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5 Secrets of Fitness Influencers - Anaducha.com

5 Secrets of Fitness Influencers - Anaducha.com fitness tips daily exercise tips workout tips for beginners fitness secret gym gym exercise tips with images gym workout tips workout tips at home exercise tips for beginners

5 Secrets of Fitness Influencers - Anaducha.com

Hey it's Aaron do you ever scroll through social media and come across an account that's just so perfect that it can't be real all of the photos are amazingly curated the lighting the angles it's just like perfection it's like looking in a magazine and inevitably below each photo you'll find some inspirational quote about be yourself love yourself only compare you to you or you know something along those lines and it usually ends up making us feel just a lot crummy er than when we first started looking at Instagram or Facebook today I want to delve into the top secrets of Fitness influencers and

share how they create those perfectly curated photos and also show you that that is a highlight reel it's not actually reality and that we shouldn't compare our own blooper reel and our own reality to something that is well something that doesn't exist so without further ado let's get into those secrets the first secret is is that it's not real life and while this seems pretty intuitive let me explain so you're looking at a picture understand that this picture is the one picture that made the cut and there are probably 50 other pictures that were taken maybe a hundred other pictures that were taken and none of those worked and of this picture everything is carefully composed the person is posing exactly the way they want to pose to show off their best assets and that a lot of consideration went into this

picture also think about people who post who are lean all the time no one stays SuperDuper shredded year-round it's just not possible understanding that can go a long way so for example a lot of people will get super lean a couple of times a year and around that time they'll take a lot of pictures they'll do a lot of articles and during the times when they're not as lean they're gonna go ahead and cover up so chances are if you're looking at someone they're super shredded its December it's probably a throwback Thursday picture the next secret and this is one of my favorites you have angles lighting skin tone flexed versus not flex muscles this is just one secret but it's a ton of different things to really consider angles mean the world in photography you can take a picture from the ground and you're

gonna look like a total superhero you can put the camera up here and shoot down and you're gonna look more like a lollipop so your heads gonna look a little bigger and your legs and your body are gonna look a little smaller so knowing that it kind of changes things also I know for me for example I look a little bit like spongebob if I'm just standing like straight on but you know if I twist certain things if I bring my shoulders closer to the camera if I push my hips away then my waist all of a sudden looks smaller and my shoulders look huge so pay attention to the angles if you're looking at pictures and you're trying to compare a lot of times the person you're comparing yourself to is completely contorted and I mean it's just a huge pain in the lower back would you do something like

that but if you're just standing normally don't compare yourself to a person on social media picture wise because you don't know how much contortion they're actually going through in order to get that perfect picture lighting is so important you can stand under direct light and it's gonna make your muscles really pop if you're talking about the face if your face is on a direct light it tends to not look super great so a lot of times Fitness influencers will place a ring light or a box light in front of them so where the lights shining directly on them giving this ethereal glow but it's also really minimizing any imperfections so you don't see them skin tone is so important how many fitness influencers that are ripped are really pale self-tanner is huge in making the body look a lot more defined and a lot

more ripped so you'll see the difference between my one pale leg and my one tan leg and you'll see how much more definition you see with the spray tan flexing a muscle or relaxing a muscle two totally different looks when your flex the legs or the arms can look twice as big so you're not going to see a lot of fitness influencers that are not flexed in a picture or at least putting a little tension on the muscles so you take those flex muscles and you take the angles combine the two if they're on a coat of spray tan and you have something you have someone that looks superhuman and they're just normal or you know they work out but they actually look a lot more ripped shredded and their proportions look a lot more impressive by utilizing these things the third secret and this is one I kind

of contemplated not including because I don't have any specific examples but you see it so much on social media is the face tune and the Photoshop so the classic example I can think of is the lady's standing and she's got our arms on the railing and where the hips and the waist is you can see there's this very distinct drop in the railing so there's been a little bit of tweaking of that picture drawing the waist in pushing the hips out creating that hourglass shape and if you look carefully a lot of the the celebrities and some of the Fitness influencers will make their proportions look a lot more impressive than what they actually are so be really careful again if you are trying to compare yourself to something that is not attainable and doesn't actually exist the next secret is there is no one-size-fits-all

diet program if you see a fitness influencer and he or she is promoting a diet program to help get you shredded to help you get in the best shape of your life just do a little bit more research a lot of times people with a great following have no actual certifications or accolades or knowledge that backs up this diet plan and recently there have been a few fitness influencers that have gotten into trouble about creating and selling faulty or bad diet programs or not delivering them at all your time your money your well-being is very very important so if someone's promising a quick fix or a diet that's you know gonna get you in the amazing amazing shape don't bite on it right away just be careful and the last secret is we all have insecurities doubts hang-ups and we all lack motivation from time to

time so this is just part of being human and a lot of fitness influencers or many people will not go and tell you that straight out there are days where I lack motivation I put on my sneakers and I tell myself I'm just gonna go to the gym I can leave if I want to and just getting there is half the battle and you can't train hard year-round there are just certain things you know life has ABS inflows and even the person that has the perfect body in your opinion still has insecurities about his or her body or shape so it's just like I said just part of being human this so understand that the most gorgeous person in the world might not like her bingo wings or even like a little muffin top or whatever it might be if you've liked this article please consider subscribing and don't forget to click that little bell if there's

something specifically that you'd like to see please comment below and I love to create articles that you want to see until next time train hard job.



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