Easy Exercises: HIPS & OUTER THIGHS | 12 min Home Band Workout - Anaducha.com - AnaDucha

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Easy Exercises: HIPS & OUTER THIGHS | 12 min Home Band Workout - Anaducha.com

Easy Exercises: HIPS & OUTER THIGHS | 12 min Home Band Workout - Anaducha.com resistance band workout for inner thighs resistance band workout for thighs resistance band exercises for legs and glutes mini band workout resistance loop band exercises inner thigh workout mini band workout youtube mini band hiit workout saddlebags fat exercises exercises for saddlebags and inner thighs saddlebag workout before and after best exercise machine for saddlebags saddlebag workout challenge what causes saddlebags are saddlebags attractive why can't i get rid of my saddlebags

Easy Exercises: HIPS & OUTER THIGHS | 12 min Home Band Workout - Anaducha.com

Lilia welcome back from Teddy and I for another workout test interviews on this with me one baby oh my god she was smoothie wonderful ear there you guys can see them the today's workout is going to be a 12 minute hips and outer thigh workout before yes please don't forget to hit that subscribe button hit that Bell icon for notifications with every single time I upload a new workout I really do because the plan is to give this to Teddy in hope that even the state still throughout this workout wish

me luck as we offer the band around our knees we're coming into a nice deep squat I will still please start you off with some crab walks okay keeping the but nice below we've got four exercises or three rounds okay we've forgotten really nice and what comes to training a new machine out against that bad coming out - halfway ready good whack amazing name means what it remains the highest right now just 10 seconds left delivering well I may be now have my pretend food onesie we adjust the size select an angle like hey that's good 30 seconds inside good luck keeping that menace through the knees what abilities in the opportunity a little bit as well incredible coming down onto the mat on that you're gonna straighten that up colette is just amazing like i halfway into it amazing do that get it cool

tie one more now straight down bend both knees and we are going for a clamp this down only to go to deep tension on the how to do oh hello okay that needs to come out to the side Center and then a diagonal okay so you should be feeling this in the act of booty you want to make sure that your weight is back through your heels okay you're not coming forward like so weight is back the buck is back and we've got that ends of the name oh good work halfway we're changing sides so we're nearly there one more of each incredible okay Mike ribbond good this is my much stronger size my uninjured side and in most a minute the difference is huge so abdicates view if one side is stronger than the other always do the strong side the last okay what about that weak side first Frankie that

knees still moving ahead straight down on people side now going into that wide leg lift now pop bandoneon these legs up and down let's go good what the halfway we're gonna take that left forward your is thinking about muscles your racket think about the glucose we all want to money body connection okay activate that booties one more okay coming pull it through down here up let's go good you've got just 20 seconds left okay keep that toe down a million nearly there now straight up into a fence going to hit okay really pushing up why can I have a booty so cases that touches the floor but not below okay testing as that's cut this is the hardest one three seconds one more amazing straight down onto the site what if I can delete don't touch the beans okay to keep them apart really

really really push push out against that band what amazing I finished the last round after this we got it okay temper Hitler keep pushing Oh amazing straight up come on don't break up into standing oh let's go pushing out against that fat booty line chest open that's what we've got to remember but low but I'll check the repair basically but backing out just 40 seconds whoa feeling that burn OH&S; that I'm feeling that burn and I love it I know it's oh how are you guys feeling you're going to keep this room for me 20 seconds this is our last round combo bit lower yes we can little bit lower come on back make it less well finishing the last round we mix it up a bit down the mat now amazing straight down on the mat we're going to put a bridge pushed out okay one of my tricks that be a blast with

imprinting the spine we peel up up we squeeze the butt damage up open close keep thinking about those booty muscles okay do it working the glute max here the big fat muscle has worked it absolutely we meet our W have come on guys you got it we can do again it comes down good really try to eat that need the opposite me as stable as possible enjoy good luck nighty-night and back hi baby good back what it's amazing that you may be back come on keep pushing for me keep pushing come on Nellie that think about that beauty think about muscle your back the keepers okay love it touch the knees together and move the toilets apart okay feels really weird trust me this is gonna work keep those inner thighs touching low times moving it chin up open close touch the knees

together up keep it slow and controlled good luck put the hands down you want to open and close good really good luck Wow so after booty muscles good call tiger cage down there are a few inches up and of course if this is hugging the knees guys just go back to a normal bridge all right good this one's really really hard just as much now hold it hold it there I'm trying pop good work pop there keep pumping my roots are on fire like on fire on fire I'm really really quickly felt that food is that food I hope you felt that bird in the outer bootie and the outer thighs guy do you want to repeat this article even though at this point right here but it comes out of double the bird if you fancy it why not please please please end this article with stretch out I'm gonna link a stretch out or you guys even

wouldn't you stretch into the lower body after this trust me is going to make you feel so much better tomorrow guys I'll see you tomorrow for yet another article like if you enjoyed it please don't forget to give this article you the party.




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