about on the go with whatever you're doing that day so

whenever I am making any meal I'm always looking to try and get a balance I want to try and get carbs fats protein and also some micronutrients in there too so all these recipes are gonna have a balance of all of those things you couldn't totally tweak these to whatever your goal is whatever you're working towards whether you're bulking or cutting you're maintaining you just live in your best life whatever is tweak away I'm just going to show you guys some great food so okay okay so first up I'm gonna make a spicy chicken Mexican style Bowl so you can see I'm using a prepackaged

rice just because it is so convenient it's already a portion and you can get loads of great flavors so I'm having this have a handful of spinach I've got some grilled chicken I've got half an avocado which are my good healthy fats and then I'm gonna pop the dollop of salsa in the middle of the dash there are literally so many different options with there so definitely have a play with different flavors different meats different veggies all of that stuff till you get something that you really like and you can definitely mix and match throughout the week if you are meal prepping something like this for a

couple of days okay so next up we have a bit of a veggie dish so I am gonna start by washing some peppers and getting those chopped up ready to go into the pasta as just like a really good hair of veggies and veggies are great of really packing out meals and just giving them a lot more volume also just loads of great nutrients in there as well so I'm actually using a pea protein pasta you can buy this in loads of new facing markets it's just a different type of pasta it's gluten free and it's obviously made from a pea flour it tastes really really yummy and obviously protein content wise it's much much

higher so I'm going to use that and I'm also going to use a kind of store-bought sauce now I would just say with these check for labels and as long as it is just the raw ingredients of tomatoes and veggies and all of that stuff that should be in there that hasn't got things like added sugar added salt then I think these are great as a really easy way to add a source to a dish so I'm gonna add this and then I'm also gonna top it with some high protein cheese now this was technically hashtag gifted from muscle food but it is so yummy and I bought it so so many times again you can find it in

supermarkets and the macros are literally amazing pasta is another super cheap way to meal prep for the week because you can buy quite a big bag of dried pasta and obviously make several several meals out of it so I'd definitely recommend having a good posture that you like in the cupboard just as a really quick and easy way to whip up something nice okay so next up we have the sweet potato chicken and kale salad so you totally don't have to do this as a salad but I've done it as a salad because it's a great way to pack more volume into the meal but it's just as well really really yummy so

I'm starting by chopping up my sweet potatoes I don't peel them because I do like the skin on and I'm literally just gonna pop them on a tray with some fry light one calorie spray pop it in the oven and they'll probably be in there for about 30 or 40 minutes depending on how crispy you like them so definitely watch them so now I'm literally just going to start to throw everything together in one big salad bowl so I am using kale instead of lettuce kind of a kale spinach combo but you can totally use whatever you fancy or just have it on the side as like a side salad rather than mixing it all in together

I'm also using a light Caesar dressing just as like a really creamy way to bring some flavor in I love this dressing and again just have a read of labels when you're in supermarkets because often there are some really really good options I literally love sweet potatoes and I love having them in the fridge as something that's really easy already meal prepped you can literally cook up a whole bag of potatoes in one go and just store them in your fridge so you know you've got a really easy carb source ready to go and they're just great I just love sweet potato you can also totally swap the chicken out for

whatever your favorite high-protein plant-based source is whether it's tofu or whatever you fancy don't feel like it only works with chicken because it definitely doesn't next up we have the tuna salad flatbread so I'm gonna start by chopping up a red onion just because I love mixing this end with tuna I just think it adds some veggies in there and it also makes it really flavor some so I'm mixing that up and then I'm literally gonna throw it together in a bowl I can of no drain tuna steak which is in spring water this is one that I always buy I'm gonna mix it in with some light mayo and I'm also then going

to mix my red onion in there too so once everything is nicely mixed together I'm literally just gonna slot it inside a flatbread it is that simple with this one and then I'm also gonna serve it with a bit of a Spanish and tomato side salad but you can totally make this with bread or bagels or whatever you fancy I just kind of like flat breads just because they have a slightly different texture but you can definitely go to town with whatever bread or filling type you like there are so many great sandwich options I would just say don't hate on the sandwich there are some great options and really easy ways

to make them high-protein last but not least the turkey bacon caesar wrap so turkey bacon is probably one of my favorite protein sources as just a really great lean meat which is really yummy and you can do loads of things with it so I really like Caesar salads and I really really like Caesar salad wraps so this is kind of a bit of a recreation on this but you can totally mix this up and obviously like add more carbs lower the fats do whatever you fancy but this is just how I've made it today so you saw me kind of mix together everything in One Bowl and I actually use my hands to mix it just because it just

makes it much nicer and creamy and it just makes sure that things like the kale and spinach are really nicely and the dressing so I'd much rather just use my hands when they're nice and clean than spoons to be honest so I'd mix it all together and then I'm literally just gonna pop it into a wrap you can definitely see that I kind of overfill this and I'm just serving it with a side of the little bit of filling that was left over but you can totally add more stuff on the side more stuff inside whatever you fancy really is just a bit of an idea of how you can get that same Caesar salad flavor I guess but just with a

super high protein twist right guys I hope you've enjoyed this article I hope it's been super informative with giving you guys some ideas of some high protein recipes that I genuinely love and which I think are super easy to include into your day into your routine if you did like this is a article let me know because I would laughs effect I would love to film not Toby's lunch ideas I would love to film five like breakfast ideas or dinner ideas or snack ideas or whatever so let me know below if you want me to film those because I would be super happy to and I think they would be good okay guys

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