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Banded Glute Workout | Former Bikini Olympia -

Banded Glute Workout | Former Bikini Olympia -

Banded Glute Workout | Former Bikini Olympia -

Hello guys Natalia here and I'm super excited that today for the first time I'm gonna be able to use the outside gym at destination since I moved two dollars I've been dying to try the outside but whenever I first moved in the summer it was freakin hot I don't know if you ever bring two dollars in the summer 

but it's like I don't know how hot so today we're getting the to try the outside gym and I'm gonna be using the new bands that Better Bodies has just come out with which is the loop band that are amazing too to use for glue training lower body training but it specifically for do glutes and then you have the more essence the strength conditioning type of band that I also use a lot in all my workouts so most of the workout we're gonna be doing today it's gonna be here in the outside gym that you can

see behind me and I'm gonna be using for for most of the out saying 90% of the exercises I am gonna be using one of the bands and the beauty of it though is that you don't really need a gym to be able to use these bands and have a fantastic workout you can modify so for example let's say that I'm using a barbell for an exercise with the band one of the exercises is gonna be the S&C band around the around the hip with the barbell doing a barbell deadlift with hip thrust is standing up you can

perfectly do that at home with a dumbbell or with a kettlebell so most of the exercises I'll be demonstrating today with the band you can do just with the band and dumbbells so that's pretty that's the pretty cool part about the bands and that's why even when I travel I normally take a set of bands with me and these bands are definitely gonna be in my bag next time I travel I hope you enjoyed them as much as I will in a very crazy way when I train glutes I go more for the the body and mind

connection than trying to lift all the weights don't get me wrong I do love to to lift heavy but I think that it has its time and its place and it doesn't really have to be every single time that you train you have cheese mash it just with the ways you can increase the over the progressive overload you can do that by increasing range of motion by increasing number of reps by increasing the negative so that's normally what I do when I train glutes you're gonna see that I'm not gonna be lifting crazy amounts

of weights I try to focus mostly in in contracting and thinking about the muscle that I'm using my first combo was hip thrust the first one I did without the band's but then I felt like he was a bit too light I didn't want to add more weight so I just added the band around my knees and that increased the the resistance and then I super started that with curtsy lunge to a straight reverse lunge so you don't even get up you go from the curtsy lunge you straight to the reverse lunge and then you you get up so it's

almost like a pump from curtsy to reverse lunge and then you get up and then the second one was that the power squat machine outside on this glorious day I did squats there with the band around my knees and then I did good mornings which is a very hip hinge a very hip dominant movement with the bands around the knees as well and then from there I went to the the Prowler which sounded like a good idea when I was putting this workout together but he wasn't really because I feel like I am

gonna be dying tomorrow because of that thing and then the third set like the third superset was barbell deadlift with his standing hip thrust with the band so you just have to tie the the band to something that is not gonna move hopefully and put it around your hip and then you go down as a deadlift and whenever you come up you thrust your hip a little bit to add that tension to the glutes and then from there I did the ladder walks with burpees so three lateral hops with a burpee fresh press up

I skipped the jump because I was already dying but if you want to be my guest do the jump with it and then three and then the push up and then three in an back and that was my deadly superset that you should be able to complete that very quickly 45 minutes max so keep that resistance up keep the intensity in 45 minutes you should be done.



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