Day 261 of yoga and gratefulness YOGA CLASS! - - AnaDucha

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Day 261 of yoga and gratefulness YOGA CLASS! -

Day 261 of yoga and gratefulness YOGA CLASS! - youtube yoga class 20 minutes yoga class video youtube yoga class for beginners yoga classes near me yoga classes for beginners near me yoga class online yoga classes near me for ladies yoga with adriene

Day 261 of yoga and gratefulness YOGA CLASS! -

Good morning love once I hope you've had a good night's sleep I did them it's actually evening here and that's the thing I think that's how it's gonna be during my education when it's done it's gonna be way different and I can't wait I'm so so excited to start working I feel like it's gonna suit me very well when I see the schedule I'm like all excited about it and when I see the destinations I'm worried sighted so maybe finally I found you know my profession it's been taking me quite a long time so I

feel very very grateful for for this new job I feel also very grateful for my parents and the support they're giving me through everything I also just got a message from my best friend and tells me if I could Vegas it's hurt her voice next weekend and them I'm gonna sure if I can but I feel very happy and honored that she's asking me and he's willing to give me that trust so there's a lot of things so that I'm very grateful for here and now we're gonna do a bit of yoga so get down on your sitting bones and strengthen up your back let's try some focus on the area between your eyebrows the third eye looking inwards so we were breathing it where it's located in your body we're gonna come back to this

breathing eventually but before that we're gonna do the Breath of Fire and we do that by pushing our belly button towards the spine quick impossible so inhale to start beautiful now we're gonna do the hip protein it forward exhale back thanks it back and we're gonna switch there beautiful now we're gonna do the hiepro so come to all your force place your hands straight underneath your shoulders place your knees straight underneath your hips find a little micro bending in your elbows on the immolation come forward with your belly look how it you're gonna stop in neutral position like our toes and come to downward facing dog we down dog it's important that we get the purpose of down

dog is to get a space between every vertebra in the spine so push your hips up towards the ceiling bend your knees and really worry about towards the ceiling feel how your whole spine is stretching out on your next exhalation come forward with your right knee we're gonna work in hospital so your root lock and your mid lock and on the exhalation come down flex your right foot he'll come up on the exhibition comes it down the up now feel if there's any different on your rights and your next slide on the next exercise I'm gonna come forward your left knee for me come down your flex your left foots find your roots look and your mid looking on the excision he'll come out we're gonna come

forward with our right sights place it on the outer part of the left feet we're gonna harbor right knee with our left arm and place our right arm behind your back straight down the back and look over your right shoulder evening comes the other side and neutralized quick Dalton you're sitting boss hogg hear me with your right arm your left knee with your own little left hand behind your back and look over your left shoulder now we're going to come to the other side and just know we're gonna finish with the meditation get down on your sitting rents and straighten up your back let's try some focus on the area between your eyebrows the third eye looking inwards that design lead you to the area around

your heart in this area you find them in the room where you're gonna spend some time just for yourself there's nothing that has been and nothing that will come it's only here in this moment three partum chili cottage after samadhi father ha ha ha Galu shall now your gotcha double-team you know tell Todd rush to refurbish this sad room yah meetin monstre breath ayah from July uh fish stock mist aha slowly come back to room we were we're gonna finish this stuff together with three shanti place your palms together in front of your hearts and the union sister place your palm stare for help it's a think it folds up through the day to mouth food speak the truth into your heart free to follow your

heart and to be kind yourself into all the people namaste thank you so much for today you guys are amazing for making me do this you know what I don't have time and when I'm like missing thank you I love you very much for that and remember to go out there and give I'll see you tomorrow bye.



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