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Bodyweight EMOM -

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Bodyweight EMOM -

What's up everybody my name is Becky and I'm here to give you a quick short workout that is done within 32 minutes and it requires no equipment just your body weight okay now I promise it's not exactly the most beginner style workout but anybody should be able to do it from intermediate and on up okay so what I have here and I'm gonna go ahead and grab my white board here I don't have a stand port yet but I have set it up into an imam style type of workout okay you'll be doing three rounds of a and B okay I have for a lunge lunge squat and that is a plyometric movement okay you'll be climbing lunge to the lunge to a jump squat okay followed by we have V sit up roll over to a

Superman SEAL push-up and you'll hold hollow which is where you keep your feet in your upper body from the shoulders on up off the ground it is a very very good core exercise and then what's called shotguns okay or cocoons if you were to look them up on body but calm but I had always called him shotguns and then for B after a two minute break we have the wall set handstand push-ups followed by reverse crunches followed by Diamond push-ups and then finally your rollback star jumps okay now if you're unfamiliar with an imam style type of workout that is every minute on the minute okay so for minute zero to one you'll be doing the first exercise and then one two to the second so on and so forth and you would do all of a three times through okay so as soon as you're

done with the shotguns you'll break back up to the lunge lunge squat so if you guys want to go ahead and snap a photo of that get a screenshot you're more than welcome to to go ahead and copy it down so I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to put this down and then I'm going to show you what each exercise looks like for you so on the moment for the first exercise on the a segment of our workout all right it's a lunch lunge squat all right if you do not feel comfortable with doing a plyometric part of it that is completely fine you can just do the walking lunges into an air squat so the workout that I've written calls for a plyometric lunge lunge squat okay so you're going to start out like lunge lunge squat and then keep going back and forth okay for the first mint for the second exercise we have the

V set up followed by and you roll into the Superman okay so what that looks like is pretty much like a jackknife okay hands above the head and you're going to V up okay roll over Superman okay roll back V sit up roll over Superman okay and you can alternate sides by rolling on the opposite side that is up to you again that would be for the next whole minute okay the third exercise that I have for you is called a seal pushup now a seal pushup looks like this okay a downward dog position to start you're going to kind of dive on there and head into the ground but then you're going to arch into a Cobra and come back up okay diet bump marching to a cobra and come back up again and back up again that is for a whole another minute the next exercise would be called old hollow or an isometric hollow okay

if you have back issues you may want to protect your back by placing your hands underneath the lower back upper glute area and you just keep your feet off the ground by six inches and keep the shoulders off the ground okay and all you're gonna do is sit here and hold it for as long as you can if you can pull it for the whole minute great if not just let yourself down and then pick up back up and whenever you can the last exercise for this segment of the workout all right it's going to be shotguns okay so you're gonna cert similar to a jackknife or the visa beer and clip-in okay tuck in come in now okay now whenever you do shotguns RV sit-ups or holding the hollow you're going to want to keep your bellybutton as tight to the spine as possible okay you're going to want to try to suck that in as as

much as possible okay and it's going to help strengthen your abdominal and your core region okay now once segment a is completely done three times through so that would be 15 minutes okay that's the first half give yourself a two to three minute break if you need more please take it if not and you don't feel out of breath you may go right ahead into segment B okay so segment B we're going to start with a wall set okay so obviously you're going to want to find a wall and you're going to just sit break down knees hip width apart or shoulder width apart and you're going to sit down with a ninety degree knee angle okay you want to be 90 degrees both at your knee and your hip all right and I will show you guys through this side okay 90 to 90 degrees with the knees obviously the back would be against

the wall all right hold that for a full minute if you can if you can't that is fine come down slowly and then pick back up when you can our next exercise is a handstand pushup okay if you're unable to do a handstand push-up so there are other options out there for you you can either do regular push-ups you can do decline or excuse me incline push-ups you can also do downward dog push-ups okay which would be the seal push-ups but only this portion of it okay here you see how push-ups or you know clay obvious we put our feet up against the wall won't grade up there you're going to come down and then come back up okay and then you're going to want to do that for a minute so again if you cannot do that or you feel uncomfortable with doing the handstand push-ups that is completely fine you can

always switch them out for regular push-ups kneeling push-ups or you're on your knees and you do push-ups you can do downward dog push-ups incline push-ups whichever you prefer okay the next one we have reverse crunches okay after we have completed the first two on the second segment we have reverse crunches okay so reverse crunches we are focusing on not coming up with our upper body we're coming up with our legs so again if you have lower back issues excuse me you can either place your hands underneath the low back in the upper glute area to kind of help love that area out or you can use a pad whichever you prefer now you're going to do is raise your legs up and once they get about 90 degrees you trying to lift your butt straight up okay we don't want to be coming back

here and going like this that is not going to help the lower ab region okay coming back like this is just rolling back okay so we are going to want to come up to 90 degrees and then straight up okay so again I'm up to 90 to 90 degrees straight up okay once that is completed we're going to go back to push-ups okay but we are going to do Diamond push-ups Diamond push-ups or whenever you make a diamond with your hands you can see that and you place them in your chest area okay and you're going to going up and down like this so we have the diamond we're going through down come right back up okay now that is going to work your chest area is a really really good exercise and it gets really really tough especially after doing all those push-ups from before the last exercise is a

plyometric exercise yes the first one had at the beginning this one has at the end so we're going to finish strong last set best set or deal here so the last exercise of segment beat is rollback star jumps okay so rollback star jumps is a combination kind of almost thing of like a reverse Burpee type or deal okay we're not jumping up and coming down to our chest or jumping up and rolling back and then coming back up alright so I'm going to show you here okay I'm going to start standing I'm going to drop down hold back and start jump okay and the whole point to this is to get as high as you possibly can alright so we're again going to drop down Sergent drop down start yup come right down sorry Joe okay so I'm sorry that I don't have a better setup I will get better as time goes on I'll figure

things out but for now this is what I have so I hope you guys are willing to try out the exercise and the workout I know just demoing everything and talking things through I am out of breath and I know that the workout is really tough excuse me but if you guys do decide to try it comment below let me know how it was let me know what you want to see in the next workout and I can probably come up with it so I will see you guys next week have a great night and thank you for watching.



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