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Build Muscle, Lose Fat "Not Weight" -

Build Muscle, Lose Fat "Not Weight" -

Build Muscle, Lose Fat "Not Weight" -

In today's article how to lose body fat without losing weight hey guys what's going on this is Paul Ravello from pro physique comm in today's article I'm gonna address the topic of how it is that we can lose body fat but not lose weight and if you're interested in training nutrition all things will please

hit the subscribe button because I'm loving the topics that I've gotten from you guys lately and the topics came from my Instagram direct message so go on the screen here send me a direct message like my man here did I'm gonna address the question and then I'm gonna talk about how I would approach it as a coach and as someone who has some experience in this area the question says I'm 26 years old I'm 510 and I weigh 164 pounds I would say I'm about 16 to 17 percent body fat my goal is

to get to 12% is there a way I can stay around the 160 s while losing body fat to get to my percentage goal even if it would take a while I would really like to not drop below the 160s thanks for your time and thank you for the great question now let's talk about it okay so if we're looking at this question from a math perspective if you're 164 pounds and around 16 to 17 percent body fat well that means that you have about 26 pounds of body fat so to get to that magic mark of 12% that means we need to lose about 6 to 7 pounds which would put you under 160 obviously so how can we get to let's say a

160 pounds of 12% body fat well you probably need to add 3 to 4 pounds of lean body mass now there's a few ways to accomplish this you could spend some time focusing on just building muscle and keeping your body fat where it is so that the scale would kind of creep up to around 170 and then you would have to diet back down or you diet down get to your goal kind of target and then just maintain that by eating at maintenance or slightly above while focusing on growing but I just did a really interesting article with Brett Contreras a couple days ago there maybe was a couple weeks now

but the topic was how to build muscle in a caloric deficit I want to talk about two two additional aspects that are scenarios that no one ever talks about perfect all right so the fourth scenario that's just if you never followed a good program or the best part that's what I was going to ask you yeah if you've never tried the best program for your body or and there's this idea in bodybuilding that you cannot build muscle and a caloric deficit which we basically showed was false you can certainly add muscle and a caloric deficit under certain conditions okay the most common condition that I think we

see would be when we actually start to pay very close attention to our nutrition and our training okay now yes most people when they say they go to the gym they go to the gym and most people when they say they're eating while they eat well but what I've noticed at least the trend with even myself and the people that I work with when we enter a phase of dieting for a competition with that first initial phase which is technically a caloric deficit there is a huge improvement in the training and a huge improvement in the adherence to diet and supplementation all these little things can lead to

building some muscle despite perhaps not being in a huge caloric surplus okay so you don't need to be eating so much food that you are quote-unquote bulking to build muscle you have the opportunity to improve your training well what does that look like well I'm sorry friend I don't know what your training schedule looks like I don't know what your workout split looks like I don't know what your philosophy behind you know power strength rep ranges all these things but there's some great resources out there when it comes to training to adding muscle you need to be training hard you need

to be progressively overloading over time and if you're going over over that every time if you're getting in the gym and crushing the weights every single time in there and giving yourself adequate time to recover well then you need to pay attention to the diet are you now getting high enough quality protein throughout the day to help build that muscle and recover from the training are you taking in carbohydrates in a manner which suits your goals prioritizing them around your training maybe some before some after if you trained early in the day maybe you have a lot in the last meal

whatever it is making sure that that training session is the best training session it can be again with supplementation this is our supplementation really helps filling in the gaps of what's going on with you making sure your recovery you're resisting fatigue in the gym you're getting great pumps hey if you've never done create some monohydrate you might be able to put on three to four pounds of lean body mass just by doing that okay again that's hydrating the muscle it's gonna make you train harder in the gym because you resist fatigue a little bit better and you have a little bit better you know

recovery and training volume over time that's going to lead to more muscles so I understand that I've given you kind of a bunch of variables here so the two options are to actually just go ahead and focus on adding muscle while keeping your body fat where it is or the second option which would be get down to say 160 the lowest you want to be maintain that weight and continue to recontact that weight through proper training proper recovery proper diet proper sleep all those things you know it's not easy putting on muscle isn't easy I'll be the first person to tell you you know I've been doing this I

don't want to tell you guys over 25 years I've been at this is that right Wow I was 17 when I started so you know I've been at this for a long time and this is all I have this is all a muscle I have now it's not that impressive but what it is it's a heck of a lot more muscle than had when I started and maybe I'll find some old pictures of me so you can get an idea just what adding I don't know 30 40 pounds of muscle to my frame has done it's completely changed the way I look but it's taken me this many years and point you know I'm struggling to add ounces of muscle but that's okay because it's on top of the pounds and pounds that I've added over my lifetime in the gym so that's it don't be in a rush find out

what is more important to you is it more important to you to beat to that 160 or is it more important to you to put the muscle on first before you dye it down to 160 that's how you answer the question that's how you reach your goals I have a special guest visitor that's right Jamie Calais it's coming over the house for those that don't know Jamie was one of my first articles I did on reverse dining success she actually has completely transformed her life so you're gonna love that and if you're not watching the podcast redefine healthy radio well that's because we don't have articles but you should be listening to

the podcast I'm gonna link that below Lauren came over yesterday just did a article talking about Stephanie butter more we had dr. Scott Stephenson over dr. bill Campbell so we have lots of good stuff coming out on this podcast so you should be following along below guys and I'll talk to you tomorrow.



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