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9 HEATLESS HAIR CLIP HAIRSTYLES! (Cute & Simple) - Anaducha.com

9 HEATLESS HAIR CLIP HAIRSTYLES! (Cute & Simple) - Anaducha.com cute scrunchie hairstyles for short hair heatless hairstyles scrunchie hairstyles 2020 scrunchie hairstyles 2019 cute scrunchie hairstyles for long hair scrunchie hairstyles curly hair 15 hairstyles 5 scrunchie hairstyles

9 HEATLESS HAIR CLIP HAIRSTYLES! (Cute & Simple) - Anaducha.com

Hello you guys welcome back to my Website if you're new here it's so nice to meet you my name is Liz so for the last article I asked if you wanted some burette hair clip inspired looks I guess my inspired they are looks with those hair accessory so if you want to see those let's get right into the article okay you guys I'm actually gonna start off today with ways new dry shampoo no this is not

sponsored but this is their super dry shampoo and my hair's a little greasy today so I'm actually gonna go ahead and spray oh it smells so good it smells like their scent Melrose Place it smells freaking delicious okay you can already see the difference do you see that I did not have time to get some barrettes that I liked everything they looked at online I'm not gonna lie nothing caught my eye so I'm just gonna stick to using my little duckbill clips because I you know it it gives you the illusion of what you can do if you have some real barrettes okay starting off with the one that we did in the last article but this is one of the looks you take one on each side I call this list at 8 years old this is

literally how I was growing out my bangs and I've been seeing people do it now and I'm like that's literally me and third grade leave their grade now if you have like different sized barrettes or you have ones that are different you know patterns or textures I've seen people do a double on one side and then one on the other whole done double and then just the one off to the side so you have like the purlins makes it like a leopard one or something like that you can also do that so here's lip number two now now if I won that I saw it was similar to this not exactly it was honestly really different but it just kind of gave me this idea shoot this girl I can't remember where I saw it I saw it on Instagram but

she had her hair all done ready to let go it was like fur fancy or dinner but the way that she did her hair zwei was that she parted it to the side like this you kind of have this cool part happening okay and then over here she's kind of did like quite a few and they were all different shapes and sizes you could do I see so many people like the purlins in right now or they have like really small ones that she did like this whole like barrette thing all the way down she did quite if he was literally wash so and totally clipped this side back see her totally you could bring this I feel like I'm gonna take this one away I don't love it with that many but for it could be cool remember people that hide like that part of

their head shaved that's kind of what this reminds me up I feel like the burette thing like hair clip thing is more right now about you know accessorizing less about the usefulness of one I guess so but another way you could do this is to do just like a cute little half-up half-down look so what I would do is just something super super loose so I would take my fingers pull out little pieces around the front and I probably just like gently take a piece here hold on if you got to make sure the back isn't looking funky fix that pull it around back and just kind of wing it with this hand just kind of let things fall my favorite hairstyles everyone you're just like letting it happen just kind of letting it loosely

thanks you had this cute little like easy put your glasses on hey then in the back is when you can take your actual cute barrette or something and then there you go you can do one little doozy like that super cute another one you can do is if you do like this yes skinny or barrettes like similar to something like this you can cross them that would be super cute to use a little more of a flare I promise my back hasn't turned to you forever another one that I've seen is when people do some sort of like do like bun so you can do unless you bun just grab it mess it about whatever you want bunt okay and then you can use it on your baby hairs and I've seen people doing like this they take a really

big ones so it's really worried about who you could do an opposite so you can I've had like a balance here it's more about like I said the look of it and then like the practicality there should be cute with some hoops and if I tried harder and be cuter I will be honest with you I had to do a little hair clip research I know where these myself which is why I only have these clips that I use just to style my hair when I'm like curling in whatever just a part it so I really had to do some research so I got a lot of my inspiration just from either ones I did as a kid on her once I see you online recently so another one that I saw that I thought was super cute and I know oh my gosh a little list would have died for this so

I saw someone just pull their hair back like this it looked like more like a finger come back then like using a brush to make it all nice and they used a scrunchie did a lower one I saw this one on Pinterest so I can't say like who it was because it was just pinned by a random user and then why I would do is I kind of pulled this out but they had it look like they had smaller one so it was way cuter but they just kind of pinned them this side right here next to their little ponytail just a little bite just a little flair even if you want to just leave your hair down like normal and just do just like a one-sided thing this is what I used to do in high school I would take a side and I did this with bobby pins and I would just

pay it back like this the thing I would do the most is I would make a braid I would make a little braid just try to like French braid right against the scalp right here just a little one I would do this with my baby hairs cuz my baby hairs always get in the way and then I would just pin it up like this I'm gonna do two on this one there across that's cute I feeling with Brett's if you have like those cute ones you can probably get them off Amazon or get them from Target or like a cute little boutique East or even get some funky ones that no one else have and you just really play with them and kind of figure out what you like and what fits best for your personality because I feel like when it comes to hair

accessories you really want something that fits your personality I'm more like a simple I like minimalistic style kind of thing I'm very low-maintenance when it comes to my hair and besides like the fact that I go get it professionally done other than that I wear my hair like this or like a sleek bun hair accessories for me are not really my thing but I can't see how there's so much fun and I love seeing them on other people so I like if you find like the right vibe you can totally get them to figure personality and create a look that may not be your everyday look but you're really bringing an idea to life does that make sense my AC turned on thanks did you like this article I hope you did let me know

what other hair articles you would like to see for the fall season like I said in this article I am pretty simple with my hair in an everyday basis so I will be honest with you I don't always know what's cool with hair since I wear the same two styles every other day also what would you like to see from me during fall that's not hair more vlogs more lifestyle more style articles let me know in the comments below I love you guys so much thank you for watching and I was the next one yeah bye guys you.



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