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7 Heatless Hairstyles for Fall - Anaducha.com

7 Heatless Hairstyles for Fall - Anaducha.com

7 Heatless Hairstyles for Fall - Anaducha.com

Oh my god haha hi guys welcome back to my website through new here what's up its list I've had four coffees today I'm a little also I'm wearing a shirt that's backwards and the little insecure about the fact that it's backwards what the back is cuter than the front there's nothing he likes I haven't sat down and done like a multiple hairstyle article and I can't remember the last one I did so who cares but I'm

doing it now I did a poll on one of my community posts so make sure that you guys are subscribed so you can see stuff like that so you can vote on articles and things it's super fun and you guys wanted some easy fall hairstyles so I'm doing it if any of these are repeats from years ago sorry I mean I know you're not going back watching those articles anyway so that's kind of like their nails we're starting off number one number one number one should I do a mix of scrunchies I'm gonna do a first scrunchie look I've even seen a lot of like blogger girls do this look I do my hair the same way every

day so I really had to like go through and scrounge around and see like well what's there I took at these two scrunchies I'm using two cuz they're thin and I want it to look a little thicker oh my gosh how cute is this like what I need little glasses this is so sassy when I wear it no but should you yeah this hair looks like you know those interim girls that post it like a sucker and they're like that's what this one done I feel like I have mom hair these days you guys I'm not even kidding look at it one two oh you don't I'm gonna do I'm gonna do this I'm gonna take my fingers and I'm gonna do we pull

them through the top that lick the layer here shake out the rest of the hair and kind of just pull it around to the back like this see this kind of public this thinner layer is this scrunchies and I'm gonna make that little freakin loop do it and I'm gonna pull it down on the sides here just have like this low little you can put any pieces that don't really fit the back anymore now you have this cute little messy like what I didn't do my harem of the SEO girl this is literally my fourth Colegrove the day there's dog hair all over it we're gonna use two shades of blue let's let my hair down the middle like this I'm

gonna kind of just like say look it kind of just messy I take this hair let it be messy and I'm just gonna do a little freakin okay I am beautiful you're beautiful and confident and important and creative and successful and great you are amazing you should say those things to yourself every day I like feel so like mom right now you know okay on to the other side I'm just gonna taking my hand behind my head and going so just ready whoo I'm just gonna kind of yeah go with whatever falls in the front I'm just freakin leaving because it's fall you know if my rain I have a thunderstorm might get a pumpkin

thrown at me so I'm just going to just let my hair be a mess shut the hell up I am literally so cute oh my gosh Mill Oliver kindergarteners look at me this is so fun I mean I would probably fix it and like pull some of these back but am I going to know about that sideburn light like let me live me and my sideburns are out here is this some point I miss filming these actually let's see if I do it at the same time don't do this at home or do you know whatever live your life gotta get my hair back easy you know and you're just like this beautiful it's just easy let's do I see people use so many barrettes and

clips and stuff guess what I don't own barrettes because I'm not gonna say it but the trend is not for me I said it but we can fake it so everyone's doing little barrette like this these are my duckbill clip like this right oh no no you're out that was silly looking look oh my gosh am I so on-trend yeah I'm it cool I like the ones you see on Inter Milan board the ones that say like feelings and they say other things that I just see a lot of people wearing the feelings because people have a lot of feelings I guess Loki I had a fun with these barrette little duckbill clip things so if you want me to actually get some

barrettes or just use these and show you cute other ways to do Bret Stiles let me know but until then we're doing if you right now what this is one that I did in third grade I'm not even kidding this is how I grew up my baby ready you just go Boop you can style your hair any way you want it I'm not even kidding my third grade picture I'm wearing a blue striped t-shirt and fuzzy blue cheetah print leopard print um barrettes and I was like this all right it holds like that but this is my exact look I like this thing oh you know what else is gonna be a cool one we're gonna like this already do this again but

wait watch this you take this hair you're gonna kind of twist it and you're gonna go Chris and then they're gonna go cross girl wouldn't plan oh my god love it you want me to do your hair be like these are actually so much fun to like play with what if I did one this is called oh you know if it doesn't make me think oh wait no this is like when I used to do a little twist these back if this becomes a style I swear my life y'all better call this the listed it no don't even call it the list I want the name to be list did it unless everyone hates it then I never I don't know what you're talking about I said wear my hair

like this on high school I look like a 14 year old I'm gonna call this one 14 oh my god yeah I feel like I need to get some barrettes so if you want to see a Bratz article let me know cuz I want to do more but I want that to be its sound also are people calling them barrettes are they calling the clips cuz they're called barrettes that's all I called them there you go there's some easy fall looks you guys I'm gonna call these looks he lists cuz you can wear them on your natural hair or if it's curled my hair is just waved but my hair always looks like this and I didn't do this today so it's heatless baby whoa if

you guys would like to see other hair articles like this let me know if you want to see the brett article let me know if you want to see anything from you do you want anything taupey I'll do it I love you guys so much thank you for watching and I can't believe as a person that's always like I'm no longer doing hair articles no I'm doing one you want to know what it is you know how the law of attraction says what you focus on is like what comes to you whether it's good or bad I keep focusing on how I don't want to do it and so now I'm doing it yeah okay I love you guys so much I am being weird so I

need to like get out of here edit this article so you can see it anyway I love you want your make babies or make friends or my family and I love you so much please just look at our noodle head bye guys look at her oh my god Chum oh-ho-ho aw.



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